Catchy handmade jewellery slogans urge your inner creativity to start making beautiful pieces at home. Slogans have the immense power to make an impact on the readers.

Let me share seventy-five most catchy slogans anyone would fall in love with handmade jewellery.  Also, if you are selling them, these slogans will surely help you build a thriving business online. 

Slogans that are written in short, crisp and clear expression as captions attract the audience on social media. You can even use these slogans for gifting purposes as a message for your loved ones.


75 Catchy Handmade Jewellery Slogans You’ll Love to Read and Use for Gifting Purposes

Catchy handmade jewellery slogans are the most effective way to make an impact on one who isn’t fond of jewellery. Content that is catchy and short filled with love spreads good vibes everywhere.

Let me walk you through inspiring slogans and quotes that you must read. By the way, you can even curate your own slogans as well. Take a quick and get some ideas.

1. Jessica Hepburn

“The future of handmade is in our hands.” – Jessica Hepburn, Founder of Ohmyhandmade

2. Silhouette Store

“Live, Love Craft.” – Silhouette Store

3. Heartouching quote 

“When life gives you hand. Make Handmade.” – Anonymous

4. Jenne Kwon

“Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique.” – Jenne Kwon

5. Gem Hunt

“Every Piece of Jewellery Tells a Story.” – Gem Hunt

6. Madisongem

“Your Jewelry Introduces you before you speak.” –

7. Sara Skilton, Craftblogclub

“Creative people don’t have a mess, they have ideas lying around everywhere.” – Sara Skilton, Craftblogclub

8. Choose Handmade Jewelry Quote 

“Life is too short to wear mass-produced jewelry. Choose Handmade.” By Jewelry Studio

9. Jewelry Obsession

“It’s okay to be a little obsessed with jewelry.” – Anonymous

10. Coco Chanel

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” – Coco Chanel

11. Rachel Joe

“I Dream in Jewelry” – Rachel Joe

12. Dana Seng

“Jewelry is a treasure that lasts from one generation to another.” – Dana Seng

13. Allie and Me

“Beauty is what you are…Jewelry is simply icing on the cake.” – Allie and Me

14. Ann Demeulemeester

“Jewelry is something that has to do with emotion. That aspect of jewelry really interests me.” – Ann Demeulemeester

15. Poppy Delevengene

“I have a very sentimental relationship with jewelry. I wear a few pieces and I wear them all the time.”- Poppy Delevengene

16. Thomas Sabo

“If you can’t stop thinking about it. Buy it!” – Thomas Sobo

17. Albert Einstein

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” – Albery Einstein

18. Iris Apfel – Fashion  Icon

“Put your money into accessories, it will create millions of different looks.” – Iris Apfel

19. Real Meaning of Creativity

“Creativity sets me free.” – By

20. Pablo Picasso

“Learn the rules like a pro, break them like an artist.” – Pablo Picasso

21. Henri Matisse 

“An artist is an explorer.” – Henri Matisse

22. Crafting is Unique 

“In crafting there are no mistakes, just unique creations.” By Craftylikegranny

23. Be Unique

“Be Authentic, Not Unique.” By Creativesummerstudio

24. Crafty Quote by Daraedesigns

“Crafting is my love language.” – By Daraedesigns

25. Brene Browne

“Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.” – By Brene Browne

Most Inspiring Handmade Jewellery Slogans For Him

The most beautiful gift you can ever bestow to express your love is with slogans that are inspirational. If you are planning to gift handmade jewellery, consider the following slogans as a token of love for him.

catchy slogans on handmade jewellery

26. Timeless piece never goes out of style

“In a world full of trends, I’ll remain a timeless classic.” – By Gentleman Essentials

27. Style is being purposeful

“Real style is never right or wrong, it’s a matter of being yourself on purpose.” – By Redsolesandredwine

28. Powerful Gentleman Quote

“A gentleman attracts the attention of many, but only has the eyes of his lady.” – By

29. Classy quote by a whisper

“Swag is for boys. Class is for men.” By Whisper

30. Fashion Quote for Him

“Being a true gentleman never goes out of fashion.” – By

31. Style and Creativity Quote

“They can imitate your style but they cannot imitate your creativity.” – Anonymous

32. Diane Von Furstenburg

“Jewelry is like the perfect piece – it always complements what’s already there.” – Diane Von Furstenburg

