How to make a resin ring? that is easy and requires no complex tools. Well, this guide will help you to craft an innovative jewelry piece that looks gorgeous also perfect for gifting purposes.

Resin ring can be crafted in the shortest span of time provided you must take care of two important things – Top-notch quality resin and safety precautions before you begin this craft.

Today, I’m presenting you with a wonderful idea to craft a ring that is fashionable and classy and that too made from a crucial material easily available at home.

How to Make a Resin Ring?

How to Make a Resin Ring and Ring Base from Scratch? 13 Crucial Steps You Must Learn

How to make a resin ring? that takes less time, easy, and looks professional for selling purposes. On that note, I will walk you through thirteen important steps to make a resin ring using paper clip art.

STEP1. Gather Supplies
STEP2. Wear Gloves
STEP3. Shape Up Paper Clip
STEP4. Mix Resin and Hardener
STEP5. Place a Plastic Sheet
STEP6. Place Ring Shape on Sheet
STEP7. Pour Resin on Ring Shape
STEP8. Add Embellishments
STEP9. Let it dry
STEP10. Connect ring holder with a Ring shape
STEP11. Sanding Resin Ring
STEP12. Polish Resin Ring
STEP13. Ready to wear

Now, let me explain to you the above instructions in detail. Read carefully and try making yourself. You’ll surely enjoy this craft.

Gather Supplies to Make a Resin Ring

Step1. Gather Supplies

The first crucial step is to gather essential supplies to make a resin ring. Let me list it out for you. Take a note.

  • Epoxy Resin and a Hardener
  • A small container
  • Wooden stick for mixing
  • Gloves
  • Face Mask
  • Paper Clip
  • Flat nose plier
  • Glue/feviquick
  • Sparkles
  • Ring Holder
  • Thread (optional)

Make sure you have all these supplies on your table. Also, if you don’t have a ring holder., you can easily make it by using a paper clip. By the way, I did it and I am damn happy with this idea.

Step2. Wear Gloves

Before you begin with jewelry crafting especially resin jewelry. Always take precautionary steps to protect your skin. Wear gloves and a face mask.

Find a proper warm ventilated room as resin requires a specific temperature. Epoxy resin takes a little long curing time but produces a fine jewelry piece when hardens.

Wear Gloves

Step3. Shape up the Paper Clip

To make the upper part of a ring, we require a metal piece. I thought why not use a paper clip, shape up with a plier to get a ring shape? I tried and loved this experiment.

Take a flat nose plier and bent-out paper clip to give a shape of your choice. This process is called wire looping and I am a huge fan of this art. Try making yourself and do share your experience with me. 

Reshaping Paper Clip

Step4. Mix Resin and a Hardener

Pour resin and a hardener in a container (I used a small bottle cap) and in equal ratios. Mix it well with a wooden stick until the white particles and air bubbles are gone but please make sure you don’t overdo it.

Mix resin and a hardener

Step5. Place Plastic Sheet on a Table

Get a plastic piece/sheet and place it on your table. The plastic sheet is an essential supply to allow the ring shape and resin to be placed on the sheet.

That is why we need a plastic sheet as a base for making a resin ring.

Step6. Place Ring shape on the Sheet

Once you formed the shape from the paper clip, the next step is to place it on the sheet. Also, you can make as many shapes as you like -Rectangular, triangle, round, rhombus, etc if you’re planning to make multiple rings.

Place the Ring Shape on Sheet

Step7. Pour resin on the Ring shape

Now, pour the resin into the ring shape slowly. Let me show you how I accomplished this step.

Pour resin to the shape

Step8. Add Embellishments

When it comes to decorating, the ideas are endless. The next step is to put some decorative embellishments into the resin to make your ring super attractive. Let me share a few of them.

You can add colorful sprinkles, golden sparkles, small pearls, grains, sand, and whatnot. Your ring will look fabulous.

Add Embellishments

Step9. Let your Ring Dry

Let your resin ring dry for at least 24 hours. Now, remove the extra resin from the corner with a scissor.

