How to make wooden heart anklets at home? Well, this is one of the most popular and demanding craft in the fashion and accessories industry. You can even make the best use of it by selling them online or offline.

Today I am going to teach you how to make spectacular wooden heart anklets at home. This can be done either by learning from scratch or purchasing readymade supplies from the local market or online.

The best part about wooden heart anklets is they are light-weighted and inexpensive. Before we begin, note that we will use thin wooden heart discs which are smaller in size for making anklets.

How to Make Wooden Heart Anklets at Home?

In order to make wooden heart anklets at home, you will require wood heart disc shapes that are smaller in size. There are three ways to get fancy wood shapes.

Laser cutters, dremel or readymade wood shapes online. Choose the best feasible woodcutting method you think is suitable for you and start making your gorgeous anklets at home.

Once you have the wood shapes, Let us learn seven quick steps to make wooden heart anklets at home. First, gather essential supplies listed below.

6 Essential Supplies Needed to Make Wooden Heart Anklets at Home

Gathering supplies is the first important step that should be thoroughly done by us. Let me list out 6 basic supplies to make wooden heart anklets at home.

1.      Wooden Heart Shapes (Thin and Small Size)
2.      Drill Machine
3.      Nylon Thread
4.      Paint Brush
5.      Acrylic Paint
6.      Varnish

7 Quick Steps To Make Wooden Heart Anklets at Home

7 Quick Steps To Make Wooden Heart Anklets at Home

Step1. Sanding Wood
Step2. Drill Holes
Step3. Painting wood shapes
Step4. Measuring Thread Length
Step5. Stringing
Step6. Knotting
Step7. Waterproofing

Step1. Sanding Unfinished Wood

The first crucial is to sand wooden heart shapes. Sanding is the process to remove uneven blemishes to get a fine finished piece.

Rub wooden heart shapes to the sand paper until you see the rough edges have completely vanished. Alternatively, you can sand wood shapes with a dremel machine. Choose as per your budget.

Step2. Drill holes

Once you got the fine wood shapes, take a drill machine and make a small hole on both sides (left and right). This will allow your thread to pass through the holes to make an anklet.

Step3. Painting Wooden Heart Shapes 

Now comes the most fun part I love is painting heart shapes to make eye-popping anklet for yourself. You can also gift handmade anklet for your friend. She’ll love it.

Step4. Measuring Thread Length 

If you are using nylon thread or a chain, it is important to measure the accurate length of your anklet. It shouldn’t be too loose or tight for the wearer.  Measure and cut with a scissor.

Step5. Stringing Wooden Heart Shapes

Stringing is the process of connecting heart shapes together with a nylon cord. Insert thread/chain (whatever you’re using) to the hole of your anklet. Simple.

Step6. Knotting

Knotting is the most significant part of making any jewelry with a thread. I mean, it should be thoroughtly done thrice once you reach the end.

Step7. Waterproofing

Voila! We are almost done. Now it’s time to polish your anklets to give a perfect shiny look. Use varnish in small amounts using a thin paintbrush and leave it for at least 24 hrs to dry. All done.

Perfect Idea to Reuse Scrap Wood to DIY Wooden Heart Anklets

Being a ardent nature lover, I love devsing extraordinary jewelery pieces from scrap wood. A phenomenal idea to save cost and shaping up to make a lovely anklet with minimal power tools.

All you need is forging wood shapes with the help of a dremel machine or laser cutters. If you like to perform woodworking you can choose manual woodcutting method but it may be inconvenient for beginners at first.

In addition, you can get desired wooden heart shapes from a carpenter, in case you don’t want to try manually or purchase any device for woodcutting.

2020 Innovative Ideas to Make Wooden Heart Anklets at Home

Now that we have learned to reuse wood, Let me share the two most creative and trending ideas to make gorgeous wooden heart anklets at home.

1. Chain Style Wooden Heart Anklets

If you want a glitzy party wear look, go straight for making wooden heart anklet using golden/silver chains. Follow the same procedure and use a chain instead of a thread.

Adorning with Glimmering Chain Style Wooden Heart Anklets at Home

Glimmering Chain Style Anklet


So far, we have learned to make wooden heart anklets using a nylon thread now we will use another interesting way i.e chain style. To begin with, the first step is to collect basic supplies such as gold or silver chains, wooden heart shapes, hook connectors, acrylic paint, and varnish. Over and above you can also add small pearls or sparkles to make it a more attractive party look anklet. 

