About Me

Hi. I’m Poorvi and am the Founder of She Allure. I’m a part of the whole DIY space way before it became a digital fad. I’ve always believed in learning new things, pursuing them myself and taking them to absolute completion.

After completing my MBA and struggling through the greater part of my 20s working at decent IT & sales jobs created by others, I finally stumbled upon the idea of becoming an entrepreneur myself and starting my own home based DIY venture – She Allure.

I have always believed that each woman is special and that the individual who raises a family can surely raise a business. With this sincere intention, I’d like to encourage women from across regions to invest time in starting DIY businesses from home and to become completely independant, just like I did.

Laurels and Accolades

Acclaim to Fame


Professionally certified by Google for Digital Sales, marketing and services. Officially allowed to sell products and services to others.


Featured as an inspiring woman starting business with self learnt skills in ‘Take Charge Series’ on Sheroes – India’s largest women platform.


My write up entitled,”Top Budget Jewellery Shops to Visit in Indore” has been Featured on Budget Wayfarers – Listed amongst the world’s top 100 Budget Travel Startups for the year 2021.



My Success Story & Complete Journey of being a self-made Blogger & a Homepreneur Picked up by Daily Hunt – One of India’s most successful Content Aggregator rolling Content in 14 languages across regions.


My write up entitled, “3 Major Changes Brought to My Life as a DIY Jewellery Blogger” is a published piece on India’s most popular portal for startups.


My opinion piece entitled, “7 Reasons That Will Change Your Perspective About Working From Home” is a front page published piece on Youth Ki Awaaz.


Self written story entitled, ‘Every Girl’s Battle’ published and featured on Pratilipi – India’s largest digital writing platform in twelve languages.


My story of working from home to being a successful Blogger and Homepreneur has been featured on Women’s Web.


My Struggles Made Me Learn Rock Solid Skills for Life

She Allure exists because I chose not to quit

I am an ardent believer in hard work and fully understand its importance as a professional woman. I’ve learnt that when things go wrong, destiny is not to be blamed but only us. Every failure should be seen as the stepping stone towards success.

She Allure is born because I chose not to quit. This is exactly what I’d like to advocate to all the women of the world. All of you are more strong than you imagine. DIY is the path that enables women to live with pride.

On a mission to grow my tribe

I truly hope that my tribe grows bigger each day with more and more home based & DIY passionate women joining me in my journey. I am waiting to see ordinary women transforming their lives into extraordinary examples through their sheer dedication, hard work and talent.

Each voice matters, each idea counts and each talent needs to be showcased. We’re stronger together. Lets create magic and add more value to the world.

DIY Mini Entrepreneurship

At She Allure, I encourage women at home to design, craft and curate fashion jewellery. I am willing to teach anyone who has the heart to learn. It is my intent to guide women to be successful as freelance DIY jewellery designers, earn a decent passive or fulltime income and enter their first step towards mini entrepreneurship.



Empower your livelihood by taking things in your own hands using your own talent, expertise and innovation. It’s high time that we create jewellery that is low on carbon footprint, eco friendly and novel. Make a mark in the jewellery industry and push more women like yourself to do the same.

DIY Jewellery Fads 2021

DIY waste material jewellery

DIY recycle jewellery

DIY newspaper jewellery

DIY wooden jewellery

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