Catchy jewellery quotes work incredibly in growing your business. Quotes shared on social media platforms ensures better engagements.

Do you know that the average time spent by a user scrolling on one social media post is just 5-7 seconds? It means You have only 5sec to win your prospective customers.

This is exactly why curating catchy content comes to the forefront. Precisely, I am going to share the list of eight three jewellery quotes that are worth using as captions on social media.

83 catchy jewellery quotes

83 Catchy Jewellery Quotes That’ll Boost Your Sales

Catchy jewellery quotes for online sellers are an effective tool for bringing sales. For a customer, it is the basis for decision making whether to buy jewellery or not?

If you want good engagements to your post, always create an impressive graphic, inspiring quote, and a small piece of creative content in your words. They are a sure-shot way to market your product.

1. “Life is too short to wear mass-produced jewelry. Choose Handmade.” By Jewelry Studio

2. “The future of handmade is in our hands.” – Jessica Hepburn, Founder of Ohmyhandmade

3. “Crafting makes everything better than Mondays.” – Anonymous

4. “Creativity is experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun.” – Mary Lou Cook

5. “When life gives you hand. Make Handmade.” – Anonymous

6. “Art is therapy. Artists are healers.” – Miss Cheryl

7. “Creativity is a continual surprise.” – Ray Bradbury

8. “My soul is fed with needle and thread.” Anonymous

9. “Behind every crafter is the stack of unfinished objects.” – By

10. “When life gives you hand. Make Handmade.” – Anonymous

11. “Art is therapy. Artists are healers.” – Miss Cheryl

12. “Learn the rules like a pro, break them like an artist.” – Pablo Picasso

13. “An artist is an explorer.” – Henri Matisse

14. “The practice of art isn’t to make living. It’s to make your soul grow.” – Kurt Vonnegut

15. “Creative people don’t have a mess, they have ideas lying around everywhere.” – Sara Skliton, Craftblogclub

16. “Creativity is magic. Don’t imagine it too closely.” – Edward Alber

17. “An artist is an explorer.” – Henri Matisse

18. “In crafting there are no mistakes, just unique creations.” By Craftylikegranny

Inspirational Quotes that’ll Surely Ignite Your Creativity

Creativity has the power to bring positivity and happiness within you. Let me walk you through some creative, catchy, and motivational quotes on jewellery that’ll surely help to ignite your creative power.

Inspiring Catchy Jewellery Quotes

19. “Obsession is essential to creativity”. – Danielle Lallaporte

20. “Being creative is not a hobby, it is way of life.” – Silhouette Store

21. “Crafting makes everything better than Mondays.” – Anonymous

22. “Creativity is as important as literacy.” – Sir Ken Robinson

23. “Learn the rules like a pro, break them like an artist.” – Pablo Picasso

24. “Creativity is a continual surprise.” – Ray Bradbury

25. “Good dressing is largely a question of detail and accessories.” – Elsie de Wolfe

26. “Creativity is making marvelous out of discarded.- Silhouette Jess

27. “Art is not what you see but what you make others see.” – Edgar Degas

28. “Design is creativity with strategy.” – By Rob Curedale

29. “Jewellery is an exclamation point of a girl’s outfit.” – By Xenium designs

30. “You never know a woman until you see her jewellery.” – By Anonymous

31. “Netflix and Craft.” – By Anonymous

32. Crafting is Happiness

33. Mess. What mess? This is creative freedom.

34. All I need is a little caffeine and a lot of crafting.

35. Another day, another chance to sparkle.

Fun and Engaging Jewellery Quotes By Famous Personalities

Do you know writing popular jewellery quotes is totally worth using as captions? Well, it instantly captures the attention of any user scrolling posts on social media.

Reason being, the famous quotes by famous fashionistas, fashion influencers, actresses, and big brands will surely leave a huge impact on your audience. You will get better engagements. Try it once.

36. “Pearls are always appropriate.” – Jackie Kennedy

37. A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls. – Coco Channel

38. Good things comes in small packages, especially when it’s jewellery. – Dorotherum Juweler

39. Another day, another chance to sparkle. – Anonymous

40. Girl, Put on your brightest lipstick & Biggest Hoops and Kill it Today. – Leetie Lovandile

41. I see bold accessories as a women’s armor. – Rachel Zoe

43. Jewelry is a very personal thing… it should tell a story about the person who’s wearing it. – Garance Dore

44. A woman wears both jewelry and fragrance and both recall happy moments of her life. – Alian Boucheron

45. Jewellery is how I add a bit of fun to an outfit. – Monica Ainley, Fashion writer & Consultant

46. When everyone else goes gold, go silver.

47.  The best piece of jewelry is the one that speaks for itself. – Ragini Mittal

48. You are never fully dressed without jewellery. – Robert Cliff, Master Jewellers

49. Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you unique. – Jennie Kwon

50. Jewellery is like the perfect piece – it always complements what’s already there. – Diane Von Furstenburg

Recently, I discovered very interesting quotes on jewellery by Celebs you’ll love to read. This article was published by a renowned news portal.

