She Allure is a DIY (Do It Yourself) blog dedicated towards enabling independence in women and transforming their lives from tiresome to wholesome.

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As a woman, I like adorning myself with jewellery. As an independent woman, I love designing it myself. I am here to blog about my DIY jewelry skills and to teach all you wonderful women, whatever I’ve learnt so far. Whether you’re home based or working outdoors, doing things yourself is only going to add value to your personal and professional growth curve. It is the only way to acquire new set of skills that will stick with you throughout life. I sincerely believe that each woman has the power to bring out the hidden entrepreneur in her by transforing her creativity into professional skills. After all, the path to complete independence and self sufficency lies in doing things on your own.

Work from home in 2022

Working from home was never as empowering as it has become now. The more DIY space you make for yourself mentally, the stronger impact you will make. Flood your mind with overflowing ideas to make a living sitting at home. Not to forget, the hours of productive time at your disposal.

Design Jewellery at Home

Awaken the craftsperson in you and design jewelery from scratch using materials available at home. Feel confident doing things that you didn’t know were possible  until now.

Showcase Innovation

Showcase your home made collection to your friends and family. Bring out the mini entrepreneur from within you.

Earn a living

Start a jewellery business based on your unique DIY skills. Stay independant and empowered for life. Get that professional  mode on.

Make It Happen Yourself

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Efficient Budgeting

Enhances Frugality

Self Growth

Quick Fixing

Income Flow

DIY is Transformation

Self Direction

Enthralling Confidence

Impactful Living

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Innovation Revolution 2022

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