How to Make a Wooden Necklace for Men? that dazzles and perfect for gifting. Why should girls have all the fun? Let’s break all the boundaries and make smashing pieces for him.

Accessorising broke all stereotypes and men are not shying away wearing necklace with matching outfits. It is trending everywhere. Let us learn to make simple men’s wooden beaded necklace.

I will explain fifteen crucial steps to make men’s necklace from scratch you will enjoy. This guide will give you insights to become a professional designer. Let’s begin.

How to Make Wooden Necklace for Men

How to Make a Wooden Necklace for Men?

How to make a wooden necklace for men? that is quite easy to start for beginners. First, recollect five vital steps to make any jewellery at home.

You can make wooden necklace using recycled wood and forge them to make fancy designs by using woodcutting method. Let us learn step by step and start making today.

15 Crucial Steps to DIY Wooden Necklace at Home

Step1. Design Planning Wooden Necklace
Step2. Supply Gathering
Step3. Measuring Thread Length
Step4. Getting Fancy Shapes
Step5. Engraving using Dremel
Step6. Sanding Wood
Step7. Drilling a Hole
Step8. Stringing
Step9. Painting Wood Shape
Step10. Knotting to Make Men’s Necklace
Step11. Hide Knotting Part
Step12. Waterproofing Wooden Necklace
Step13. Let it Dry
Step14. Ready to Wear
Step15. Showcase your Wooden Necklace

How to Make a Wooden Necklace for Men

Step1. Design Planning

For every jewellery designer, it is paramount to make a nice design layout in order to be successful in the long-run. Think out of the box and make a lovely design in your sketchbook or a digital printout and save it somewhere.

Step2. Supply Gathering

In order to make a charming wooden necklace for men you need basic materials to get started. Let me list out for you.

  • Wood as Raw Material (Leftover wood)
  • Nylon Cord
  • Jump ring
  • Wood Beads
  • Acrylic Paint Colors
  • Paintbrush
  • Dremel
  • Varnish

Step3. Measuring Length To Make a Wooden Necklace

Measure the size of thread around your neck with an extra inch and finally cut with a scissor. This is one of the crucial steps when you work with thread. Always measure the accurate size.

Step4. Getting Fancy Shapes out of wood as raw material

How will you get the wood shapes? Well, this will be accomplished by woodcutting so let me share three techniques –

3 Major Wood Cutting Techniques You Must Know

  • Dremel (Recommended) –  Dremel is a handy, multifunctional device used for cutting, carving, sanding wood in the shot span of time.
  • Getting Fancy Shapes from a Carpenter First, plan out your necklace designs, state your needs and get those fancy wood shapes from a carpenter.
  • Laser Cutting Technology – Look for places and get access to laser cutter machines where you will get the desired choice as per your choice.
  • Manual Wood Cutting Method – Manual wood cutting is done through hacksaw. It is difficult for beginners but if you slowly practice you would be able to cut wood in no time.

Step5. Engraving using Dremel

Wood engraving or carving is done by dremel or manual with chisel tool (or carving knife). Make personalized wooden necklace for him with engraved messages or monogram by scraping wood shape with a chisel or dremel.

Step6. Sanding Wood 

Sanding wood is the process of removing the uneven edges and blemishes from the unfinished wood shapes. This can be accomplished in two ways-

Step7. Drilling a Hole

In order to connect cords and shapes together you need to drill a hole at the center point. So use a drill machine and make a small hole. Please hold your drill machine tight with your hands and stay super alert. Do not harm yourself.

Step8. Stringing to Connect Shapes

Stringing is the process of connecting cord, wood shapes to make a wooden necklace. Connect your jump ring to the hole then insert your nylon cord through the jump ring. Now start putting small beads until you reach the end.

Step9. Painting Wooden Necklace

Choose your favorite colors that will match your outfit and start to paint wooden necklace. Let the paint dry.

Step10. Knotting Process to Complete Wooden Necklace

Knotting is a crucial part of this process. Tie at least thrice at the ends so that it won’t unravel. You can also drop a pinch of glue to the knot.

Step11. Hide Knotting 

Post knotting, you will observe some extra thread is visible so let’s hide knotting part with a single bead. Insert knotting part to the bead, you can take help with a needle or a skewer. This will make your wooden necklace a complete finished look.

Step12. Waterproofing Wooden Necklace

It is important to make your wooden necklace water-resistant. This can be done by applying varnish using a thin paintbrush in small amounts on the necklace

Important Tip: Varnish hardens the paintbrush. To prevent it from getting hardened using a turpentine oil and wipe it from a damp cloth. This will soften your paintbrush.

Step13. Let it Dry

Varnish will take at least 24 hours to dry. Leave it overnight and see the glossy effect of your wooden necklace the next morning.

Step14. Ready to wear

Guys, it’s time to wear wooden necklace and slay it.

Step15. Showcase Wooden Necklace for Selling

By showcaing your final handmade men’s wooden necklace, I mean do a bit of photography from your smartphone. You don’t have to be expert. All you need is while chart paper, a tripod, a smartphone, flowers, stones and plants for decoration.

DIY Men Wooden Necklace With a Chain

Yes absolutely! All you need is purchase gold chain/silver instead of nylon thread and the entire procedure is the same. You can skip wood shapes and make a stunning beaded necklace. Color your beads with acrylic paint and finally waterproof with a varnish.

Must-Read FAQs For Beginners

Faqs to Make a Wooden Necklace for Men


Q1. What are some manual tools required of wood cutting?
Ans. If you are looking for a manual wood cutting procedure there are 4 tools – Chisel, hacksaw, Drill, and Knife.
Q2. How can we get a Dremal machine? Is it costly?
Ans. It depends on the type and number of features. It is not that costly but make sure you purchase a good quality product. By the way, Dremel Machine can easily be purchased from the local market and alternatively from the Amazon Store. They produce incredible results.
Q3. Which type of wood should we prefer for making wooden necklace for Men?
Ans. Balsa wood, Pine wood is a preferred wood type that is soft and light-weighted for making handmade jewellery. I have written some details on my previous blog on types of wood used.
Q4. How can we carve a monogram to make a spectacular wooden necklace for men as a  gift?
Ans. Well, carving a monogram is super easy and fun to work with using a Dremal machine. Draw an outline on wood shape and begin carving on it. Alternatively, use chisel tool (or carving knife) and start scraping wood for carving a monogram or a message for him.
Q5. How can we hide the knotting part?
Ans. Take a needle and gently put the knot inside the bead hole. This way, the knot won’t be visible.

I hope this tutorial has helped you get the clarity on “How to Make a Wooden Necklace for Men?”. Start making your own ethereal collections and sell them online or as a special gift for the man of your life.

Friends, do share your thoughts, ideas or suggestions in the comment section below. I would love to see them. Thank you.

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