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I at She Allure look forward to hearing from you, collaborating with you, and providing you with ample opportunities to showcase your talent and grow professionally. If you’re a woman sitting at home and looking for a chance to sell your home made jewelry and ornaments, She Allure is your platform. I’ve always believed that every woman is special in her own way and can reach the zenith if given the right guidance and platform.


I am open to collaborating with you if we both feel that our interests our aligned and are in the best interest of all DIY readers.


Partner with She Allure if you strongly believe in DIY crafting and designing jewellery.


You can advertise your DIY products on She Allure provided they are authentic and legit to be used by this platform’s readers. 

FAQs by She Allure’s Readers

I am a DIY Jewellery Designer. Can I showcase my products on She Allure?

Absolutely, you can. In fact, you can even write a blog, showing all the steps leading to the design so that our readers find value in your art.

How do I reach out to you if I'm interested for a collaboration?

You can mail me at [email protected]. I will read your collaboration offer thoroughly and get back to you at the earliest.

What is the fee for advertising on She Allure?

The advertising fee will depend upon the nature of your promotion. Also, on the kind and placement of space required. Therefore, to take this further, drop me a mail and I’ll be able to offer more clarity.

Can I write for She Allure?

If you are a DIY artist, craftsperson or designer and genuinely want to share your skillset with aspiring DIY enthusiasts, feel free to submit your blog. It will be evaluated and you’ll be informed if it gets published on She Allure.


Indore, Central India

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24 to 72 hours

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Never miss out an important ‘Work from Home’ opportunities . So stay in touch and mail me if you feel you’re looking for something specific.