By the way, if you’ve used UV resin let me tell you, it works faster but epoxy resin gives a way better results than UV resin. I have recently explained this comparison in my recent blog.

Step10. Connect ring holder with a shape

Now that you made the upper part of your ring. It’s time to make a complete ring. Connect your ring holder with a resin ring with the help of hot glue or feviquick.

Friends, I didn’t have a readymade ring holder so I made it with paper clip art. Finally, I wrapped it up by using white thread. 

Thread Wrapping Style

Step11. Sanding Resin Ring

Sanding a resin ring involves two techniques – A manual procedure with sandpaper and another one is – Dremel machine. Both are superb depending on your budget.

Take sandpaper and rub your ring to it until you see the scratches have completely vanished. This process is quite long but gives incredible outcomes.

Step12. Polish Resin Ring

To polish your resin ring, you can use sealer spray, car wax, or plastic resin shine. You can choose any one polish but I recommend sealer spray that gives the best shining jewelry piece.

Step13. Ready to wear

Voila! Your resin ring is looking lovely. You can wear and flaunt your style statement. You can also make it for gifting purposes and make your people happy.

Also, do you know resin rings were amongst the hottest mother’s day gift ideas? Well, they are on the list as per New York Post source as mother’s day gift ideas. I loved this article and I suggest you take a look at it.

Can a Resin Ring be Made without a Mold?

Oh yes, absolutely, if you don’t have molds at home, let me help you with some cool ideas that are incredibly easy and you’ll enjoy a lot while making this craft.

Things You’ll Need to Start

  • Transparent tape (Broader in size)
  • Scissor
  • Sketch pen or a thin marker
  • Embellishments (Small stones/ beads /charms/sparkles)
  • Epoxy resin and a hardener
  • A Small container
  • A Wooden spoon or a stick
  • Ring holder

9 Quick Steps to Make a Resin Ring Without Molds

Let me walk you through step-by-step instructions on how to make a resin ring without molds.

STEP1. Cut Two Pieces of Transparent Tape

The first crucial step is to cut two equal sizes of transparent tape and stick them together. Place it on a table.

STEP2. Draw Shapes on Tape

Take a marker and draw the desired shape on the tape. It can be square, rhombus, round or triangular in shape.

STEP3. Prepare resin 

Mix resin and hardener in equal proportions in a container as I’ve explained above. In case you forgot this step, just scroll up.

STEP4. Pour Resin to the Shape

Now, take a wooden spoon or a stick and slowly pour it into the shape you’ve drawn on the tape.

STEP5. Put embellishments on the resin

Put sparkles or charms whatever decorative pieces are available with you and put them one by one using a tweezer. That way, your fingers won’t mess up. Add one more coating thin layer.  Don’t pour resin in excess.

STEP6.  Let it dry

The resin will take at least 24 hours to dry. Leave it overnight for the best outcome.

STEP7. Take off your shape

Once your shape is completely hardened. You can remove it easily. It’s almost done.

STEP8. Connect with Ring Holder

Connect your finished resin piece with a ring holder by using super glue and let it dry.

STEP9. All Done

Congratulations ladies, you have finally made something unique today. Well done! Your resin ring is now ready to wear. Flaunt your style statement.

Can we Make a Ring Using Resin and Wood?

Yes absolutely and this is a very popular and trending art and I recommend you use leftover wood pieces. Cut it, and forge them to get a beautiful ring shape.

Woodcutting to get a ring shape can be accomplished either manually or using a Dremel machine. If you want to learn the difference between wooden and resin jewelry, you can read my recently published blog.

Now, repeat the same process explained above to make the upper part of the ring and connect with a wooden ring holder you made and it’s all done.

I hope this tutorial has helped you in learning creative ways of making a resin ring. Just use your imagination and bring them to life because innovation has the power to change the world.

Hope you like my creation. Do try making your own handmade rings and share them with me. I would love to see them. Thanks.