Tools every beginner jeweler needs for making paper, resin, and wooden jewelry are pliers, wires, and essentials of cutting wood and quilling paper.

From learning woodworking, beading, stringing to making wire loops, hoops, bending and even jewelry findings you must have the basic tools in your jewelry kit. 

Being a DIY jewellery fan and a true nature lover, I love making handmade jewellery out of natural materials wood, paper, and daily things that are usually thrown out because they are a treasure for us.

18 Tools Every Beginner Jeweler Must Have

18 Top Essential Tools Every Beginner Jeweler Needs 

Tools every beginner jeweler needs for making a beautiful necklace, earrings, pendants, chain jewelry, anklets, bracelets, wire jewelry are essentially pliers that I am gonna list out for you and miscellaneous tools you must-have to your jewelry kit.

1. Flat Nose Pliers

They are essentially used for bending wires, opening and closing the ends of jump rings, flattening metal wires, and a wonderful tool for holding on to the wire.

I have used flat nose pliers for making paper and wooden earrings in previous tutorials. So, make sure to have them into your bucket list.

2. Round Nose Pliers

Round nose pliers are merely used for making spirals, wire loops, hoops also for making jump rings. Well, if you are not aware of jump rings let me tell you they are jewellery findings.

Jump rings are available at your local craft store in case you don’t want to make them yourself. So, with round nose pliers, you can make your own jump rings using metal wires. Right?

3. Wire Cutters

Wire cutters are very important tools for cutting thin wires and this should be added to your jewellery kit. But please stay alert while using a wire cutter so as to not harm yourself anyway.

You can easily cut copper, metal, and sterling wires by using a wire cutter tool. Do add them asap.

4. Side Cutters

Side cutters are required to cut wire ends for making jewelry. Again, I want to remind you to be careful while cutting wire yourself.

Hold the wire carefully and cut the ends for making wire jewelry. Additionally, I am happy to share top wire jewelry making books you can go ahead and learn.

5. Chain Nose Plier

Chain nose plier is essentially used for opening and closing chain. In other words, chain work and even for making spirals.

6. Bail Making Plier

Well, if you want to learn about making clasps, ear wires and loops, bail making pliers comes into the picture. It looks similar to round nose plier but its jaws look a bit different. So, it’s good to have this plier if you are a detail-oriented learner.

Tools Every Beginner Jeweler Needs for Making Wooden Jewelry

Wooden jewellery is one of my favorites because it’s a very skillful method for anyone who wants to learn from scratch. Nothing works best than making jewellery out of scrap by way of woodworking.


7. Hacksaw

Hacksaw is undoubtedly a bit difficult and tiresome technique for woodcutting but if you slowly practice at home you will be able to accomplish this task.

8. Dremel 

Dremel is a multi-functional handy device used to cut, carve, sand, and clean wood, and even other materials. In case you don’t have Dremel then you can consider hacksaw or get shapes from laser cutting machines.

9. Ruler

The ruler is essential for making measuring accurate pieces and size whether it’s wood or paper jewelry.

10. Drill Machine

A Drill machine will be required if you are learning woodworking for crafting purposes. Therefore, use a top-notch quality drill bit machine.

Mark a central point at the upper part of the wood shape and make a small hole to allow a jump ring pass through.

Surprising Tools Easily Available at Home | No Need to Spend Extra Dollars

Do you know there are tons of daily stuff available at our homes? Well, I as a DIY jewelry artist firmly believe in finding ordinary things that can incredibly be used in jewellery making tools.

So, if you want to curb your expenses, the following list will amaze you. Take a look and if you are an expert do share your ideas in the comment box. I would love to see and learn from you.


10. Toothpick

A toothpick is a wonderful substitute for paper quilling jewellery making tools where you can make swirls out of paper. Make stunning paper earrings, pendants, and whatnot. The ideas are endless.

Also, a toothpick is great for hiding the knot while making a bracelet. I have particularly shown this step in one of my recent tutorials. Hence, consider this a priority.

11. Tweezer

Tweezer is a small pointed tool used for holding small findings, beads and charms while stringing and decorating jewellery. I have recently used tweezer in decoring small charms to make a resin ring.

12. Old Pens

Don’t throw old pens, reuse them for painting beads. Well, let me elaborate on this point, you can use old pens, insert beads, and start to paint them one by one. This will avoid messing up your hands against the paint.

13. Thin wooden stick

As I have mentioned in the previous point, you can start to paint beads by inserting them into the wooden stick. Your hands won’t mess up. Right?

Must-Have Paper Quilling Jewellery Tools for Beginners

Paper quilling toolkit is very popular not only for beginners but also for students. By learning impeccable quilling techniques of rolling paper strips using special tools, one can make as many beautiful as they want.

Let me show the list of tools you will get if you purchase the complete package online or from the craft store and they are very reasonable.

14. Needle tool

Needle tool is used for rolling thin paper strips. You can make coils out of paper strips, connect with jump rings and make beautiful pendants, earrings, necklaces, and whatnot.

15. Fine-tip and Self Closing Tweezer

These are called quill-on tweezers which is a great helping hand for crafters. Both of these tweezers are used for positioning, handling small coils, and other paper designs.

Therefore, You will get a complete paper quilling kit consisting of thin colorful paper strips, a curling needle, needle, crimper, glue, and jewelry findings such as earring hooks, eye pins, and jump rings.

Miscellaneous Tools Every Beginner Jeweler Needs

Have you ever wondered that wires are also an essential part of your jewelry kit? I have a few of them and I feel this should be added to the list as beginners who have no idea about jewellery making tools.

16. Sterling Silver Wires

You can these wires for making hoops, looping, spirals, and by the way, wire jewellery is very popular. In addition, you can even make your own jewellery findings with wires.

17. Copper Wires

These are optional but if you can have then it’ll be wonderful to have all things. You can small wired rings, earrings with copper wires.

18. Tiger tail wire

The tiger-tail wire is softer as compared to metal wires. You can use them for making beaded necklaces and earrings. I will surely come up with a fresh tutorial on tiger tail wire. Stay tuned.

Well, this was the complete list of essential tools as per my knowledge and experience and I truly hope you found some value of this blog. If you are an expert do share your suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Stay tuned for interesting ideas and tutorials. Happy Crafting.