Reasons to gift handmade jewellery are countless. A piece of beautiful jewelry crafted by you leaves a lasting impact than buying readymade gifts.

The reason being is the unconditional love you have for your people that drives you to craft yourself. On top of it, you learn so much and make exquisitely customized pieces within your budget.  

Having somebody you love wearing your handmade jewelry makes you feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment that you will miss for store-bought jewelry. Isn’t it?

Reasons to Gift Handmade Jewelry

15 Inspiring Reasons to Gift Handmade Jewellery Instead of Store-Bought

Handmade jewellery you make out of thoughtfulness and love gives you immense pleasure than store-bought jewelry. Let me walk you through some interesting reasons why you should handmade jewelry.

1. They are Budget-Friendly

Handmade jewelry made from recycled material saves a lot of cost than buying stuff from craft stores. Pick daily supplies, use your imagination and make lovely homemade jewelry pieces for your loved ones.

2. Handmade Jewelry Can Be Customized

One of the best reasons to gift handmade jewelry is it can be customized as per the client’s choice. There is no restriction for customers to choose already designed pieces instead they can place special orders for custom-made jewelry.

3. They are Unique and Special

Handmade jewelry is perfect for gifting because they are specially crafted from top-notch quality supplies and looks so enticing and unique. Moreover, It adds a personal touch to jewelry making which truly makes your loved one feel special.

4. They have Sentiments

One of the most important reasons to gift handmade jewelry is they have sentiments. You make astonishingly beautiful pieces with all your emotions and eternal love which makes your loved ones even more special than ever.

5.  You Feel Great Sense of Pride

When you see your loved one wearing your handmade designs – be it your friends and family it truly makes you feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment from the core. Don’t you think guys?

6. Strengthens Bond 

Well, gifting a piece of gorgeous handmade jewelry wrapped in a box is one of the best moments when you see your loved one smiling and excited. Gifts made by you with your love strengthen bonds and peace in your relationships. 

7. Fun to Craft at Home

If you ask me the reason to gift handmade jewellery, I would say – It’s Fun to be engulfed in creativity. I take immense pride in investing my time in crafting beautiful eco-friendly jewellery so that my people who regularly read my blogs find it easy to craft things themselves.

8. You’ll Learn as an Artist

For passionate learners, it is an opportunity for you to learn something new and make adorable pieces to gift your loved ones. You will not only progress as an artist but also earn a decent income by selling online.

9. Takes Less Time

Another important reason to know when it comes to gifting handmade jewelry is that it takes less time to craft things at home. You don’t require a huge list of supplies and budget, just gather relevant ones and recycle as much as you can.

10. Handmade Jewelry is Popular

Undeniably handmade jewellery is on the rise today in 2021 and even in the coming years. For sure, if you’re planning to gift your friend who adores trending patterns then you must go in for gifting pieces that are in talks of the town.

11. Craft Supplies Are Easily Available

Materials to make handmade jewelry for gifting are easily available especially when you’re making eco-friendly jewelry. So, you don’t have to worry about materials. Recycle, repurpose and make lovely jewelry pieces to gift someone special.

12. Sustainable Craft Leaves Lasting Impact

Gifting a fine jewelry piece revives all the beautiful memories you spent in the past so why not make something unique that leaves a lasting impact and contributes to the environment? And, I believe it would be the most memorable gift you would ever make.

13. Support Small Businesses in Remote Areas

This is one of the major reasons to gift handmade jewelry as it involves a lot of hard work, skills, energy, and time by talented people living in remote areas to earn and get ample visibility. Let us collectively support them and help their business flourish across the globe.

14. Handmade Jewelry Gift is Perfect for all ages 

One of the best reasons to gift handmade jewellery is they are perfect for all ages. From kids to seniors, I mean depending on their taste you can make charming jewelry pieces to surprise them.

15. Jewelry Gift is suitable for all occasions 

When it comes to special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, celebrating success, etc. you can gift beautiful handmade jewelry set to your people. It is suitable for all occasions.

Know the Reasons to Gift Handmade Jewellery Made From Recycled Stuff

The idea of sustainability has been rapidly mounting and accustomed by famous artists worldwide. In fact, the famous fashion brand – Vogue majorly emphasized how sustainable jewelry is our future especially recycled gold, you will find a lot more information there.

Let me walk you through some enthralling reasons to gift handmade jewellery from recycled materials. Dig in and start executing the trends to your creativity today.

Reasons to gift handmade jewellery

  • They are Innovative

Well, as you know sustainable jewelry is setting the trends all over the world so why not gift someone something superbly innovative piece that contributes to the planet. Ignite your creativity and let’s make the best out of waste today.

  • Easy to Craft

Well, creating handmade jewellery out of recycled materials such as paper, wood, old stuff are indeed the easiest crafts to gift your loved ones. You don’t have to struggle with materials. Find it right at your home.

  • Save Money and Time

Many times we look for the quickest ways to make interesting pieces at home. In that case, I strongly insist you make magnificent jewellery out of recycled stuff such as cardstock, broken china, paper, wood, plastic bottles, etc. It saves a lot of time and money.

What Kind of Homemade Jewelry You Can Make Within Your Budget

Jewelry that is simple, economical, and sustainable is a great idea to begin. You don’t need precious stones and gems just look for stuff around, use your imagination and start making gorgeous jewelry in your budget.

Reasons to Gift Handmade Jewellery from Recycled Stuff

  • Paper Jewelry

One of the easiest, light-weighted, and eco-friendly pieces of jewelry is from paper or cardstock pieces. Look for cardboard boxes, shoe boxes and reuse them for crafting.

  • Jewelry from Scrap Wood 

Grab pieces of wood from your garden to make artistic wooden jewelry pieces. This is something super interesting you can make and gift that comes in your budget.

  • Food Jewelry from Resin 

You will love making extraordinary jewelry out of food. I have recently tried making one and I thoroughly enjoyed working with food jewellery. Perfect craft for kids and teens to try at home.

Friends, I hope this blog helped you understand the above incredible reasons to gift handmade jewelry. Each piece you make will give a personal touch and make the most memorable day ever for your loved ones.

Each piece you make tells your story, the turmoil, imagination, and your time in making a unique designer piece. I am sure when you put all your heart and soul to make marvelous pieces yourself, your loved ones would feel super proud to have you in life.

Let us awaken our inner craftsperson altogether and make fabulous gifts ever for the people we love and admire. Happy Crafting and stay tuned for my upcoming blogs and tutorials. See ya!