Wire jewellery making books will walk you through learning step by step instructions and techniques of bending wires to make professional jewellery pieces for all skill levels.

Nothing works better than learning from books. Let me share the top twenty-three books starting from classics to newer editions. Make your pick and start learning.

These incredible books will teach you the fundamentals, terminologies, basics, and creative ideas that urge you to create your own authentic designs at home.

Wire Jewellery Making Books

23 Best Ever Wire Jewellery Making Books 

Wire jewellery making books that are designed by renowned authors will take away all your fears they’ll teach you everything right from learning basics, techniques, tips to make a beautiful piece with step by step visuals.

1. Making Wire and Bead Jewelry: Artful Wirework Techniques

This book is a dream come true for beginners who want to learn everything about wire making jewelry in detail. With beautiful designs and more than 500 photographs will make you a professional designer.

Moreover, it is designed by two best-known teachers in the world –Janice Berkibile and Tracy Stanley.

2. Timeless Wire Weaving: The Complete Guide

An excellent wire jewellery making books for beginner to advance level with beautiful illustrations and easy to understand for anyone who wants to learn and up their skills.

This includes wire weaving, coiling and wrapping techniques. A great resource for learning innovative ways of making wire jewellery written by Liza Barth.

3. Build your own Wire Pendants

If you are a huge fan of wire jewelery making, this guide covers inexpensive ways to make incredible wire pendants that are unique and fun for beginners.

Make different frames and embellishments to your jewellery at home. This book is very special due to its uniqueness written by Kimberly Sciaraffa.

4. Jewelry Studio: Silver Wire Fusing

If you want to learn metalwork art without any complex tools, this guide is just for you. A detailed step guide and cost-effective techniques extremely helpful for both newbies and experienced jewellery crafters.

Liz Jones who got featured in Stringing Magazine is the author of this book. Highly recommend. Also, you can explore top-rated jewellery making books for beginners only.

5. Jewelry for All Seasons 24 Bead and Wire Designs Inspired by Nature

This phenomenal book will give you beautiful jewellery designs inspired by nature. Linzi Alford, an author is an amazing jewellery designer, she has her own jewelery shop and written many articles for magazines. A must-have book to make exciting designs for yourself and even for your business.

6. Bead Jewelry 101, 2nd Edition

All in one jewellery making books for beginners willing to learn basics of materials, wire looping, opening, and closing clasp, connecting jump rings, and complete demonstration of fundamental methods like stringing, wirework, and more.

Golden opportunity for beginners to learn new techniques from amazing authors- Karen and Ann Mitchel, they will teach you the intricacies to jewellery making. Superb!

7. Wired Jewelry Knitting, Crocheting, Twisting in Wire

Easy to follow instructions of wire jewellery, beading, knitting, crocheting, and twisting wire techniques. This book is written by Kath Orsman, an experienced knitter and a writer

By learning those techniques anyone can easily make beautiful earrings, pendants, necklaces that perfectly match your outfit.

8. Creating Wire and Bead Jewelry

Linda Jones, author of this book has over eight years of experience in jewelry designing and runs wire workshops. With over 35 jewelry making projects and beautiful illustrations and instructions, beginners find it easy to craft.

9. Crochet Wire Jewelry by Nancy Waille

Crochet crafts have been practiced for centuries, this book teaches you crochet stitches techniques using different tools. The author Nancy Waille encourages you to learn and make your own original designs.

Most Popular Wire Jewellery Making Books by Denise Peck 

This section is dedicated to the famous author and editor of Step by Step Wire Jewelry Magazine- Denise Peck who will share insightful steps you always wanted to learn.

In addition, you will learn to craft custom-made findings that is a bonus for jewellery designer who wants to level up their skills with these books.

10. Handcrafted Wire Findings: Techniques and Designs for Custom Jewelry Components

A great instructional book teaches you how to make jewellery findings like claps, jump rings, ear wires and basic wirework techniques, texturizing, silver fusing and more written by Denise Peck and Jane Dickerson. Ideal for all skill levels who love wire jewellery crafting.

11. Wire + Metal: 30 Easy Metalsmithing Designs

For jewellery makers yearning to expand their skills in wire plus metalsmithing, this book is for you. A great explanatory for intermediate to expert levels designed by Denise Peck and Jane Dickerson. You will learn wire lashing, stitching, simple weaving, coils, twisted wire and so many techniques to grasp. A Must-have to your bucket list.

12. Wire Style: 5 Unique Jewelry Designs

A unique book written by Denise Peck is an editor of Step by Step Magazine beautifully explained wire-working jewelry in detail and techniques like creating spirals, making jump rings, strengthening wires, texturing, hammering, and whatnot. This book is designed for all skill levels.

