Shayari on anklets can be articulated in a way to connect with a larger audience. Language should not be a barrier. Hence, for any blogger, it becomes paramount to pen down something creative and engaging.

Let me walk you through twenty-one remarkable anklet shayaris having a different perspective towards ankle jewellery. Besides the style statement, it can be expressed as emotions too. 

In English, Shayari is poetry expressed in an abstract form that we shall use further in this article. Anklets can also be construed as emotions – love, heartbreaking shayari’s etc.

21 Shayari on Anklets

21 Popular Shayari on Anklets You Must Read

Shayari on anklets are trending on the internet and massively searched by users. Anklets being extremely popular jewellery are creatively penned by amazing authors that I will list out for you.

Here are the most popular shayari on anklets in Hindi and English you’ll always remember. Language shouldn’t be a barrier so I have translated in English as well.

1. यूँ तो हम अभी अनमोल थे
मगर आपकी पायल के सामने
हमारी कीमत ज़रा कम पढ़ गयी।


We know we are precious,

By seeing the grace of her anklet my true worth fades out.

2. खनकती पायलों की आवाज़

साँसों की पायल पहन के निकली तो है,
क्या पता कब छनके, न जाने कब टूट जाए – SnowySecret71

She moves out with a beautifully worn anklet,

I really wish it only tingles not tore out.

3. सब सुनते है
फिर रंग बिरंगे ख्वाब ज़िन्दगी के बुनते है @_उन्मुक्त_चित्त

When I hear the beautiful anklet sound, 

I start to imagine the brighter side of life. 

4. उतार फेंकी उसने तोहफे की वो पायल
डर था उसे छनकेगी तो याद आऊंगा मैं – Sumit Khare (From Yourquote)

She threw away my gifted anklet

In the fear of my memories.

5. Quote Expressing Tingling Sound

उसकी पायल में छिपी है सावन की घटा
वो हर शाख में बहार भर देती है
रूकती है जहाँ खिलते है गुलाब
गुज़रती जहाँ से आँख भर देती है – Shilpa Soni (Angarh)

Her anklet reminds me of the beautiful monsoons,

She fills every branch,

Roses blooms where she stops,

My eye fills with tears when she passes by.

6. Pleasure from anklet sound

इतना सुकून तो संगीत में भी नहीं
जितना तेरी पायल की झंकार सुनकर मिलती है – Rahul Singh (Yourquote)

I don’t see as much pleasure in music,

as the tingling sound of her anklet.

7. Quote depicting simplicity

खूबसूरत है उसकी अदा
क्यों न हो उसपे कोई फ़िदा
उसके पैरों की सादगी मत पूछों यारों
बस एक काले धागे से ही केहर बरसा – Rohan (Yourquote)

Her beautiful grace is just unimaginable,

That makes everyone fall in love with her,

The simplicity of her feet can’t be expressed,

Her Anklet in a simple black thread is a spark.

8. मेरी चंचल रातें भी खामोश हो जाती हैं
जब कभी मेरी मेहबूबा की पायल गम हो जाती है – Shraman (Yourquote)

It was indeed a restess night,

When she lost her anklet.

Anklet gift quote by Mother

9. दौड़ने लगे हैं पैर ज़मीन पर बेवजह
जब से माँ ने पैरों की सजी पायल मेरे पैरों में थमाई है। – Aasha (Yourquote Author)

My feet began to spurt without any reason,

The day got this anklet from my beloved mom

10. मेरी चंचल रातें भी खामोश हो जाती हैं
जब कभी मेरी मेहबूबा की पायल गम हो जाती है – Shraman (Yourquote)

It was indeed a restness night,

When she lost her anklet.

11. मेरे पायल क घुँघरू बड़े शरारती है
तुझसे बात करने को छन छन बजती है – Diyu Mishra (Yourquote)

My anklet is curious,

When it yearns to talk by tingling sound.

