Have you ever seen or heard funny quotes or memes on jewelry? Can jewelry make you laugh? Well, it is beyond adorning and can be seen with a different perspective to entertain the audience.

It requires a lot of creativity when it comes to creating humorous content. I mean how will you add humor to a wonderful thing like jewelry that signifies adorning, elegance, or style? Quite Interesting.

Humor is an art that exists within ourselves. It’s all about your observation and visualizing things when you see and interpret things around you.

43 Funny Jewellery Quotes

43 Funny Jewellery Quotes To Laugh and Remember Forever

Funny jewellery quotes shared on the internet like social media platforms do make a huge impact on the audience. People love humor.  I mean, you can search and see they are just damn good.

Today, I just thought of sharing some of my own jewellery quotes that are slightly unique but amusing. I’ll present plenty of laughable quotes that relate to crafting. Take a look at this meme.

Funny Jewellery Quotes

Haha! Well, Hats off to the lady’s creativity, she is planning to wear grapes as earrings but the rabbit is so tempted seeing those grapes and he is about to take a jump to grab the bunch of grapes. 

Hang on, People! I have a lot more in store for you. Read my exclusive jewellery quotes you’ll surely remember forever. 

1. Don’t make food jewellery when your pet is around. It’ll be eaten up soon. – Poorvi Tiwari, Sheallure

2. Leave a little jewellery beads wherever go when beads aren’t strung and knotted well. – Poorvi Tiwari, Sheallure

3. She made a beautiful carrot necklace and the next day it disappeared. Guess why? It was eaten up by a rabbit. – Poorvi Tiwari, Sheallure

4. Oh! I gifted a wrong sized stretch handmade bracelet to her. She thought it’s my innovation and wore it as a necklace. – Poorvi Tiwari, Sheallure

5. Teaching creative jewellery out of candies and delicious food for kids is so tempting. It feels like eating right away than crafting – Poorvi Tiwari, Sheallure

6. Outfit is incomplete without jewellery just like Tom without Jerry. – Poorvi Tiwari, Sheallure

7. You forgot to wear another earring and it turns out – One Earring Trend. – Poorvi Tiwari, Sheallure

8. I would love wearing a choker necklace all day unless it chokes my neck. – Poorvi Tiwari, Sheallure

9. Jewellery Overloaded. It’s Fussy Friday. Let’s break all the rules.  – Poorvi Tiwari, Sheallure

10. Keep calm and get your ear pierced. – Poorvi Tiwari, Sheallure

11. That moment when you found your jewellery floating while swimming. Avoid wearing in water. – Poorvi Tiwari, Sheallure

12. If you don’t like spinach. Make jewellery out of it. – Poorvi Tiwari, Sheallure

13. Enjoy crafting paper jewellery but don’t wear them when it’s raining outside – Poorvi Tiwari, Sheallure

14. Be Unique. Gift a spooky Annabelle-themed jewellery. – Poorvi Tiwari, Sheallure

15. If I have the option to choose between jewellery and chocolates, I’ll have both of them. – Poorvi Tiwari, Sheallure

16. Don’t ping. Don’t ring, Only a Diamond ring. – Poorvi Tiwari, Sheallure

Most Popular Funny Quotes & Jokes on Jewellery of all Time

Jewellery quotes that are humorous give a different outlook to the readers. Reason being, jewellery is an aspect known for elegance, style, adorning, glamorous aspects.

Adding a pinch of fun in the form of quotes makes it super interesting and engaging content. Let me list out a great list of jewellery quotes that are catchy and popular over the internet.

17. Exercise? I thought you said Accessorise. – Alece

18.  Jewellery is like Ice Cream. There is always room for more.

19. Chocolate is good but jewellery is carb-free.

21. I only wear jewellery on days ending with “Y”.

22. I feel the same way about jewelry as I do food. I want it all.

23. Me carrying a briefcase is like a hotdog wearing earrings. – Sparky Anderson (Picturequotes.com)

24. Remember darling, jewellery prevents headaches.

25. Beauty is who you are and jewellery is simply icing on the cake. – @allie.and.me

26. Men who have pierced ears are better prepared for marriage – they have experienced pain and bought jewellery. – Rita Rudner