Refreshing Jewellery Quotes For Fridays 

If you are looking for some catchy jewellery quotes for Fridays, here I present you with some exhilarating content that is absolutely worth using on social media platforms.

Also, let me give you a very helpful tip for Instagram – Use popular hashtags for Fridays like  #friyay #fridayvibes #fridaymood along with hashtags pertaining to jewelry that gives decent visibility to your post.

Friday Catchy Jewellery Quotes

51. It’s Friday! Don’t forget to be fabulous. –

52. It’s Friday, treat yourself to something pretty.

53. A girl can never have enough jewellery.

54. Don’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter.

55. The joy of dressing is an art. – John Galliano

56.  I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of women’s outfit. – Michael Kors

57. Jewelry is like a biography. A story that tells the many chapters of our life. –  Gem Hunt

58. I don’t want to brag or make anyone jealous but I can still fit into the earrings I used to wear in high school. –

59. Accessories are like vitamins to fashion, as such you should them liberally. – Anna Dello Ruso

60. The world is your oyster, you are the pearl. – Sequin Jewelry

61. For me jewelry is a way of keeping memories alive. – Cupcakesoncouture

62. Your wrists are one of the smallest parts of your body. Accentuate by wearing bracelets. – Cris Premier Designs Jewellery

63. For the rules if you like to wear it.

64. Sparkly brilliantly and shine brightly- The Sparkled Shell68

65. I like wearing rings on my hands, they highlight the most expressive part of my body.- Marina Guorgova, Founder of Marina London

66. The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear. – Inas de la Fressange

67. Jewellery is one of the things that really holds the essence of you. – Katherine Ormerod, Founder of Work work work

68. I only wear jewelry on days ending with “Y”. – My Jewellery

69. A Girl can never have enough jewellery. –

70. Keep calm and accessorize.

If you are an anklet lover, feel free to explore the list of quotes you can use as Instagram captions.

Jewellery Designers as Innovators – These Quotes are Just for You!

For jewelry enthusiasts and designers, I am gonna list out some superbly penned quotes that are worth using as captions. These quotes truly depict the essence of creativity and imagination by a craftsperson.

71. In crafting, there are no mistakes, it is your own unique creation. – Popularwithpoplins

72. Crafting is the answer. I don’t care what the question is… –

73. Crafting your heart out makes room for your soul to grow. Sara Lanon,

74. Creativity is inventing, experimenting, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun. – Mary Lou Cook

75. Creativity is magic. Don’t examine it too closely. – Edward Alber

76. I feel the same way with jewellery as I do with food. I want it all.

77. A good pair of earrings illuminate the skin and accentuates your jawline. – Anna Solowji, Co-Founder of Beautymart

Quotes Exclusively Written by Me

You know friends, just now, Lot of quotes flowing in my mind and I instantly thought to pen down a few of them. I firmly believe, besides adorning jewellery, one could easily craft their own designs too just like me.

Let me walk you through my own imaginative quotes on jewellery. If you like to use them, I would appreciate giving credits to me. Take a look.

Catchy Jewellery Quotes by Poorvi

78. Self-love is being yourself and wear alluring jewellery. – Poorvi Tiwari, Sheallure

79. Jewellery adds a sparkling effect to your personality. Wear it with confidence. – Poorvi Tiwari, Sheallure

80. Jewellery isn’t limited to just adorning, it empowers you to become self-reliant by making your own homemade jewellery. – Poorvi Tiwari Sheallure

81. Be a woman who creates innovative & unique jewellery that inspires the world. – Poorvi Tiwari, Founder of Sheallure

82. Craft such a dazzling jewellery piece that will turn people towards you just to see a glimpse of the design.- Poorvi Tiwari, Founder of Sheallure

83. Make your handmade jewellery because the path of success lies in doing things on your own. – Poorvi Tiwari, Founder of Sheallure

I hope you find the above list of quotes helpful. If you want to share your suggestions/your quotes/thoughts with me, please do it in the comment section. I would love to see them.

You can even share this blog across your network if you like. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Stay tuned for more refreshing ideas. Till then, Stay Safe.