Is Resin Jewellery Safe? This question is mostly asked by jewellery designers and my clear answer is – Yes! resin jewelry is safe but one has to use safety measures while casting resin.

Resins that are of top-notch quality such as pure epoxy resin, eco-resin, and UV resin are safe for jewellery crafting. Hence, it is important to choose the best in class material that doesn’t harm your skin.

Resin in liquid form isn’t safe that is why we wear preventive clothing. When you sand and polish the jewellery piece, they are absolutely safe. Let me give more in-depth insight on this stance.

Is Resin Jewellery Safe?

Is Resin Jewellery Safe?

Is resin jewellery safe? Well, Resin in liquid form is harmful but when it hardens and polished it stops releasing harmful substances. That is exactly why resin and hardeners are mixed together in equal proportions.

If you are obsessed with resin jewellery crafting, make sure to use the best quality resin and polish it to give perfect shining jewellery. Let me show the reasons why it is safe.

Top 5 Reasons to Know Why Resin Jewellery is Safe?

1.       Resin Jewellery is Eco-Friendly
2.       It is Safe after polish
3.       It is not harmful
4.       Resin Jewellery dry faster
5.       Resin Jewellery doesn’t Break

Considering the above five crucial points, let me walk you through why resin jewellery is safe?

1. Resin Jewellery is Eco-Friendly

Resins are found in plants and especially from conifer trees usually pine. They are environment-friendly material that makes it safe for the crafter and the wearer.

Nowadays, we have got new resins depending on the usage. For beginners, epoxy resin is good to start being a soft material and cheaper than others.

2. It is Safe after polished?

When you cure resin jewellery, it is important to perform the polishing method. Once you get a perfect finished jewellery piece, it looks not only beautiful but also makes it safe to wear.

By sanding and polishing jewellery makes it perfectly safe and ready to wear. However, sanding resin jewellery is quite long process but once you’re done you’ll get a marvelous crystal clear jewellery piece.

3. Resin jewellery is Non-Toxic

Epoxy resin is non-hazardous as they are environment-friendly. However,depending on the kind of resin used, it is important to choose the top-notch resin material for jewellery crafts.

As I’ve shared above, they become non-toxic when solidifies and a perfect finished piece. It stops releasing harmful substances. By the way, UV-resins are quite trending material and are absolutely safe for jewellery crafts.

4. Dry Faster

Epoxy resin has an amazing feature that it dries faster but at a specific temperature of 18 to 25-degree Fahrenheit. In simple terms, it works well in warmer ventilated rooms. Alternatively, you can use heat lamps in case of cold temperatures.

If you are using epoxy resin, let me tell you no matter it takes quite long curing time yet produces irresistible translucent jewellery piece. It looks Gorgeous.

5. It doesn’t break

The best thing I love about resin jewellery is that it does not break. But friends, keep in mind not to expose your jewellery to direct sunlight or heat.

I have recently tried making a jewelley piece with a paper clip as I didn’t have a proper metal shape. I’m extremely stunned by the crystal looking jewellery piece. It looks just perfect.

Is Resin Jewellery Water-Resistant?

Resin jewellery is water-resistant. I recommend you take off your jewellery whilst showering or swimming. The reason being, the metal used with resin gets tarnished quickly.

To conclude this point, they are best jewellery type for crafters provided they must take extra precautions while preparing resin jewellery.  Sand well, and polish them to get a fabulous jewellery piece that lasts longer.

Does resin jewelry last long?

Well, this question is again very popular and my subtle answer to this question is – Yes, they last long only if the resin are  mixed with a fine metal like sterling silver.

As far as safety is concerned, I would like to add a very crucial point that resin jewellery shouldn’t be exposed to extreme heat so make sure you take proper care of them. Therefore, I can say it last long which makes it popular jewellery worldwide.

How long does resin jewellery dry?

How long does resin jewellery to dry?

It is recommended to leave for at least 24 hours to dry depending on the temperature. I have recently tried making resin jewellery at home and it took less than 24 hours and I was really happy.

To give a more precise answer, If you are working on a properly ventilated room and the temperature is hot then it dries faster i.e less than 24 hours. Reason being, epoxy resin has thermosetting property. 

Recommended Resins for Newbie Jewellery Designers

For beginners to be safe, The first crucial step before you start is to take safety precautions. Wear gloves and a face mask while preparing resin jewellery.

I recommend starting with top-notch quality epoxy resin and other awesome eco-friendly materials such as eco-resin and UV resin. By the way, UV resin is a very popular jewellery making material nowadays.

Other resins like polyurethane require special respiratory masks and properly ventilated areas to make jewellery piece. Hence, consider only the environment-friendly resin type.

Why Epoxy Resin is Recommended for Beginners?

Why is Epoxy resin recommended for beginners?

Epoxy resins work incredibly better than UV resins. It takes longer curing time than UV resin and hence generates better results as compared to other resins.

Note that, to get good results by using epoxy resin, make sure you mix the two ingredients (resin+hardener) in the correct ratios else you may experience messed up sticky like jewellery piece. Mix well until the white particles are gone.

UV resins require Ultra-Violet light as a curing method. They are trending for jewellery crafts but quite expensive than epoxy resin. 

I would like to add very useful info by Timesbulleton stating epoxy resin is flexible, durable, and resistant to shocks. I appreciate this piece of news and recommend you read them to get more clarity.

Is Resin jewellery safer than wooden jewellery?

Well, both are safe for the crafter as well as for buyers. For passionate jewellery designers, as I’ve stated above choosing the best quality resin is the first step to keep in mind so as for wooden jewellery.

The more you focus on quality resin or wood for making jewellery, the better outcomes you’ll get. Both jewelleries are best and safe in their own ways. Also, if you want to learn about their differences, you can read my recent blog.

Is Resin Jewellery Crafts Safe for Kids?

If you want your kids to learn this amazing jewellery craft, expert supervision is required. I recommend the age group is 10+ years. Parents or teachers are advised to first teach them about safety precautions for this craft.

Wear gloves and use ArtResin that is safe to use but do the messier task (mixing, pouring etc.) yourself as the resin is sticky. Make sure you sit with your kids and you can ask them for embellishments like Adding sparkles/dried flowers to resin. 

Well, I hope this blog has brought clarity on whether resin jewellery is safe? Yes absolutely, both for the crafters and wearer. Most importantly they are very trending in the fashion industry also look elegant and classy with any outfit.

Do share your thoughts, ideas, queries or suggestions you may have in the comment section below. I would love to see them. Stay tuned for more interesting blogs. Thank you.