27. if a woman says that she doesn’t want a present for her birthday, what she is really saying is, I want a present and make sure it’s jewelry. – Someecards

28. I had such an awful evening trying on jewelry and enjoying some girl time. Said no women, EVER. – Rotten Cards

29. I am on a diet so you can buy me diamonds and instead of candy this valentine’s day. – Your ecards

30. Jewellery is like french fries, we can’t have just one. – Instaquote (Personalnecklace.com)

31. All I want this Christmas is You. Just Kidding, Give me diamonds. – Yourecards (Someecards.com)

32.  I love wearing jewelry – rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces you name it. If my stylist didn’t stop me, I’d go looking like a Christmas Tree. – Anonymous

33. I’m grateful that no matter how much turkey I eat, my jewellery will still fit. – It’s Sophia

34. I don’t want to brag or make anyone jealous but I still fit in the earrings I wore in high school. – Photo-party-favors.com

35. Dear Diamond, We all know who is really Girl’s best friend. Your’s Sincerely Chocolate Cake. – Anonymous

36. Want free bling. Give me a ring. – premeirdesignsincentives.com

37. Groceries? Maybe. New Jewellery? Definitely. – Sarah Schmit

Laugh out Loud with Hilarious Jewellery Jokes

While penning down this part, I was rejoicing old memories of when I used to read comic books and I am sure you’ll get nostalgic.

Come, Laugh and spread the waves of positivity around the world. Here are some superbly funny jewellery jokes to read and laugh out loud. Let’s begin with a visual I’ve created for you. Take a look.

Funny Jewellery Joke

38. I’d like a ring but nothing too expensive. This is only my first marriage. – JewelrySecrets.com

39. Rubies are red, Aquamarines are blue. Your eyes are like 7ct. round emeralds and I love you. A Jewelers Love Poem by  Sear Fross

40. Kid: Mom, I’m hungry, I want that green grape now.

Mom: That’s an Emerald Stone, dear. You can’t eat that one.  – By Poorvi Tiwari, Sheallure

Does Humorous Content Actually Work in Making Brand Successful?

This question just struck my mind and I thought to share my stance with you. The answer is – Yes, adding humor grabs the attention of social media users and consequently brings successful conversions.

Let us pick Instagram for selling jewellery. Suppose you’ve posted an appealing jewelry image along with a product description so ultimately the post will look more of a boring sales pitch than being creative, entertaining, and eye-catching.

Thus, make sure you try a rock-solid jewellery quote or caption that is quite amusing and could help in bringing leads. In simple words, it will prompt readers to check out your website.

Quotes in Hindi are Definitely Worth it!

Have you ever tried penning down jewellery quotes in Hindi? Well, language should not be a barrier and I have recently shared super interesting anklet quotes both in Hindi and English you must give it a read.

In addition, adding humor to beautiful jewellery known for glamor, elegance, class in the form of quotes is surely the top of the ladder. By the way, I found a useful resource on jewelry and I found that really amusing.

Hilarious Hindi Jewellery Quotes You’ll Enjoy 

Language should not be a barrier. Let me walk you through the funniest jewellery Hindi quotes along with English translation you’ll definitely laugh out loud all day.

To all English readers, don’t worry as the translation is added for you. Enjoy reading!

41. मोहब्बत करने से पहले सोच लेना
क्यूंकि इसमें बोहोत खर्चे हैं यारों। – Ferns n Petals

“Be prepared to bear the expenses before you love someone.”

42.पहले लोग ज्वेलरी छिपाते थे
और अब फ़ोन की गैलरी छिपाते हैं – Phallibatana.com

“At times, People used to hide jewellery, Now they hide phone gallery”

43. आप नखरे की बात करते हैं
मेरे तो झुमके भी बोहोत भारी हैं – Roshni_anjum (Instagram)

“You talking about attitude, I have got a heavy earrings.”

Laughing is the best therapy and above all, and jewelry making is the greatest healer ever. Whether you are at home, feeling gloomy, and want to read something lively and rejuvenating. This blog is a mood buster for you.

I hope you enjoyed the article. Do share it with your friends and family. And, If you got some more funny quote ideas on jewelry to share with me, drop them in the comment section below.

Thank you for your valuable time reading my blog. Stay tuned for more fun and creative content. Till then, Laugh, live happily, and stay safe.