Most Popular Signature Style Wire Jewellery Making Books

A unique collection of wire jewellery making books that will help you to become a distinguished wire jewelry artist. The following books will ignite the creative spark in you as you will learn signature style wire jewellery making. Let’s unleash them together


13. Wire-Wrapped Jewelry Techniques: Tools and Inspiration for Creating your own Fashionable Jewelry

All you need is simple wire, colorful beads and s few simple tools. This book enriches with 30 DIY projects and some coolest wire jewellery making techniques like- spirals, zig-zags, wire looping, etc. anyone can master this craft or brush their skills. A wonderful book with dozens of ideas written by Lora Irish.

14. Freeform Wire Art Jewellery by Gayle Bird

Learn how to twist, curl, and wrap wire jewellery by Gale Bird, a great experienced artist. She will teach you how to devise ingenious signature jewelry pieces. Easy to follow instructions, basics of wire jewellery making with 20 projects anyone can start right away with this wonderful book.

15. Woven in Wire: Dimensional Wire Weaving in Fine Art Jewelry

If you want to creations to the next level, consider this incredible wire jewellery making book designed by Sara Thompson. She will teach you wire weaving fundamentals and techniques for creating a beautiful necklace, earrings, pendants, and bracelets for yourself and even for gifting purposes.

16. Wire & Fire Blend Wire Weaving and Torch Techniques for Beautiful Jewelry

You will get lots of beautiful pictures and instructions for wire jewellery making crafts written by Kaska Firor, Katherine Firor Colque. This book consists of traditional wire weaving, coiling with torch techniques ideal for intermediate wireworkers.

17. Inventive Wire Weaving: 20+ Unique Jewelry Designs

Perfect for professional designers who want to learn new wire weaving techniques – weaving, coiling, texturing metals, and wire. A wonderful book by Susan Barzacchini who has also showcased unique designer jewelry pieces you’ll be proud to wear.

18. Wire Art Jewelry Workshop: Step by Step Techniques and Projects

If you want to unleash new creative ways of making wire jewelry, this book teaches about new methods such as coiling wire to beads, straightening, twisting wire are the amazing methods in this book designed by the renowned and best-selling author- Shairilyn Miller.

Go Digital With Learning Wire Jewellery Making Crafts

This section is dedicated to wire jewellery making ebooks for all beginners to advanced levels. The biggest benefit of digital version books is they are a fast and easy way of learning jewellery crafts.

You don’t have to purchase a hard copy rather download the pdf version and begin right away. Let me list out with basics to learning expert techniques.


19. Getting Started with Wire Jewelry

This guide consists of 20 wire jewelry-making projects. You will learn how to make beautiful earrings, necklaces, rings and pendants with this book designed by famous Bead and Button Magazine. An amazing book for beginners who want to learn innovative designs.

20. Beautiful Wire Jewelry for Beaders 2

Experience the art of making ingenious wire jewellery making books that will teach you clear and crisp step by step instructions that are easy to understand. Miech Irina is the author of this excellent book that teaches you a mix of metal, wire, copper, and bronze materials and using new tools hole punching wire that will amaze you.

21. The Art of Wire: Creative Techniques for Designer Jewelry

For beginners who are looking forward to learning the basics of wire jewellery, this book covers everything with clear photographs. A must-have to your bucket list written by Marsha Michler.

Learn Kumihimo Japanese Art to Level Up Your Skills

Ever wondered what is Kumihimo Jewelry art? Well, this is one of the popular Japanese art every jewellery artist must learn to level up their skills.

Let me share two best-handpicked wire jewellery making books that will help you create intricate braided, crochet wire and weaving art. Take a look.

22. Kumihimo Wire Jewelry

Have you ever heard about Japanese art? This is what Kumihimo wire art is all about, something innovative and exciting craft every jewellery designer would love to learn.

This incredible book by Giovenna Imperia teaches you braided wire jewellery making with 20 striking jewellery projects such as bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces for jewellery makers at all skill levels.

23. Kumihimo Wire Weaving

Powerful techniques to make inexpensive wire jewellery for beginners. This book will take away your fears who think Kumihimo is a difficult craft and never braided before. Discover one of the easiest ways to make wire braided jewellery with affordable and minimal tools with this guide written by Amy Lange.

I hope you find the above list helpful. Every book is handpicked to ease your search for the best wire jewellery making book. Make your pick, practice and make your own stunning wire jewellery crafts for yourself and even as a gift for your friend. Thank you.