Food jewellery ideas for kids are countless. I mean, just look around things you love to eat and think of brilliant ways to turn eatable stuff into stunning jewellery pieces. 

One of the most tempting things in this world is – Food. How about turning delicious chips into unimaginably beautiful jewellery? Yes, it is possible. Think of unique ways and do the invention today. 

From gathering food items like dry fruits, vegetables to fruits to making unimaginably stunning jewellery designs is the craziest thing your kids would love to do it right now.

Food Jewellery Ideas for Kids

19 Surprising Food Jewellery Ideas for Kids To Try Now

Food jewellery ideas for kids involves gathering fruits, yummy snacks, vegetables, and candies. All you need is to use your intelligence, pick of favorite food you love to eat and start making your own pieces

Whether it’s a jewellery making competition for pre-schoolers or leisure time, here are some of the best ever food jewellery ideas for you. Read them carefully and start teaching your kids.

1. Ethnic  Style  Carror Necklace
2. Cashew Nut Ring
3. Pistachio Peel Necklace
4. Grain Earrings
5. Uncooked Rice Jewellery
6. Pulses Jewellery
7. Dried Apricot Jewellery
8. Jewellery Using Chips
9. Dried Apple Slice Jewellery
10. Lime Earrings
11. Coriander Stem for Making Jewellery
12. Green Peas Bracelet
13. Crispy Snack Jewellery
14. Cherry Bracelet
15. Pasta Choker Necklace
16. Macaroni Necklace
17. Grapes and Blue Berry Bracelet
18. Jelly Pendant
19. Candy Ring

1. Ethnic Style Carrot Necklace 

Friends, I have exclusively made a very stunning necklace by using carrot pieces, pulses and coriander stem to make this necklace. I have really worked hard for making this piece. Hope you like it.

Vegetable Necklace for Kids

2. Cashew nuts Ring

Cashew nuts can be beautifully crafted to make a smashing ring. You can make a ring base with a paper and glue cashew nut with a resin or super glue.

3. Pistache peels Necklace

Pistache peels can be easily clubbed together to make a necklace. Let me tell you how, place a plastic sheet and glue pistache peels one by one to make a beautiful design. Finally, add jump rings and attach chain and clasp at the end.

4. Grain Earrings

Grains give a lovely ethnic touch to your jewellery. You can paint it with a golden color and glue it on cardstock paper to make a stunning earring design.

5. Uncooked Rice Jewellery

You can use uncooked rice pieces in making a necklace, pendants, earrings and whatnot. I perceive rice as decoratives that make your jewellery look gorgeous.

6. Pulses Jewellery

I have tried using pulses twice in my recent tutorial. I used epoxy resin to protect pulses from ants. For kids, I would strongly recommend Artresin instead of epoxy resin.

7. Dried Apricot Jewellery

Dried apricot makes jewellery a way more colorful and bright. Cut them into small pieces and use needle and thread to make beautiful necklaces, pendants, etc. Try it once and see the magic.

8. Jewellery Using Chips 

Chips are considered a very innovative craft for kids. I know, kids prefer eating chips than crafting at once but if you are a parent or a teacher, help them to become more innovative.

9. Dried Apple Slice Jewellery

Dried apple slices can be string together with a thread. Use a needle and start stringing them one by one and finally make a knot at the end.

10. Dried Lime Earrings

Dried lime pieces can be used for making earrings and that is the easiest food craft for kids. Add jump rings and ear hooks with lime pieces and you are good to go. It’s fun.

11. Coriander Stem 

As I have mentioned in the first point, you can use coriander stem instead of throwing them as many people just throw it. Think out of the box. Sometimes, these petty things can add a spark to your ornaments. Isn’t it?

12. Green peas Bracelet

Just like we use different colorful beads, here we can surely use green peas and string them together using a needle. You can make amazing bracelets. Kids and teens will gonna love this craft.

13. Crispy Snacks Jewellery 

Like chips, we use other snacks to make beautiful food jewellery for kids. Make sure you use UV or Art resin to the snacks. This will not only add a shimmering effect but also keep away the ants.

DIY Quick and Easy Food Jewellery Ideas For Kids

Kids love making cool jewellery crafts that’s easy and takes a short span of time. I am gonna share some handpicked food jewellery ideas for kids you’ll surely try at home.

14. Cherry Bracelet

Gather cherries and make a cute red bracelet. You will require needle and thread for stringing them together one by one. Make sure you take from parents/teachers while doing needlework.

15. Pasta Choker Necklace

One of the easiest craft is to use long pasta, paint, and string them together using a thread and knot at least twice at the end. This looks amazing. Must try.

16. Macroni Necklace

Use uncooked macaroni pieces, color it thoroughly, and let it dry for a few seconds. String them one by one and tie at least two knots at the end. I have tried this craft recently and would strongly recommend trying at least once. You’ll love it.

17. Grapes and Blue Berry Bracelet

This combination is awesome. You can use a stretchable elastic cord and string them to make a cute bracelet. This is a perfect food jewellery idea every teacher and parents must teach their kids. It’s very simple.

18. Jelly Pendant 

Do you have jellies with you? Why not make something tempting and gorgeous jewellery? Well, If your kids got an assignment or a project. Use jellies and make a beautiful pendant out of it.

19. Candy Ring

The most delicious thing every kid would love to eat right away, Isn’t it? But now they will love even more if the candies are used for making a ring. Simply connect candy to it by using super glue. Teach them and spend quality time with your kids.

3 Crucial Tips While Making Food Jewellery Using Resin

While making cute jewellery for kids especially when it comes to foodstuff that has moisture. Let me walk you through very important tips you should keep in mind.

3 Crucial Tips While Using Resin with Food

  • Use Tissues To Remove Moisture

If you are using fresh fruits that has moisture, always dehydrate them at first. Use Tissue paper and let the fruit dry for some time. Reason being, epoxy resin won’t cure if you use watery food items.

  • Art Resin For Kids

Art resin is highly recommended for kids as it is not harmful as compared to epoxy resin. But, even then I strongly suggest wearing hand gloves and a mask while working with resin.

  • Double layer Resin and Molds

First, add single layer of resin and pour the food item then add the second layer to protect it completely. Also, use molds is the easiest jewellery making craft that is quite convenient to pour resin and remove once cured.

Why Learning DIY Food Jewellery Is Important For Kids?

Innovation emerge from ideas and ideas emerge from changing the way we perceive things towards a particular aspect or an object.

Food is always seen as a tempting thing anybody would love to grab it. Right? If you want to see your kids grow as artists, why not teach them something amazingly unique?

Kids have the highest grasping power. Therefore, we as responsible parents and teachers should start to teach our toddlers how food can be turned out into a gorgeous jewellery piece we could ever imagine. 

To be more specific, My whole stance is to teach your kids to use foodstuff in making crafts. I mean it could be for Christmas or even jewellery making by sharing practical examples. 

Innovation has the power to change the world. By teaching them the right lessons and think creatively, we can make our kids as super creative artists who can turn any boring food into an amazing craft.

Friends, I hope you find these ideas useful. Feel free to suggest what kind of crafts you have tried yourself at home. Have you ever experimented with something different that was super successful?

Share your story with me. I would love to see and get inspired. Can’t wait to read your stories. Stay tuned for more interesting ideas. See ya!