“How to cut wooden jewellery at home” will be one of the first questions to cross your mind if you’re just stepping into the world of DIY jewellery making. It’s an important issue and needs to be addressed.

Wood as raw material is quite useful when it comes to making jewellery at home. In fact, you can craft various designs out of it. Best part is that you can use reused wood as well.

I began making wooden jewellery all by myself at home a while ago and have loved every bit of it. Now it’s time to share with all you wonderful people.

How to cut wooden jewellery at home

How to Cut Wooden Jewellery at Home ?

If you’re new to the whole DIY wooden jewellery world, don’t get your panic mode on. Instead try to enjoy your journey and thereby learn a new skill. Cutting wood can seem slightly irksome but if you focus well, you will end up mastering this craft.

Now the first thing to know here is the technique and tools needed for cutting wood for the purpose of making jewellery. It’s ok if you don’t know how to use them at first. I’ll try to assist you with them via this blog.

4 Basic Tools to Get you Started with Wooden Jewellery Cutting

Each beginner should be acquainted with the four basic tools. You’re not expected to know them all or to master them all. But having a basic idea will surely open your options as a DIY wooden jewellery artist.

1. Chisel 
2. Drill
3. Knife
4. Hacksaw

These four tools are used commonly not just for cutting wood for the sake of jewellery designing but even otherwise. Anybody can master them with practice. It needs to be pointed out here that if this is your first time, stay super alert so as to not harm yourself in any way.

In case you are planning to go for DIY paper jewellery along with making wooden jewellery at home then the requirements are different. Supplies and tools needed for crafting paper jewellery are unique in their own way. But right now, I’ll discuss only the wooden jewellery cutting tools.


Always ensure sharpening the edges of a chisel before using it. Since the wood used for jewellery won’t be that hard, using a chisel shouldn’t be a problem.


A drill is a DIY Wooden jewellery designer’s best pal. Its needed for creating holes in jewellery in order to club elements together using a string or thread.


As raw as it sounds but knives are actually used for making wooden jewellery since centuries. If you can master the slanting technique, then you can surely understand its exact usage.


For designers using wooden pipes and pencils, hacksaws come in handy for cutting. You can even go for a Junior Hacksaw. That works for beginners.

Most Helpful Technique for Cutting Wooden Jewellery 

In recent years, a technique that is hands down the most useful for cutting wooden jewellery at home is the Laser Cut technique. It’s surely more expensive than other existent techniques but is very useful for cutting wooden jewellery into fancy designs. 

Actually in the long run its not even expensive because it is always cheaper to design jewellery on your own rather than getting it designed. 

Most merchants and designers use Laser Cut Technology for selling jewellery across the world. In fact, laser cut wooden jewellery has its own finesse and grace. Plus the variety of shapes that can be carved out of wood using it is phenomenal.

How to Cut Wooden Jewellery at Home using a Laser Cutter ?

Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut flat wooden sheets and other materials. 

I need you to very carefully understand this – In order to use the laser cutting technology for wood, you don’t need to own a Laser Cutter Machine at home. Not at all. You just need to access it. So look for it at places in your city and then get your designs done from there.

Consider this like getting a print out of a printer. You just give a command to get your copy. Right ? This is exactly what you need to do with a Laser Cutter Machine as well.

Laser Cutting Technology

Tips to Reduce your Laser Cutter Costs for Making Wooden Jewellery

As mentioned earlier, cost can be bit of an issue when it comes to cutting wooden jewellery using a Laser Cutter. However, you can surely have it lowered if you prepare a digital prototype for your wooden jewellery before processing it. In fact, I highly insist you test your designs and prototypes before hand.

Using digital prototyping which will cost you zero money by the way. All you need to do is to upload design files and choose your desired materials before hand. Also, the size of line cuts will matter. The longer the line, the more it will cost you. In addition to this, cutting a simple design is cost effective than a complicated one. So things like this matter.

There was a time when Laser cutting technology for wood was super expensive but today, the cost has significantly come down. As this technology find its way into more and more areas of everyday life, the cost will reduce even lower. The more volume you do, the lower will be your costs as a designer of wooden jewellery.

7 Best Wood Types for Laser Cutting by DIY jewellery Designers

Not all woods are cut nicely by laser but the ones that are being listed below by me.

7.Solid wood

In the list above, HDF stands for High Density Fiber-Board and MDF stands for Medium Density Fiber-Board.

Cutting wood at home for making jewellery can appear to be full of hassle at first. But just like other skills, once you learn it, it’ll become easier and you’ll be more proficient in it.

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