12. पैरों ने उनकी किया ऐसा घायल
करके छम छम कराहने लगी। (Madhav Chaudhary)

It hurts when I hear the sound of her feet,

I start to groan when anklet tingles

13. हर दिन मेरी सुबह
बस आपकी पायल की आवाज़ से होती है


I begin my day with the,

beautiful tingling sound of your anklet

14. बोहोत कमाल की पायल है उसकी
पैरों में वो पहनती है
झुनझुनाहट मेरे दिल में होती है – Kuldeep Singh

Her anklet is so amazing,

when she wears,

My heart start to tingle.

15. मेरी चंचल रातें भी खामोश हो जाती हैं
जब कभी मेरी मेहबूबा की पायल गम हो जाती है – Shraman (Yourquote)

It was indeed a restness night,

When she lost her anklet.

16. Beautiful Quote on Anklet Tingling Sound

मेरे पायल क घुँघरू बड़े शरारती है
तुझसे बात करने को छन छन बजती है – Diyu Mishra (Yourquote)

17. पैरों में जब पायल सजाई मैंने
उस पायल ने नाम तुम्हारा लिया
हाथों में मेहँदी लगायी मैंने
मेहँदी में रंग तुम्हारे नाम से निखरा

By Parmaar Rohini “Raahi”

When I wore the anklet,

Anklet calls out  your name

When I put Mehendi on my hand,

It flourished in your name

Heart-Touching Two-Liner Love Shayari on Anklets

18. जब आपकी आने की आहट आती है
तब आपके पायल की आवाज़ मदहोशी लाती है।

When I hear the sound of your entrance,

That beautiful anklet sound truly perplexed me.

19. पायल शोर नहीं मचाते है
सच पूछो तो प्रेम का गीत गाते है।


Anklet doesn’t make noice,

It sings the song of pure love.

20. काश काले धागे का रूप धार
तेरे बाएं पैर में बंध जाऊ
जितनी भी बुरी नज़रें तुझे लगने वाली हो
मैं अपना सर लेता जाऊं

By Deepak Kanojia (Yourquote)

I wish I could be a black thread anklet,

be worn on your leg,

To Protect you from the Evil eye.

21. छूए तो नहीं कभी किसी के पाँव माँ बाप के अलावा लेकिन
वो जो पायल बाँधने को बोलेगी तो झुक जाऊँगा मैं।

By Dr. Patel 

Never touched anybody’s feet in life except my parents,

But if she tells me to tie an anklet, I will bow down.

Beautiful Shayari on Anklet by Prakrit Pushkarni

“The hair of the lover who has fallen at the

feet of his beloved, are entangled in her anklets

which indicates that he has given up his pride.” ~ Prakrit Pushkarni 


Shayari on Anklets

How Writing Shayari’s is beneficial to your business?

Shayari’s are a beautiful way of expressing happiness pertaining to life, relationships, or adorning jewelry. Besides short captions, I would also suggest you be more creative and write 3-4 lines on Anklet Shayari on your own. This ensures better engagement on social media.

Originality is a key to success. Create unique content on anklet that’ll connect to the audience at large. Better engagements will have better reach.

Use Correct Hashtags 

When you search #anklets hashtag on Instagram there are more than 700k posts while #ankletshayari will show fewer posts. Use hashtags like #anklets, #ankletshayari, #ankletforsale, #ankletlovers, etc. to improve post visibility. 

Anklet Shayari for Gifts

Can Anklet Shayari be used in Personalised Gifts?

Yes absolutely, I think it’s a wonderful way to express your thoughts. Gift a lovely anklet along with a beautifully penned note as Shayri for him/her on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, valentine’s day and even otherwise.

Take ideas from the other source and start penning down in your own words. Originality is something that’ll surely win their heart. Alternatively, you can also engrave short on liner Shayari on a wooden anklet for gifting.

Do you know anklets are considered auspicious anklet jewellery? My suggestion to all anklet sellers and lovers, while curating remarkable captions for Instagram, specify the health benefits of wearing an anklet. This is damn important info for us to be aware of. Do give it a read and educate your audience.

Friends, I hope you find the above twenty-one Shayari on anklets valuable. Those are picked from the popular source and I have explicitly translated in English for my readers.

Do share your feedback in the comment section below. I would love to see your creativity. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Stay tuned for more interesting ideas and valuable info.