How to make wooden heart necklace at home? for yourself and personalized gifts. Heart shape necklace with amazing wood carving technique is like cherry on a cake.

Today, I am going to teach you how to make a gorgeous handmade necklace with a very popular technique- Wood carving using Dremel. This will be the best ever gift for someone you love.

Make your people smile with your handmade jewellery filled with love. Let us begin with the learning step by step instructions from scratch.

How to make wooden heart necklace at home

How to Make Wooden Heart Necklace at Home |11 Crucial Steps

We will learn to make an enticing wooden heart necklace with the most valuable skill that will make crafting fun and that amazing skill is using a Dremal machine. 

Step1. Gather Supplies
Step2.  WoodCutting to Get Heart Shapes
Step3. Wood Carving for Necklace Design
Step4. Drill a Hole
Step5. Sand Wood
Step6. Paint Wooden Necklace
Step7. Stringing Wood Shapes
Step8. Decorate
Step9. Knotting to Make Wooden Necklace
Step10. Waterproofing Wooden Necklace
Step11. Let your Necklace Dry

How to Make Wooden Heart Necklace at Home

In order to proceed with making a wooden heart necklace, one way is the woodworking process for that you need a wooden plank, a ruler, pencil and basic tools to cut wood. To perform this process, draw a heart shape on the wood with a pencil and carefully cut that using a hacksaw.

For beginners, it may be inconvenient method at first but if you practice at home, you will become an expert jewellery artist. After all, we grow by learning. Another way is to get your heart-shaped wood designed by a carpenter.

Step1. Supply Gathering

The first crucial step to make wooden heart necklace at home is gathering supplies. Make sure you have it all ready with you.

8 Essential Supplies to Make Wooden Heart Necklace at Home

As we have previously learned the pre-methodology process i.e Ideation, Forging, Designing, Polishing, and Showcasing.

Now gather essential supplies listed under to make a wooden heart necklace at home.

  1. Unfinished Heart Shape Wood
  2. Dremal Machine
  3. Drill Machine
  4. Acrylic Paint
  5. Nylon Thick Thread
  6. Wooden Beads
  7. Jump Ring (Bigger Size)
  8. Varnish

Earlier we have learned by using manual tools but here we are learning the most skillful technique that saves time.

Step2: Wood Cutting using a Dremel

After supply gathering, the next step is to make an outline on the wood piece and perform wood cutting method. This can be performed with the help of a multifunctional Dremel device that will save your time and produces stunning wood shapes to make a necklace.

Step3. Wood Carving with Dremel Machine

To make a personalized engraved wooden heart necklace at home, you can carve a monogram with the help of a dremel. Alternatively, you can accomplish this step using a manual tool called “Chisel”.

Let us understand the entire process in detail:

Wood carving is one the most popular method by DIY jewellery artists and that too by using a dremal machine. It saves your time and produces significant outcomes because of its multifunctionality. Cut, carve, polish and clean within the shortest span of time.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use this technology, I have written an elaborated blog you can go through and learn by using manual tools.

Step4. Drilling a Hole

This step should be performed very carefully if you are doing it yourself so as to not harm yourself. Take a pencil or a sketch pen and mark a central point of the wood heart shape where dig hole with the help of a drill. Make sure the size of the hole is slightly bigger for a thread.

Step5. Sanding Wood Shapes

The most crucial part of the wood carving process is to give it a finished look by sanding process, this can be accomplished with the help of a dremal machine easily and effectively as it will sharpen the edges and remove the blemishes of wood.

Step6: Paint the Wood Shapes

Now that you have a polished wooden heart shape ready with you, therefore, play along with colors and make colorful shades on the wood to make a fascinating wooden heart necklace for your loved one. Let it dry for some time.

Step7. Stringing to Make a Necklace

Measure the nylon thread around your neck and cut it with a scissor according to the size. Now connect a jump ring into the wood shape to the hole then gently put a thread across the jump ring.

Step8. Decorating Wooden Heart Necklace

Let’s add wooden beads (such as small wood beads, resin beads, acrylic beads, pearls, sparkles etc.) individually to the thread to make a necklace. Mix and match beads as per your choice.

Step9. Knotting 

Once you have reached the end you have to tye knots at least twice so that it won’t unravel. Not to forget hiding those knots with the help of a bead.

Step10. Waterproofing

In order to give a lustrous look to your wooden heart necklace, apply varnish in small amounts with the help of a thin paintbrush.

Step11. Let your Necklace Dry

Varnish will take at least 24 hours to dry. Leave your necklace and see the glossy effect next morning. You’ll love it.

Learn Wood Engraving in 2 Smart Ways to Make Wooden Heart Necklace at Home

Wood engraving becomes easier when you apply technology that not only saves your time but also a super helpful method. The exciting part is that it generates fancy designs and that’s what we all looking for as a professional DIY Jewellery Artist. Right?

So let’s use our own imagination and think out of the box. By the way, I have elaborated 2 smart ways to make wooden heart necklace at home and would love to share them with you all. Hope you will like it. Take a look.

  1. Monogram Style using Wood Engraving Method
  2. Choker Style Necklace 

Hand Carving a Monogram to Make Wooden Heart Necklace at Home

Nothing is better than creating wooden heart necklace at home that gives a personal touch for gifting so lets learn and have fun with engraving a monogram on a wood shape.

As you have learned the procedure explained above. Let us craft an impressive pattern by wood carving method.

To begin with, we need a wooden heart shape, pencil, Dremal machine, and fabric paint. First, draw an alphabet on the wood shape, the initial letter of your friend you want to showcase by engraving. With the help of a Dremal machine, perform a wood carving process to make a monogram.

