“Can paper jewellery be made at home?” – Has this question came across your mind ever ? I’m sure that if you are a DIY jewellery fan like me, it most certainly has crossed your mind multiple times.

Well, in order to address this question, I’ll provide the complete steps, guidelines and material that will help you create and craft beautiful paper jewellery at home. The ideas are just endless.

When I first began, I never knew that so many designs and innovations can come up using paper. This includes newspaper and recycled paper as well. But now that I do, I would love to share with all of you.

Can paper jewellery be made at home

Can Paper Jewellery be Made at Home ?

The subtle answer to this question lies in a beautiful technique called Quilling. It is a centuries old technique of that can be put to use in modern day jewellery designing. Best part is that paper jewellery made as a result of quilling doesn’t ever burn a hole in anybody’s pocket.

Quilling is essentially the craft of taking thin strips of paper that are usually coloured. These strips are then rolled into a circular coil and by pinching them methodically a shape is formed. Various shapes can be created and then glued together to create not just paper jewellery but so may other objects as well.

Learn Quilling to be a DIY Paper Jewellery Artist

Quilling is a technique that every DIY paper jewellery artist should learn and master. I mean what else can be so useful and so cheap at the same time ?

Quilling is an extremely affordable craft that will surely end up being a hobby. Once you master this hobby, you can take it to the next level and actually start selling paper jewellery from home.

See, how a simple but effective technique to design jewellery made from paper can turn you from being a stay at home individual to a home based entrepreneur. What fantastic time to live in. Right ? Who wouldn’t love to set up a business from the comfort of your home and be the chief architect behind it all.

When I first began, trust me I could never imagine that DIY jewellery can be such a big thing. The innovator and learner that I am, I began it as a hobby. But now, I’ve started to enjoy it so much that I’m becoming better and better at it with each passing day.

I love every bit of it – the technique, designs, colours, paper types – just everything. I highly insist that anybody reading this also tries their hand out at quilling and starts to make beautiful paper jewellery at home.

Can paper jewellery be made at home

9 DIY Paper Jewellery Ideas Using Quilling

The ideas associated with quilling are endless. You can make so many things using this beautiful technique. In fact, there hardly exists any form of jewellery type that can’t be made using quilling.

Every common design and type that you’ve ever known can be made beautifully using quilling. Let me share the most popular paper jewellery ideas using quilling.

  1. Paper Necklace
  2. Paper Earrings
  3. Paper Anklets
  4. Paper pendants
  5. Paper bracelet
  6. Paper rings
  7. Paper studs
  8. Paper Jhumkas
  9. Paper Danglers

These are some basic popular end products of quilling. However, if you go deep, you can come up with so many designs – roses in earrings, butterflies in pendant, fish in anklets so on and so forth.

Try them at home and let me know if you come up with more innovations. I’d love to share your ideas and learn from you. Share your thoughts in the comments section at the end of the article.

What Supplies are Needed to Make Paper Jewellery at Home?

Paper jewellery is such a cost effective product. Many a times, the supplies needed to make it can be found at home itself. If not, do not worry because the supplies will be a one time investment and will hold up strong for a really long period in time.

I’ve written an elaborate blog on all the supplies and things needed to make paper jewellery at home. You can go through it and see if you have the supplies with at the moment or not.

In case you have a hard time finding them at nearby markets, just order them from Amazon. You will have all the supplies delivered to your home and that too at quite big discounts.

 Learn Quilling Basics to Make Paper Jewellery at Home

As a beginner, it is essential that you learn every single step of making paper jewellery at home. It might take more time in the beginning. But the more you practice, the less time you will end up taking into making even the most complicated designs.

Read my complete step by step guide for beginners based on my own methodology. Remember, I was a beginner once. In fact, I’m still learning. And so to share my knitty gritties with all of you feels good.

Nobody, and I mean nobody is an expert when they begin. This holds true for anything in life. But the people who make it are the ones that don’t quit. That is all. Invest time in quality work and you will be the master.

Can paper jewellery be made at home

Can Paper Jewellery be Made at Home using Newspapers ?

You know as it surprising as this may sound but newspapers form some of the best DIY jewellery sets. In fact, when you look at the end product, you won’t even realise that the main component behind a particular type of jewellery is newspaper. So yes, you can surely make paper jewellery at home using newspapers.

