How to make a wooden ring for men? Are you planning to craft at home for gifting purposes or for business? Fret not, as I will be teaching you very skillful DIY craft involving a bit of woodworking.

Crafting a simple wooden ring for men requires a rock-solid design plan before you begin. Thereafter, gather essential materials and tools like a hacksaw, a drill machine that I will list out shortly. 

Always make sure to measure the correct ring size. This is a super important step you must be aware of. Let’s learn together the amazing craft using natural wood.

Steps to Make a Wooden Ring for Men

How to Make a Wooden Ring for Men? 13 Crucial Steps

How to make a wooden for men? that involves the complete learning process from scratch. I will teach thirteen crucial steps that involve wood cutting, drilling, sanding, and much more.

But first, I would highly insist you use recycled wood and don’t ever trash them. Let us pledge to save our beautiful environment and make the best use of wood as raw material. Save trees.

Leftover wood pieces can be easily found at your home garden or construction sites where you’ll observe how people trash them. It’s time to think out of the box as artists and spread the word to save our planet.

Recycle Wood to Make Rings at Home


STEP1. Design Planning
STEP2. Supply Gathering to Make Wooden Ring
STEP3. Measure Ring Size Accurately
STEP4. Outlining on Wood Piece
STEP5. Drilling 5/8’’ Hole with Forstner Bit
STEP6. Cut Wood
STEP7. Sand Wood using Belt Sander
STEP8. Resanding by Sandpaper
STEP9. Buff it up using Dremel
STEP10. Paint your Wooden Ring
STEP11. Make your Wooden Ring Waterproof
STEP12. Let your Wooden Ring Dry
STEP13. Click and Sell Wooden Ring Online

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Let’s learn the above key points in detail. Also, If you want to learn how to make wooden rings without woodworking process, you can read my recently published blog.

Step1. Design Planning

For every DIY wooden jewellery artist, it is important to ideate your design and turn them into a real piece of ring. Make a design layout on a piece of paper or a digital layout.

Step2. Supply Gathering to Make a Wooden Ring

If you’re someone who has a thirst to learn from scratch with some woodworking methods, Alternatively, if you don’t want to cut wood by hand, you can surely get it done from a carpenter.

Let me list out some essential supplies to make a simple wooden ring for men.

So, let me explain to you a bit about the above-mentioned power tools. Forstner Bit drill is required for drilling holes on the woodblock.

Dremel is a highly recommended device for sanding wood as it will ease out your work and produces the best outcomes as compared to the manual sanding wood process.

Step3. Measuring Ring Size 

Whether it’s an index finger, thumb, or wedding ring finger. Measuring the correct size is the first and foremost factor for making a ring. You can use a ring sizing tool which is quite helpful.

Step4. Outlining on Wood Piece

Once you’ve measured the size it’s time to draw a desired shape on the wood by using a compass and a pencil, that way you’ll give a perfect ring shape.

Step5. Drilling hole on Wood Block

In order to drill 5/8″ hole, you need Forstner bit to accomplish this task. Do it carefully to make a hole.

Step6. Wood Cutting to Give a Ring Shape

Woodcutting can be performed manually using a “Hack saw” but one needs to be super alert while doing it by hand as it may harm your hand. You can also get it done from a carpenter.

Step7. Sand wood using Belt Sander

There are two ways to sand wood your ring. One way is by using a belt sander that performs and another method is rubbing with sandpaper. So, I break this step in the two-step process.

Take the wooden ring and sand wood using a belt sander. You will observe a slightly finished ring. Another technique is taking 600 grit sandpaper and rub off your ring till you see the unwanted edges aren’t visible. So, you can choose any of these techniques that is most feasible for you.

Step8. Re-sanding using a Sandpaper or Spunge Pad

We need to repeat the sanding process with a different technique to give your wooden ring a perfect finish look. The process is simple, take your wooden ring and rub over to the sandpaper (600grit) till the rough edges and blemishes disappear. Now observe the look of your ring. It’s incredible.

Tip: An alternative to sandpaper is sanding spunge pad that is quite easier to use by hand.

Step9. Buff it up using Dremel

Now as you have got a finished wooden ring the next step is to use a Dremel device and buff it up to give a shine to your ring.

Step10. Paint Wooden ring (optional)

The next step is painting your wooden ring with your choice of color. Use acrylic color to paint over your ring. If you want to make your wood ring simple, you can skip this step.

Step11. Make Wooden Ring Waterproof

Waterproofing wooden ring is the most significant part that is usually skipped by jewellery artists. So friends, take a thin paintbrush and gently apply varnish to your ring.

Step12. Let your Wooden Ring Dry

Varnish will take at least 24 hours to dry. So leave your ring overnight and see the glossy effect the next morning. You’ll love it.

Step13. Click and Sell your Ring

Now we’ve reached the final stage, all you need is do some photography using a smartphone, a chart paper (preferably white), some home decor items like flower vase or decoratives.

Place a chart paper on the table, your ring and decorate that area with flowers and keep in mind the lighting effects in your room. Click pictures and share your product images on social media or e-commerce platforms for selling purposes such as Amazon, Etsy, Flipkart and eBay.

Recommended Faqs for Beginner DIY Wooden Ring Designers

Friends, I have written some important faqs for my fellow jewellery designers.

Q1. What is Forstner Bit Drill used for?
Ans.  Forstner bit is a power tool used to drill a big hole to make a wooden ring.
Q2. How to measure ring size accurately?
Ans. There are two ways to measure the ring size. One way is to use ring sizing tool which can be purchased from the local market or online from the Amazon store.
Q3. Can we make a wooden ring holder?
Ans. Yes absolutely, you can make rings from scrap wood to make a ring holder. I have recently written a detailed blog on the same. You can read and learn from it.
Q4. Suggest an alternative of manual wood cutting method for beginners?
Ans. Woodcutting can be done from a carpenter. Also, you can look for places and get access to laser cutting machine or use a Dremel device recommended for DIY jewellery designers.
Q5. How to prevent a paintbrush from getting hardened after using varnish?
Ans. Use a turpentine oil and wipe your paintbrush with a damp cloth that way you’ll prevent your paintbrush from getting hardened from varnish.
Q6. How to buff up wooden ring?
Ans. Buffing up a wooden ring requires rubbing from sanding spunge that gives a shine to your ring. Moreover, if you want to make your wooden ring shimmer you can use Dremel.
Q7. Is Dremel Machine Costly?
Ans. Not much but it’s wise to get this professional device. Dremal technology is recommended to all DIY jewellery artist. It’s not only for making jewellery but even otherwise. You can perform wood cutting, wood carving, sanding, cleaning, and so many features. You can purchase from the local market or ordering online from the Amazon store.

Make Smashing Wooden Ring as Surprise Gift For Him

Nothing is better than crafting a handmade wooden ring for him rather than hustling for readymade gifts. Isn’t it? Be it an anniversary gift, birthdays, valentine’s day gift to express your love for your husband or best friend. Gifting spread happy vibes and crafting is more fun.

Wooden Rings for Him as a Gift

You can also impose wood engraving on a ring if you like to make personalized men’s wooden ring at home. Wood engraving can be accomplished by using a Dremel device that saves your time and produces the best results.

To understand better about wood engraving, I am happy to share my recently published blog on carving a monogram for gifting purposes. You can read and learn from the tutorial.

Friends, I hope this tutorial has helped you get the clarity on the question “how to make a wooden ring for men?” I have elucidated the entire procedure along with faqs for beginner jewellery artists. In case you still have doubts, feel free to drop your queries in the comment section, I would love to see them.

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