The next step is to proceed with sanding that can be easily accomplished with a Dremal. Polish it thoroughly. Once you have your design ready now it’s time to play with colors and make your wooden heart necklace more appealing. Furthermore, you can also decorate the wood shape with beads, pearls, sparkles, etc. Enjoy carving and make people happy with your adorable gifts.

Tip: You can also carve a small message as a token of love to your friend or could be his/her name on the wood. This will make them feel special. Spread the warmth of love with a personalized message.

Make a Simple, Elegant and Classic Wooden Heart Necklace at Home in Choker Style 

Let us learn to DIY choker style wooden heart necklace at home in the quickest way. This is one of my favorite styles therefore I am going to teach you to craft an aesthetic wooden heart necklace using a silver chain. This is a perfect idea if you are prepping for a party.

First, the most vital step is gathering supplies such as silver chain (can also use gold chain), wooden heart shape, jump ring (a bigger size), beads, acrylic colors, and varnish. By the way ladies, You can purchase the chain either from the local market or can reuse from existing jewellery available at home. Here, I would say, Reinvent your style from existing supplies at home. 

Let us begin with a wooden heart shape, if it’s an unfinished wood then follow the same procedure explained above i.e sanding. Once you have the finished piece of wooden heart shape, take a jump ring and put it into the hole. Now the next step is to allow the chain to pass through a jump ring. Note that, the size of a jump ring should be a bigger one. Moving forward, take all beads and insert them into the chain one by one until you reach the end.

Voila! Your brand new party look wooden heart necklace is ready to wear. Flaunt and slay it girl.

Must Read FAQs for Every DIY Jewellery Artist to Make Wooden Heart Necklace at Home

Q1. What is the alternative method of wood carving in case we don’t want to purchase a Dremal machine?
Ans. Well, you can implement the manual procedure for wood carving. By the way, if you want to start from scratch, I have written an elaborated blog that will give you a basic idea of using manually at home.
Q2. Can we perform sanding wood using Dremal? Also, please suggest how this can be done manually.
Ans. You can easily perform wood cutting, carving and sanding procedure with dremal machine. It is a very effective technology that is multifunctional. Hence I would recommend you give it try as manual tools are a bit time-consuming.

Alternatively, You can perform sanding wood with the help of fine sandpaper. Rub your wood shapes till the uneven edges and blemishes are not visible. Hope this helps.

Q3. Where can we get the gold and silver chains for making wooden heart necklace?
Ans. You can purchase it from the local market or can directly order it from the Amazon portal.
Q4. What kind of décor items we can use to make a choker necklace?
Ans. Resin beads, Pearls, Acrylic Beads, Sparkles, Small wooden beads, etc. So many décor ideas. You can use your imagination and make something extraordinary from existing supplies available at your home.
Q5. Where we can purchase readymade wooden heart shapes?
Ans. You can purchase readymade wooden heart shapes from your nearest hobby store or directly purchase from Amazon store.
Q6. How can we get a Dremal machine? Is it costly?
Ans. It depends on the type and number of features. It is not that costly but make sure you purchase a good quality product. 

By the way, Dremel Machine can easily be purchased from the local market and alternatively from the Amazon Store. They produce great results and the most preferred technique for making wooden heart necklace and otherwise.

Alternatively, you are free to use manual tools such as a chisel, knife, hacksaw as they are cost-effective methods that I have explained in detail in my previous blog.

Q7. Which type of wood would you recommend for making a wooden heart necklace at home?
Ans. In case you are not using any machine I would recommend balsa wood as it is soft and lightweight you can easily hand card your wood shape else I can suggest pine wood, cherry wood, grey wood, oak, and timber.

Make an Adorable Ethnic Style Wooden Heart Necklace at Home: 3 Interesting Ideas

Plan and innovate your ideas in a way that could change the world. How about making a traditional wooden heart necklace at home? For that, let us try to recollect that we have learned an ethnic style wooden pendant similarly we can create an authentic ethnic wooden heart necklace.

How to make wooden heart necklace at home in 3 styles


Reuse and Recreate to Make Wooden Heart Necklace at Home

  1. Cotton Cloth: We can create in many ways by reusing supplies available at home. Let’s say, cotton cloth, you can cut it into a heart shape and make beautiful design with the help of fabric paint and finally stick it in the wood.
  2. Net Laces: Have you seen the net fabric colourful lace used in outfits? How about using the lace to make a wooden heart necklace? This is so interesting. Let me help you with that, take a piece of cloth and cut into a heart shape, now make a beautiful lacework and stitch them with a needle to the cloth. Once you have completed the stitching process, the next step is to stick it to the wood shape with glue.
  3. Thread Work: Just like we have learned to use the lacework similarly you can use silk threads and make beautiful designs to make a wooden heart necklace at home. What a cool idea?

Crafting a wooden heart necklace with those easy and cost-effective ways is so easy and fun. Do you have better ideas to share? If yes, do share with me in the comment section, I would love to learn more ideas from you.

I have tried to explain the time-saving technique for beginners along with some smart ways to make your own handmade snazzy wooden heart necklace at home and I hope you like my blog.

As an entrepreneur, I believe in growing by learning and I am sure women have the power to transform their passion into a profession and crafting makes me and my people happy.

Moreover, Gifting an amazing masterpiece to someone special will not only make them smile but they will also be so proud of you because you have devoted your heart and soul. Make this a memorable moment for your loved ones and spread good vibes to the world with your wonderful creations. What say, friends?

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