Consume the News Along with the Paper

Find a dedicated space at home where you can pile up newspapers weekly and monthly after reading the news. Make sure you stock them up in a neat and clean manner. 

Then wherever you find the time, keep using them and creating designs that won’t just look good on you but can be given as pretty gifts to friends and family.

Can Paper Jewellery be Made using Tissues ?

Did you know that tissue papers make for such lovely flower designs when it comes to paper jewellery? I recently discovered this while crafting something. A common place thing like tissue paper can go a long way in designing unique DIY jewellery designs. 

Don’t throw tissues – Make DIY Paper Jewellery out of them

Tissue papers are such low price commodities in this modern day and age. We keep throwing them all over and surely wipe our hands and face with them. 

But this low cost tissue paper has such an amazing use when it comes to DIY paper jewellery. So yes, paper jewellery and that too pretty one can be made using tissues.

Can Paper Jewellery be Made at Home using Recycled Paper ?

I’ve always loved diaries and letter pads made from recycled paper. I used to struggle with the thought of using them elsewhere as well. That is when, I came up with DIY recycled paper jewellery. My God, it works.

Paper Jewellery using Newspaper

So yes, you can make paper jewellery at home using recycled paper. This even includes gift wraps, old letterheads, and even cards that you don’t need anymore.

Save More Trees – One DIY Recycled Paper Jewellery Set at a Time

I am a huge supporter of a clean and green environment. Hence, to be able to craft paper jewellery from recycled paper makes me happy. It helps save millions of trees. 

We’re at a point on our lives where we’ve messed up with the environment so bad. The rate of consuming direct and indirect products from trees has fast overtaken the rate of growth of innocent trees. 

Therefore, each time somebody indulges in a DIY recycled paper jewellery, he/she contributes their bit to the environment. Recycling paper and re-using it to be able to form more products in 100% eco friendly. 

Can paper jewellery be made at home

Can Paper Jewellery be Made using Old Magazines ?

Many a times, we read magazines and then never ever touch them. They keep lurking in some dingy corner of the house ready to be thrown out in a few weeks time. The average cost of any standard magazine is quite high, given the fact that they are available in digital format as well (sometimes for free). 

Therefore to read and thrown them without putting them to some good use doesn’t seem fair. So how about making DIY paper jewellery out of them ? Trust me, it can be done. In fact, some very unique end products can emerge just because you put waste jewellery paper to use.

Go for the Text Danglers using Old Magazine Paper

A simple thing to make from old magazines as far as jewellery is concerned is the text dangle earrings. They look so savvy and bohemian at the same time. In the markets today, these kind of prints cost so much money. But you can save all that money by designing your own paper jewellery.

If you’re into experimenting big time, then filter out the influential quotes or celeb faces or even the classic antique pics and showcase them in your earrings. You’ll look like a balanced mix of contemporary and ancient art forms.

Innovating the Traditional Cardstock & Making Jewellery with it 

Cardstock is the heavier paper option that s used to hold your earrings, pendants and rings from getting misplaced. Usually, we throw the cardstock after one use and keep the jewellery in a box. From now on, save it in a pile and use it for creating paper jewellery.

However, as a DIY jewellery artist, you can actually use the traditional cardstock to manufacture jewellery at home. It’s simple yet innovative. See, I shared with you earlier – recycle, reuse and contribute your bit towards our lovely environment.

Go in for small studs, square pendant designs or even an assortment of mini solid circles to be stacked together in a anklet. These are just a few ideas but there lies a whole wave of creativity that can be unleashed as you dig deeper and deeper.

I hope that my blog has helped you in gaining more clarity in regards to the question, “can paper jewellery be made at home?” Try out quilling and other ways to come up with gorgeous DIY paper jewellery designs. Do share them with me in the comments section below.

Hi. I’m Poorvi and am an innovator by nature. I believe in learning new things and doing them myself. No wonder, I’ve landed being a DIY Jewellery Blogger with pride. I am a certified Google Sales professional and am also a verified seller on India’s largest all women’s platform – SHeroes. I am here to share my knowledge and learn from all of you. Let’s build  a community of DIY entrepreneurs together.