Handmade jewellery ideas for mothers in law are endless. It’s a great gesture for her as a birthday gift. So, let’s plan beautiful designs today.

Making marvelous handmade jewellery pieces is the proudest moment as a token of love. Let us unleash twenty-one crafts you can easily make for her at the least possible cost. 

You can save cost by using materials which are easily available. You don’t need to spend dollars on gathering materials. On that note, I will list out ecofriendly jewellery ideas such as wood, paper and resin. Let’s dive in.

Handmade Jewellery Ideas for Mother in law

21 Gorgeous Handmade Jewellery Ideas for Mothers in Law

Handmade jewellery ideas for mothers in law for gifting purpose can be easily crafted by using natural materials like wood, paper and even reinventing old jewelry is a spot-on idea.

Furthermore, you can use metal or copper wire and make smashing jewellery pieces. They are very trending and she will definitely love it.

1.  Stylish Wooden Pendant
2.  Ethnic Wooden Ring
3.  Classy Necklace
4.  Wooden Earrings
5.  Resin Rings
6.  Fashionable Bracelet
7.  Shimmering Anklets
8.  Choker Necklace
9.  Drop Earrings
10. Ribbon Necklace
11  Boho Pendant
12  Multicoloured Beaded Anklet
13. Hoop Earrings
14. Long Multicoloured Necklace
15. Tribal Necklace
16. Classy Brooch
17. Stud Earrings
18. Armlets
19. Stud Earrings
20. Tassel Earrings
21. Embroidery Jewelry

1. Stylish Wooden Pendant

If you have a little bit of knowledge of wood carving, why not make an artistic wooden pendant with a nice engraving on it? I think that would be a lovely gift.

Also, you can make a stunning wooden pendant that goes well both casual or party wear. Start making your own designs and gift beloved mothers in law. Let me show you a glimpse of my handmade pendant.

Wooden Pendant

2. Ethnic Style Wooden Ring 

Wooden jewelry is taking the centre stage in the fashion industry. When you think of handmade jewellery ideas for mothers in law, Ring should never be missed out. Women love handmade rings.

I would recommend using leftover wood piece and get the desired shape right way. Decorate the wood shape with sparkles or pearl beads for a smashing ethnic look. Finally, your ring using varnish and let it dry overnight.

3. Classy Necklace

The first thing comes to your mind when it comes to handmade jewellery idea especially for mothers in law, it’s none other than a beautiful necklace.

Today, I made a golden necklace with small hangings. This was carefully crafted using eye pins. You can either use silver or golden chain with multicolored beads for your lovable mother in law and it goes with both casual and party wear outfits.

Choker Necklace

4. Wooden Earrings

Have you ever tried making earrings using leftover wood pieces? Well, this handmade jewellery idea is for all those detail-oriented craft lovers who wish to take the plunge of learning woodworking.

One of my recent craft was on wooden earrings and I would love to see how you make your own design. Additionally, You can combine resin artwork with wood shape to beautify your jewellery piece.

5. Beautiful Resin Rings

If you are thinking to make something simple and classy handmade jewellery for your mother in law, go straight for resin rings. I tried making them and it looks fantabulous.

Resin being translucent in nature go very well with both ethnic and festive outfits. I think this is another wonderful jewellery idea. Go for it.

6. Fashionable Bracelet

Depending on the taste of her, you can choose to craft jewellery using thread, stretch cord or chain style bracelet. I would suggest the use of chain as a party wear accessories.

Make use of glass beads, wood beads, resin beads, pearl beads, and so on, these are amazing beads to craft handmade jewellery.

7. Shimmering Anklets 

Planning a heart touching gift for mothers in law should be thoughtfully planned. Anklets are unique but make only if she likes ankle jewellery else skip it.

Make something as per her taste. If she like anklets, add this accessory to your bucket list and start making today. It’s very simple but make sure you measure the accurate anklet size.

8. Choker Necklace

Choker necklace is a women’s favorite jewelry. It looks perfect with western and Indian attire and even outfits like evening gowns too.

To all jewellery makers and daughter in laws planning to craft something different. Go straight and win her heart by making an eye-popping choker necklace yourself.

9. Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are a wonderful handmade jewelry idea for mothers in law. So, let me tell you friends, I have tried myself and feel so proud of sharing my creation with you. Here we go.

