How to make button earrings easily at home. This guide will give you a step by step instructions with pictures to help you to learn from scratch. Gift your mom a vintage styled jewellery exclusive crafted by your hand. She’ll love it.

Today, I am gonna teach you unique button earrings adorned with wooden pieces that will amp up your entire look. These earrings look fabulous in any outfit. 

One of the coolest reasons to make these earrings is they are thrifty and environment-friendly. Don’t trash things, reuse and make gorgeous upcycled pieces without spending dollars.

How to Make Button Earrings

How to Make Button Earrings Easily That is Rare & Elevates Your Look 

I have got an excellent idea to recycle wood pieces with a beautiful combination of buttons. So first important step is to gather a couple of wooden pieces and forge them using a Dremel machine.

If you don’t have a knack for woodworking, get the desired wood shapes from a carpenter. So let me walk you through the process.

Materials Required to Make Button Earrings 

  • Fancy wooden Buttons
  • Pair of Teardrop wood shapes (Drilled)
  • Pair of mirror shapes
  • E6000 Glue or E8000 glue
  • Pair of Eye Pins
  • Pair of fine glass beads
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • 150 grit sandpaper
  • Earring hook
  • 12mm jump rings
  • Flat nose plier
  • Round nose plier

Materials required to Make Button Earrings

Follow These Simple Steps To Make a Lovely Button Earring at Home

This DIY guide is perfect for those artists who love to upcycle things. Let us stop trashing stuff and learn the art of turning them into superbly artistic pieces. Let me walk you through the following steps below.

Step1. Sand Wood Shapes 

Rub wood shapes continuously on 150-grit sandpaper until you see the scratches are completely gone. You will see a fine finished shape.

How to make button earrings

Step2. Paint Wood Shapes 

Start to paint wood shapes all over the piece using golden acrylic paint. Let it dry completely.

DIY Button Earrings using Wood

Step3. Connect jump rings to Button Hole

Take a 12mm jump ring which is quite a bigger one and open the ends. Insert them into the buttonhole then close the ends using a flat nose plier.

Connect Jump rings to make button earrings

Step4. Close the jump ring end with Flat Nose Plier 

Once you’re done with connecting the components, time to close the end of the jump ring with a flat nose plier. Slightly press the open ends with a plier and it’s done.

Close jump rings to make button earrings

Step5. Insert Glass bead into the Eye pin 

Now, take an eye pin and insert the white glass bead. Make a loop using a round nose plier on the other end of the eyepin. Let me show you how I have accomplished this step.

DIY Button earrings

Step6. Connect Eye pin loop to the Jump ring 

This is a very important step as we are making long drop button earrings. Open the mouth of the jump ring and connect it to the eye-pin loop and finally close the ends of the jump ring with a flat nose plier.

Make loop to make button earrings

DIY Button Earrings

Step7. Glue Mirror Piece on Wood Shapes

Apply E6000 glue to the wood shape right at the central area and put the mirror shape to it.

Glue mirror shapes to make button earrings

Step8. Connect Jump ring to the Wood Hole 

Take another jump ring, open the end, connect to the wood hole, and further with an eye pin loop. You will see the beautiful design shimmers.

Connect jump ring to make button earrings

Step9. Connect Earring Hook

Finally, connect earring hooks over the top of your button earrings and it’s all done. In addition, I would strongly recommend apply varnish to the wood shape and leave it overnight. I taught some basics of wooden jewelry you can surely check it out.

Connect Earring Hooks

Step10. All Set to Wear Button earrings 

Voila! Your gorgeous button bead earrings are now ready to flaunt.

Button Earrings ready to wear

Make Adorable Button Earrings for Yourself and Slay it

Crafting is so much fun that you just can’t resist making another one. I made adorable yellow button bead earrings that look gorgeous with casuals and I feel ecstatic to share one more guide with you.

Materials Needed

  • Yellow Buttons
  • White glass beads
  • Bead caps
  • Earring Hooks
  • 8mm Jump rings
  • Flat Nose Plier
  • Wire Cutter Plier
  • Pair of Headpins
  • Round Nose Plier

Materials to make button earrings

Step1. Connect Jump rings to Buttons 

Add one jump ring to the buttonhole and repeat this step. Let me show with the help of an image.

Connect Jump rings to make button earrings

Step2. Insert Glass Bead into the Headpin 

Make a beautiful pattern by taking a headpin and insert a glass bead into it. I have used a white glass bead which will give fabulous look to the earrings.

Step3. Put the bead caps to the glass bead

Now, add a bead cap over the top of a glass bead and repeat steps 2 and 3. This will make two similar bead patterns.

Step4. Snip off the extra wire 

Leave one inch of the wire for making a loop and trim extras with the help of a wire cutter.

Step5. Make a Loop to Headpin 

Make a small loop slowly by a round nose plier. This makes a nice hanging that we’ll connect further with a jump ring.

Step6. Connect Loop with Jump ring 

Connect the two components jump ring and a loop to make a beautiful drop earrings design.

Step7. Connect Earring Hook 

We have reached the final step, simply connect earring hooks at the top of the jump ring and close the ends with a flat nose plier. Voila! your dazzling drop button bead earrings are now ready to wear.

Is Button Earring Trending in 2021?

Oh yes, they are trending everywhere. In fact, as per Vogue magazine, the 80’s button earrings are coming back and will be the future trend. I am fascinated to see their beautiful collections and definitely make more cool designs.

In addition, let me tell you friends, Vintage style button earrings are amongst the hottest across the globe. You must add this to your wardrobe. Make magnificent designs for yourself and slay.

Friends, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. You can even gift those earrings to your loved ones. Jewelry that is made by you is more precious than the store-bought pieces and they are super easy to craft at home. Isn’t it?

So let’s invest our exploring and learning new skills that not only amp up your wardrobe but also take you high into entrepreneurship. After all, the path to success lies in doing things on your own. So let’s do it and soar high.