33. William Battie

“Style is when you’re running out of town and you make it look like you are leading the Parade” – William Battie

34. Miuccia Prada

“Fashion is an instant language.” – By Miuccia Prada

35. Jonet Wooten

“Accessories the spice we sprinkle over our fashion recipes.” – Jonet Wooten

36. Don Draper

“Make it simple but significant”. – Don Draper


“Never be afraid to layer your accessories.” –

39. Orson Welles

“Style is who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn.” – By Orson Welles

40. Style Quotes

“Style is much more interesting than Fashion”. – By Picturequotes

41. Christina Tose

“Simple jewelry is best – bigger pieces get in the way when I’m baking.” – Christina Tose

42. Being Classy Slogan

“Swag is for boys. Class is for men.” By Whisper

43. Nicole Richie

“True friends are like diamonds – bright, beautiful, valuable and always in style”. – Nicole Richie

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Slogans That’ll Ignite Your Creative Power, Give it Read!!

Creativity is truly the greatest healer. I love making new designs that excite my soul and make me more cheerful  Let me share some of the creative sayings and taglines on style, fashion, trends and authenticity.

44. Elder Uchtdorf

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.” – By Elder Uchtdorf

45. Danielle Lallaporte

“Obsession is essential to creativity”. – Danielle Lallaporte

46. Silhouette Jess

“Creativity is making marvelous out of discarded.- Silhouette Jess

47. Edgar Degas

“Art is not what you see but what you make others see.” – Edgar Degas

48. Rob Curedale

“Design is creativity with strategy.” – By Rob Curedale

49. Xenium Designs

“Jewellery is an exclamation point of a girl’s outfit.” – By Xenium designs

50. Women’s Jewellery Slogan

“You never know a woman until you see her jewellery.” – By Anonymous

51. Entertaining Slogan

“Netflix and Craft.” – By Anonymous

52. Happy Slogan 

Crafting is Happiness

53. Being Creative

Mess. What mess? This is creative freedom.

54. Crafting is Obsession

All I need is a little caffeine and a lot of crafting.

55. Sparkling Slogan

Another day, another chance to sparkle.

56. Coco Chanel

I’m for style, Fashion change too quickly. By Coco Chanel

57. Masimo Vignelli

“Style come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.” By Masimo Vignelli

58. Fabien Barrel

“Designers are meant to be loved, not to be understood.” – By Fabien Barrel

59. Tony Leigh

“Elegance is a radiant inner peace.”- By Tony Leigh

60. Classic Slogan

In a world of trends, I want to remain a classic.

61. Coco Chanel

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” – By Coco Chanel

62. The Goal Sister Brand Slogan

“Be Fearlessly Authentic.” – By

63. Author Sonya Teclai

“I have never seen elegance go out of style.” By Sonya Teclai

64. Paul Rand

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” – Paul Rand

65. Imran Ahmed

“Good design is sustainable design.” – Imran Ahmed

66. Creativity Slogan

Creativity is the greatest form of Rebellion.

67. Vivian Westwood, Vogue

Confidence is the best fashion accessory. – By Vivian Westwood, Vogue

68. Becky G

“I love having my hoop earrings. Just regular hoop loops.” – Becky G

69. Jennifer Lopez

“Women should not go without earrings. Passing on them is an opportunity missed.” – Jennifer Lopez

70. Elsie de Wolfe

“Good dressing is largely a question of detail and accessories.” – Elsie de Wolfe

71. Ray Bradbury

“Creativity is a continual surprise.” – Ray Bradbury

72. Pablo Picasso

“Learn the rules like a pro, break them like an artist.” – Pablo Picasso

73. Sir ken Robinson

“Creativity is as important as literacy.” – Sir Ken Robinson

74. Monday Motivation 

“Crafting makes everything better than Mondays.” – Anonymous

75. Silhouette Store

“Being creative is not a hobby, it is way of life.” – Silhouette Store

Friends, I hope you enjoyed all the above catchy handmade jewelry slogans to give you an idea to sell your best handmade creations.

Try making your own slogans if possible as original gives a way better outcomes than to write already existing content. Isn’t it? Just think out of the box and start penning down right away. What say, buddies?

Do share your thoughts in the comment section below. I would love to see them. Stay tuned for more interesting ideas and tutorials in my next blogs. Thank you.