Drop Earrings

10. Ribbon Necklace

The ribbon necklace looks perfect with western outfits. Therefore, making a ribbon-style necklace for her will surely be unique. Make her feel special and gift something as per her choice.

11. Boho Style Pendant Pendant

Adding a small mirror piece to the pendant piece looks fantabulous. I am happy to share my recent creation of a paper pendant with yellow embroidery work and a small mirror piece is just looking gorgeous.

All I did was embroidery work on a cardstock paper and finally a circular mirror shape to the pendant. Perfect gift idea for her.

12. Multicolored Anklet

The best ever anklet design is to make a multicolored piece. The reason being, it goes very well with any outfit color and to all ladies, I would say try out this piece at home.

Use a chain (silver or golden) and add small beads one by one. Finally, connect a jump ring on one side and a lobster clasp for locking purposes. This will be easy to wear for ankles.

13. Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are the hottest trend and perfect idea that can be easily made for mothers in law. Use metal wires, start bending them with pliers and put small seed beads to make lovely earrings.

14. Long Multicolored Necklace

A long multicolored necklace looks perfect with both traditional and western outfit. I have recently made a wooden beaded necklace and I truly feel you will get some more ideas by looking at this one.

Long Wooden Beaded Necklace

15. Tribal Necklace

Tribal necklace is a perfect mix of vibrant colors primarily the dark color shades you can surely use to make a smashing handmade necklace.

The best part about tribal necklace it doesn’t look flashy and matches with every outfit.

Multicolored Necklace

Some Rare Handmade Jewellery Ideas To Win Her Heart

Gifts are the true expression of love and crafting jewellery on your own is a way better idea than husting for readymade gifts. Let me give you some more unique handmade jewelry ideas that look elegant and classy for mothers in law.

16. Stylish Brooch

How about making an enticing brooch for your mother in law? This would be the best ever craft idea for gifting. You can use wire looping technique or use a fancy wood shape and make a beautiful design along with decoratives.

For making a lock system on your brooch, use a paper clip and glue it on the wood shape.

17. Armlets

Gifting a fancy armlet is a rare gift you could ever make for her. Armlets are worn especially with Indian outfits but that isn’t a rule. Fashion has paved the way so much, you can wear it with western outfits too.

Let me show you one of my favorite armlets. By the way, I made it with a cardstock paper. You can use a wood shape or cloth as well.

Stunning Armlet

18. Stud earrings

Stud earrings are small in size and perfectly match with any outfit. You can use paper, wood, or resin to make lovely earrings at home.

19. Tassel Earrings

Tassels are made from thread and you can make beaded, metal, and hooped earrings. They are easy to craft at home.

20. Embroidered Jewelry

Embroidery work is a highly trending artwork you can surely implement in making jewellery. Recently, I made a beautiful embroidered paper pendant with a mirror piece attached at the center. Take a quick look.

I used cardstock and tried embroidery work on and attached a golden chain. This pendant goes with both casuals as well as party wear outfit. I love it.

Embroidered Paper Pendant

21. Wooden Ring

If you want to learn something really interesting from scratch use scrap wood and get desired shapes from laser cut machines or a carpenter if you want to avoid the hassle of woodcutting.

Make your own ring base using a paper clip. Decorate the wood shape and glue it to the ring base. Waterproof wood shape using varnish and let it dry for at least 24 hours.

Most Valuable Jewelry Making Tips for Beginners

Besides sharing handmade jewellery ideas for mother in law, I would also love to share some valuable tips for beginners. From designing jewelry to making amazing pieces with the correct techniques is super important.

The first and foremost tip for any jewellery designer is choosing the fine supplies and tools, raw material, knotting properly, and making your jewelry water-resistant. I am happy to share seventy unique tips for first-timers.

Ladies, I hope you find the above jewellery ideas helpful. Do try making yourself and innovate as much as you can. The ideas are endless, look around and find daily stuff that can be turned out into amazing craft. Make some unique pieces and make her day special.

Crafting is like churning your ideas and make a brand new masterpiece from an ordinary piece that people usually trash them. You can also try making jewelry by ordering directly from the craft store or online.

Do share your feedback/suggestions in the comment section below. I would love to see them stay tuned for more interesting ideas. Till then, Happy Crafting and stay safe.