How to Make Wooden Bangles? Well, it is one of the most popular accessories across the world that every woman loves to adore. Wooden Bangles can be worn with both traditional and western outfits. Craft, Accessorize and slay it with wooden bangles at home.

If you are an artist who is detail-oriented and looking forward taking the plunge by learning DIY crafts from scratch, this guide is for you. We shall learn together crafting bangles by woodcutting, carving, sanding wood and create artistic wood themed bangles that you all are eagerly waiting for.

Moving forward, let us understand some insightful ways to make bangles along with the importance of using wood as raw material for making bangles. Let me clarify everything with this tutorial. Read carefully and practice at home.

How to Make Wooden Bangles

13 Insightful Steps to Make Wooden Bangles and Tips

How to Make Wooden Bangles in 13 Insightful Steps?

If you are wondering why is it important to make bangles using wood as a raw material? Let me tell you some amazing properties. Wood is a natural biodegradable material that is eco-friendly, light-weighted, easy to forge providing you are using softwood types such as Balsa, Pinewood they are easy to cut, carved and sands wood for artisans.

DIY Wooden Bangles

Well, If you want to learn some intricacies of selecting the type of wood, I have shared some insights in my previous blog on how to make wooden earrings. Do check and learn.  So Friends, now I am going to share thirteen Insider steps to make wooden bangles that will help you grow as successful wooden jewellery artists and an entrepreneur.

1.       Research on Bangle Trends
2.       Measuring Wooden Bangle Size
3.       Design Planning Wooden Bangles
4.       Supply Gathering
5.       Outlining on Wood Piece
6.       Cut Wood to Make Bangle Shapes
7.       Carve Wooden Bangle
8.       Sand Wood
9.       Painting Wood Bangles
10.     Waterproofing Wooden Bangles
11.     Let it Dry
12.    Ready to Wear
13.   Click and Showcase Wooden Bangles

1. Research on Bangle Trends

For every DIY jewellery professional to be successful it is paramount to do strenuous research on bangles and make a note of it. Ideate your jewellery design by imbibing trends in a way that looks a perfect original piece. After researching, your mind will be flooded with ideas and they are just endless. Think about some cool creative designs that you may want to showcase to the world. Use your imagination and think out of the box. That way you’ll not only learn this amazing craft but enjoy working at home with a lovely smile on your face. Ladies, you’re gonna love this art. Don’t think too much, just start right away.

2. Measuring Bangle Size by your Hand

You would not want to make a bangle that doesn’t fit. Therefore, Measuring the size is one of the most crucial steps for any jewelry artist to learn. Measuring the size accurately can be performed in two wonderful ways:

  • Measure by using an Inch Tape –  Measure around the widest part of your hand. You must be wondering why? So Let’s think logically, generall when you wear bangles it passes off from the widest part of your hand then reaches to your wrist which means it perfectly fits your beautiful hand, if it doesn’t, it simply means the wrong size. Right? That’s why we need to measure with inch tape around the widest part of the hand.
  • Use your Old Bangle for Measurement – This step is the easiest as you can use your old bangle for the measurement. You can try this technique at home.

3. Plan a Design Layout of Wooden Bangles

Design Planning is a significant part that every jewellery designer must perform. Ideate and design a stunning layout on a piece of paper or a digital print and save it somewhere.

4. Supply Gathering to Make Wooden Bangle

Once you’ve finalized your design, start making a list of supplies to make a wooden bangle. Let me help you with the list of materials required to make wooden bangles.

Things Required to Make Wooden Bangles

1.       Wood Pieces
2.       Dremel
3.       Pencil/Marker
4.       Acrylic Colours
5.       Paintbrush
6.       Varnish
7.       Sparklers/Beads (Decoration)

5. Outlining on Wood Piece

Before you proceed with wood cutting to get desired bangle shapes. It is important to outline shapes on the wood piece using a pencil or thin marker. That way you will accurately cut wood.

6. Wood Cutting to get Bangle Shapes

Pay attention as you need to be careful while cutting wood to get desired bangle shapes. In order to accomplish a wood cutting method, there are four different ways to perform this step.

  • Manual Wood Cutting Method– For beginners, the manual wood cutting process is difficult as you need to super alert so that you don’t harm yourself. I have explained this entire in my recent blog – how to cut wooden jewellery at home in case you wish to learn about this manual procedure.
  • Get it Done from a Carpenter– Alternative method to perform woodcutting is getting your desired bangle shapes from a carpenter. First, plan out your designs, explain your needs then proceed further making bangles at home.
  • Dremel Device (Recommended for Designers)– Not just wood, Dremel has the amazing functionality to cut other materials as well. So, if you want to learn the most skillful art of forging wood shapes, use Dremel that is highly recommended for professional DIY jewellery designers.
  • Getting Access to Laser Cutting Technology– Laser cutters are a fantastic way to get fancy wood shapes for crafting jewellery. You don’t have to own it as they are too costly, look for places where laser cutters are used. Get access to laser cutting technology. You’ll love it.

7. Wood Carving on Bangle Shapes

Wood Carving is an incredible way to make authentic designs that dazzle. You can choose to carve wood manually using a tool “Chisel”. First, draw beautiful designs like a leaf, owl, smiley or even a monogram. Just a suggestion. Wood carving is the perfect idea for personalized gifts and even selling them both online or offline.

Another way to perform wood carving is a Dremel device which saves time and yields the best outcome.  

8. Sanding Wood

Sanding wood is the process of removing the uneven edges and blemishes from the unfinished wood shapes. This can be accomplished by two important ways-

  • Sandpaper– One way is using top-notch quality sandpaper that is rubbed on the rough wood surface to give a fine finished look.
  • Dremel – Apart from woodcutting, carving Dremel sands well to unfinished wood shapes. You can use the attachment and start doing it from Dremel device. This will save time and performs incredibly.