The first step is to paint the wood shapes and let it dry for some time. You can skip this part if you want to make it simple. The next step is stringing your chain to the wooden heart shapes as shown in the above graphic. You add more than one wooden heart slices or just a single piece for a simple anklet.

Now comes the most crucial part is using hook connectors to lock your anklet. Hook connectors look like an “S” letter. Here, you will require two hook connectors and connect at both the ends of the gold chain and lock it. 

Not to forget to waterproof your anklets with the help of varnish and let it dry for at least 24 hours.

2. DIY Artistic Wooden Heart Anklets Using a Hemp Cord

Making an artistic wooden heart anklet using a Hemp cord. Use this cord instead of a nylon thread.

Crafting with a Hemp Cord

Have you ever imagine making wooden heart anklets with the help of hemp string at home? Well, this is the most popular craft adapted by DIY jewellery designers today and it is non-irritable to your skin.

  • Gather Supplies
  • Measure Hemp Cord Length
  • Paint Wooden Heart Shapes
  • Connect hemp cord with wood shape
  • Knotting
  • Waterproofing

First, gather all supplies such as hemp cord, wooden heart shapes, and wooden beads. Measure the length of a cord as per your ankle size. Take the hemp string and insert it to the holes of wooden heart shape.

The next step is painting wooden heart shapes and let it dry for few minutes. Proceed with knotting at least thrice. To make it more clear, I have made a simple graphic for beginners. Take a look.

How to make wooden heart anklets at home using hemp cord

Can Wooden Heart Anklets Be Made Without a Thread?

Well, my subtle answer to this question is “Yes” you can make dazzling wooden heart anklets without a thread. This can be accomplished with the help of two important jewelry findings.

  1. Jump Rings (12mm size)
  2. Hook Connectors (1.4inch)

Make Wooden Heart Anklets without thread

First, gather basic supplies such as wooden heart shapes, jump rings, hook connectors, acrylic paint, and Varnish. Second, connect jump ring to the wood holes one by one to make chain like anklet.

Now, you need to connect hook connector at the end. This is required to lock your anklet.

7 Most Important FAQ’s by Newbie DIY Jewellery Designers

Q1.  Is it easy to cut small wooden heart discs to make anklets?
Ans. For beginners, it may be full of hassle to cut thin wooden heart chips at home. Hence, I can suggest you two ways- One way is to get it done by a carpenter and another way is to purchase readymade wooden heart shapes from the hobby store or from the Amazon store.
Q2. Where can buy those hemp cords for making wooden heart anklets?
Ans. Hemp cords can be easily purchased from the local market or from the Amazon store.
Q3. Where can we buy jewellery supplies?
Ans. I would recommend you buy jewellery kit from the local market or directly from Amazon store. Every professional craftsperson must have this full-fledged jewellery kit. 
Q4. Please suggest the size of jump rings and hook connectors for making wooden heart anklets?
Ans. The size of the jump ring is 12mm and hook connectors 1.4inch. You can also buy them seperately from your nearest shop or online from the Amazon Store.
Q5. Which paint colors should be used for wooden heart anklets?
Ans. I would recommend you use acrylic paint colors which are easily at craft stores. Alternatively, you can purchase online from an Amazon store.
Q6. Post waterproofing, how to prevent a paintbrush from getting hardened?
Ans. This is a very important question, to prevent your paintbrush from getting hardened, I would recommend you use turpentine oil and wipe it with a cotton cloth.
Q7. How can we perform woodcutting from home for reusing wood available at home?
And. Reusing wood is one of the best ways to save your cost and time. You can perform woodcutting at home with the help of a top-notch quality Dremal machine or by using manual tools. By the way, I have explained a detailed procedure to cut wooden jewellery at home. This will help you to get more clarity.

By using Dremal machine, you will have access to multifunctional tools where you can perform this process efficiently and of course, you will learn a lot by doing I yourself and that’s how we become professional DIY jewellery artists. Right?

I hope this blog gives you the clarity to the question “how to make wooden heart anklets at home?”. This guide will help you learn the basics and creative ideas to make your own ethereal designs at home.

Do share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions in the comment section below. I would love to see them. Craft and Inspire.

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