Handmade paper jewellery tips are an integral part of jewellery making process. For beginners, they are extremely helpful in understanding some common mistakes they have been doing so far.

Today, I will share twenty-three practical tips for beginners along with budget-friendly ideas that will save your time and money. This guide is extremely helpful for you. Read carefully.

In addition, you’ll discover amazing selling tips that will help you earn a decent income. With the rise in demand for handmade crafts and jewellery, you can turn your hobbies into a thriving business.


23 Practical Handmade Paper Jewellery Tips For Newbies

Handmade paper jewellery tips are many, you should learn from today since there is a massive growth in the demand curve. They are super easy for newbies. Moreover, materials are available right at your home.

Paper jewellery making is one of the easiest of all that will keep you busy at home. You could even sell them and make your hobby as a full-fledged profession. Let me share some valuable tips for you.

1. Separate Work Space 

No matter what jewellery you are making, separate workspace is mandatory. It is indeed an easy way to keep things organized. such as tools, beads, shapes, supplies, jewellery findings, and thread pieces separately and in the box.

2. Correct Measurement 

Whether you are making a beautiful necklace, ring, pendant, or earrings, always start with correct paper measurement. You would never want to wear improper-sized jewellery.

3. Make Paper Beads 

Roll papers with your hands to make beads. With paper beads, you can make a beautiful bracelet, beaded anklet and whatnot.

4. Waterproof Paper Jewellery using Clear Nail Polish

This is a very important paper jewellery tip which is forgotten by designers. Yes, you can waterproof paper jewellery using clear nail paint. It works very well and it gives a glossy look to your jewellery

5. Recycle Cardstock and Make Paper Earrings

Don’t throw cardstock, recycle them and make wonderful earrings. Cut paper into equal sizes and connect with jump rings and ear hooks. It’s very simple.


6. Toothpick for Paper Quilling

Did you know you can make paper quilled earrings without purchasing toolkit? Well, I have exclusively made paper quilled earrings using a toothpick and newspaper and it was indeed a fun task. I bet you must give it try.

7. Make Floral Earrings with Recycled Paper

Recently I made beautiful floral paper earrings with old notebook cover. Cut long strips, roll up with a toothpick to make flower petals, glue the ends. Finally, connect floral earrings with earring hook.

8. Right Glue for Paper Quilled Jewellery

Choosing the right glue is a crucial tip to make paper jewellery. Consider, Elmers Bond Craft Glue, Modge Podge, or Fabric Glue works best for papercrafts.

9. Roll Paper Pieces to Make a Neckpiece

Take a broomstick and roll paper pieces. Glue paper strips to close the edges. Start stringing paper rolls and beads by sewing them to make a stylish paper necklace.

10. Make Paper Roses

You can make stunning roses out of paper waste and that’s a very creative and easy idea to try now. Connect roses with a ring base and it’s ready to wear.

11. Make Paper Braided Bracelet

Make long thin paper rolls using broomsticks and make a braided bracelet with a glue. This is an awesome tip and can be crafted in minutes. Easy and fun!

12. Make Geometric Danglers with Cardboard Pieces

Don’t trash cardboards as they are a treasure for designers. Cut them in triangular shapes (or any shape you like), drill small holes and paint it well. Finally, Insert jump rings and connect it ear hooks to make dazzling danglers.

13. Use Duct Tape To Make Beads

If you don’t want to buy readymade beads, you can make it using duct tape. Cut it with appropriate sized and roll them by stick or straw. Apply the clear nail polish to make it waterproof.

14. Make Feather Earrings Using Paper

Cut paper into feather shape by trimming the. Glue eye pins to the central part of the feather and connect your ear hooks with eye pin. They look superb with any outfit.

15. Make Paper Bead Anklets 

Anklets are one of the popular jewellery in the world.  Make paper beads, paint them  and start stringing with nylon thread. Finally knot thrice at the end.

16. Needle Tool for Paper Quilled Jewellery

Use a needle tool and start rolling paper strips and glue the edges. For making jewellery like paper jhumkis, paper necklace you can make paper coils with the tools.

17. Turn Your Old Hair Band to Paper Accessory

Reinventing old jewellery is a tremendously popular craft worldwide. Make paper coils or paper roses and glue them to your old plastic hair bands. An amazing idea to give a brand new look to your old accessories that were lying waste.

18. Apply Glue on Paper Quilled Rings

You can make amazing rings along with ring-base with paper quilling technique. Make sure to apply glue on ring base to get sturdy.

19. Use Dome Tray for Paper Jhumkis

Dome tray is very important material for paper quilling jewellery. You can order them online and start making gorgeous jhumkis at home. it’s very easy.

Paper Jewellery Selling Tips, Craft and Earn!

Let me share some profitable selling tips for handmade paper jewellery that allows you to sell your products online.

20. Selling Jewelry with Ecommerce Platforms

For any professional designer, it is important to know the core places to gain significant benefits from selling handmade jewellery.

  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Flipkart

Create your seller account, upload pictures, correct description, quantity, price, size, and start selling them online.

Photography Tips for Paper Jewellery Designers

Learning basic Photography tips is essential for entrepreneurs that make a huge impact on your prospective clients. Let me share some of the easiest photography tips that save money.

21.Tips Click Professional Product Pictures

For a professional jewellery designer, it is important to learn to click professional photographs to showcase your product. You can also do it with your mobile, tripod, and use some jewellery stands.

22. DIY Tips to Showcase Jewellery 

Do you know you can click professional pictures with a white background using a lightbox? It’s simple, Cut the two sides of the box and stick white chart paper using a transparent tape. Light up a table lamp and start taking your jewellery pics.

23. Make use of Props

In case you aren’t using a lightbox let me share some cool handmade jewellery photography tips. Use white stones, jewellery stands, artificial flowers, flower vase to make a beautiful background. Highly recommend.

I hope this practical tips have helped you. See, how materials are easily available at home for making lovely paper jewellery. Try yourself and do share your ideas with me. Also, you can sell them online easily, they are super affordable for customers. Do share your feedback with me and Happy crafting.  Thank you.