9. Painting Wooden Bangles

Choose your favorite colors and start to paint wooden bangles. You’ll enjoy this step. Leave it for some time to dry.

10. Waterproofing Wooden Bangles

It is important to make your wooden bangle water-resistant, Right. This can be done by applying varnish using a thin paintbrush on bangles.

Important Tip: Varnish hardens the paintbrush. To prevent it from getting hardened using a turpentine oil and wipe it from a damp cloth. This will soften your paintbrush.

11. Let your Bangle Dry

Varnish will take at least 24 hours to dry. Leave it overnight and see the glossy effect of your wooden bangles the next morning.

12. Ready to Wear

Your charming wooden bangles are ready to flaunt. Wooden Bangles can be worn with any outfit. You can even glue pearl beads to give a twist to your bangles. Accessorize and Slay it.

13. Take Pictures and Showcase Wooden Bangles

Post crafting wooden bangles. You’ll be happy to learn some basic art of showcasing bangles with nice photography for selling and earning a decent income at home.

Can we Craft Wooden Bangles in Indian Style?

Often I hear queries if we can craft bangles made of wood in Indian Ethnic Style? My subtle answer to this question is, Yes absolutely you can easily make lustrous traditional styles bangles.

In India, Bangles are called “Choodiyaan” hold a special traditional significance and they are worn in Indian wedding ceremonies. They come up in Gold Bangles worn by Indian Brides and it is very popular in India.

In order to make Indian ethnic style wooden bangles, you will require some basic supplies like 3D emboss Acrylic color (Golden), Wood shapes, Paintbrush, Thin Marker and Varnish. As you can see I have explained the whole procedure above, the only change is the designing part. Plan out a design and do an outline on the wood shape and color it using 3D emboss color which gives an ethnic touch to your bangle. Waterproof using varnish as explained above and let it dry. You can decorate your bangle by gluing it with small pearl beads or colorful wooden beads to make more attractive. Your bangle is all ready to flaunt. You can wear them with sarees and lehengas on special occasions.

How to Showcase Impeccable Wooden Bangle Creations for Selling?

To all aspiring entrepreneurs, I am going to provide amazing tips to showcase your ravishing wooden bangles at home. Well, this is the most fun part and you will require a smartphone for photography, props and a chart paper. You can even make wooden props at home using recycled wood pieces or get it done from a carpenter. Hang in your bangles, click a picture of your bangle keeping in mind lightening effects.

I have designed a graphical representation showcasing bangles for my fellow jewellery artists to try at home. Take a quick look.

How to Showcase your Wooden Bangles

Another very easy way to use amazing items that are available at your home such as box, cloth, velvet cloth piece, small stones, table, white chart paper, etc. Also, you can try out plant photography by having a background of a plant and click it right away. 

This small tutorial is really helpful for homepreneurs seeking for some ideas to showcase their jewellery. You can click eye-catching professional images in your room especially during day-time near sunlight. That way, you can kickstart by clicking your product images and upload them on social media, eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Product photography creates a great impact on your prospective customers. Make sure you take care of the lights and click from the different angles. I hope that helps. Feel free to share your ideas. 

Most Important FAQs for Wooden Bangle Artists

Q1. Which is the best wood cutting method to make wooden bangles?
And. You can any one of the above techniques that is feasible for you. Dremel is recommended is professional artists it is portable, time-saving and produces best outcomes. Alternatively, you can get access to laser cutting technology. It’s just awesome to get fancy wood shapes.
Q2. Can we make stretchable bracelets at home?
Ans. Yes absolutely, by the way, it was my first creation and quite easy to make at home. You can craft wood beaded bracelet and It requires basic supplies such as elastic cord, wooden beads, acrylic paints, varnish (for waterproofing).

I have explained the basic steps on how to make wooden jewellery at home along with my handmade wooden bracelet. You can take a look.

Q3. Can we cut and carve wooden bangles without a Dremel machine?
Ans. Yes, you can surely accomplish this task by a manual procedure which I have explained in my recently published blog on wood cutting.
Q4. What kind of embellishers we can use to the bangles?
Ans.  You can use polymer clay canes, pearl beads, silver beads, acrylic beads, small stones and glass beads.

If you want to learn more jewellery supplies, I am happy to share my blog that will give you an insight for the same.

Q5.  Apart from using decoratives suggest some more ideas to enhance the look of wooden bangles.
Ans. You can use small mirror shapes and glue them to your bangles. This is called as Boho Mirror style wooden bangles. Also, you can try using broken glass or ceramic pieces for decorating. Often we throw them so why not utilize them for decorating jewellery.
Q6. Where can we buy jewellery supplies?
Ans. I would recommend you buy jewellery kit from the local market or directly from Amazon store. Every professional craftsperson must have this full-fledged jewellery kit.

Friends, I hope this tutorial has helped you giving clarity to the question – how to make wooden bangles? The whole idea is to make bangles that are eco-friendly, light-weighted, long-lasting and the most economical idea for entrepreneurs to start a home-based business. I have elaborated some important faqs for beginners hopefully it helped you else you are free to share your thoughts, questions, ideas and suggestions in the comment box. I would love to answer them. Thank you for reading my blog. Happy Crafting.

Hi. I’m Poorvi and am an innovator by nature. I believe in learning new things and doing them myself. No wonder, I’ve landed being a DIY Jewellery Blogger with pride. I am a certified Google Sales professional and am also a verified seller on India’s largest all women’s platform – Sheroes. I am here to share my knowledge and learn from all of you. Let’s build  a community of DIY entrepreneurs together