Jewellery making books for beginners is a wonderful way of learning creative ideas from scratch with easy learning instructions.

Today, I’ll share the top fifty extensive list of jewellery making books  any hobbyist can make magnificent jewellery crafts in no time. Read carefully. 

Discover the easiest methods of jewellery making for kids and teens willing to learn new creative ways of making unique jewellery pieces at home.

53 Jewellery making books for beginners

53 Best Jewellery Making Books For Beginners 

Jewellery making books for beginners covers not only step by step instructions but also help you learn to craft the most unique and inspiring jewellery pieces at home that are missed out in other books.

From learning basic tools, materials, to making eye-catching artistic jewellery pieces at home, this guide will help you learn everything and take away your fears. Take a look, choose the best book and start making your own designs. Let’s begin.

1. Teach Yourself visually jewellery making and Beading 

Let me start with a classic book that was published in 2007 by a very experienced independent beadwork designer – Chris Franchetti Michaels. This book will teach you from bead stringing to wire wrapping.

Moreover, this book is dedicated to all amateur craftsperson who want to learn basics and looking for simple step by step instructions.

2. Jewellery Design: The Artisan Reference

This amazing book is very well illustrated for beginners. All thanks to the Author, Elizabeth Olver for designing such well-explanatory methods and talks about planning a jewellery design in detail. Make designer jewellery pieces by learning simple techniques and lovely pictures with this book.

3. The Workbench Guide to Jewellery Techniques

I came across this wonderful book by Anastasia Young. She is a renowned jewellery artist known for her challenging jewellery themes and I really admire the way how she took the plunge to complexities and express her art in the simplest way.

This book is merely for silver jewellery crafters, perfect for both beginners as well as experts. Clear instructions and lovely visuals are the essences of this book. Go for it.

4. Jewelry Concepts and Technology

If you have an urge to learn traditional and contemporary style jewellery crafts, this is perfect for you illustrated with 900 visuals. The book to all skill levels from a beginner to an expert. Opra Untracht, is an author of this book who begun his craftsmanship in the 1930s and has a special interest in metalwork and enameling.

5. Bead Jewelry 101, 2nd Edition

All in one jewellery making books for beginners willing to learn basics of materials, wire looping, opening, and closing clasp, connecting jump rings, and complete demonstration of fundamental methods like stringing, wirework, and more.

Golden opportunity for beginners to learn new techniques from amazing authors- Karen and Ann Mitchel, they will teach you the intricacies to jewellery making. Superb!

6. Bead Jewellery Making for Beginners

If you are dreaming to become a professional artist and want to master everything right from picking the right beads to learning about jewellery findings? This guide is for you. Also, learn about tips and tricks of knotting, stringing and so many things.

In addition, The amazing author, Cecilia Leibonitz has elucidated insider tips that every aspiring beginner artist is eager to learn. She has got it covered everything for you. Don’t miss out on this one.

7. Bead Embroidery Jewelry Projects

I’m so amazed to discover a fantastic book by Jamie Cloud Eakin, known as beading superstar explained noble ways such as creating fringe, multistrand and other kinds of beadwork.

If you have a keen interest in beadwork, go straight for this guide book and learn the fundamentals of rare jewellery making ideas you have always waited for.

8. First Time Jewellery Making: The Absolute Beginners Guide

To all avid jewelry crafters who want to learn everything about crafting jewellery in no time and with full confidence, this is perfect book for you written by Tammy Powney who has thoughtfully designed step by step instructions for first-timers. This guide covers the basics of materials, stringing, wire looping, metalwork, resin and so many artworks you can easily learn.

9. Making Jewelry with Beads and Silver for Beginners: A Complete Step by Step Guide

This is a second edition book designed for those who have never tried jewelry making before and looking forward to learning unique techniques that will take a matter of minutes while others may require practice and more time. Janet Evans is the author of this book who tried their hands in jewelry making by combining different techniques.

10. Jewelry Studio: Silver Wire Fusing

If you want to learn metalwork art without any complex tools, this guide is just for you that will take away your fears. A detailed step guide and cost-effective techniques that are really helpful for both newbies and experienced jewellery crafters. Liz Jones who got featured in Stringing Magazine is the author of this book. Highly recommend.

11. Creating Wooden Jewellery: 24 Skill-Building Projects and Techniques

Being a wooden jewellery designer, I love to talk about this book and would recommend to beginners and experienced artists who want to learn and practice woodworking skills. An amazing book was written by a well-renowned and award-winning jewellery artist- Sara King.

12. How to Make Jewelry Out of Anything: A Complete Out of The Box Jewelry Making Guide for Teen and Tweens

For teens looking for jewellery making book that teaches you how to make jewellery from upcycling, crafting with nature and basic materials easily available at home. This book is written by Menucha Citron Cedar has beautifully illustrated budget-friendly ideas for aspiring jewellery designers.

13. Magical Metal Clay Jewelry

Learn to make metal jewellery with simple instructions in this book. No complex methods like sawing or hammering are required except your powerful imagination and creativity for this artwork.

This book is published by internationally renowned – Sue Heaser having 25 years of writing experience and an author of more than 15 craft books. She specializes in metal crafts, polymer clay, and miniature art.

14. Basic Jewelry Making: All the Skills and Tools You Need to Started

If you’re seeking to craft funky jewellery pieces like necklaces, earrings, and pendants with beads and wire, consider this book. Get inspired and learn types of beads, key points, proper length of materials in this guide published by Sandy Allison. Ted Walker is a contributor and Alan Wycheck is a photographer.

15.  Beading for the Absolute Beginner – Absolute Beginner Craft

This book is published by an award-winning jewelry designer, writer, and teacher – Jean Power who has elucidated everything right from terminology, techniques, basics, tools, and equipment to making beautiful professional-looking jewelry even if you’ve never tried before. Go for this book and start making it at home.

16. Create three-dimensional Jewelry: Combine Stitching, Embellishing, Layering and Riveting

As the name sounds very interesting, this book is more interesting than ever, written by Heather DeSimone. For those who love to make fun and quirky layered style jewelry piece, look no further and go for this one. Learning intricate jewellery making steps and inspire.

17. Build your own Wire Pendants

If you are a huge fan of wire jewelery making, this guide covers inexpensive ways to make incredible wire pendants that are unique and fun for beginners. Make different frames and embellishments to your jewellery at home. This book is very special due to its uniqueness written by Kimberly Sciaraffa.

Kids Special Jewellery Making Books, Crafting is Fun!

Kids section has a treasure of hand-picked jewellery making books for beginners who want to learn the basics to making beautiful finished pieces at home. Let me share the best collection for kids.

Jewellery making books for kids

18. Jewellery Crafting for Kids

This book contains 35 Creative projects for children to make and wear written by Sara Fiorenza. The easiest ways to learn beadwork with step by step instructions, tools, and techniques both for kids and parents to craft at home.

19. Lafosse and Alexander’s Origami Jewelry for Kids and Adults

Do you know how easy and fun it is to make lovely paper jewellery at home? This book fulfills everything and designed for both kids and adults is highly beneficial for making pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and whatnot. Michael G Lafosee and Richard L Alexander is the author of this book.

20. Clay So Cute! By Sherri Haab

Cute jewellery making book for kids and teens. Make funky bracelets, charms, bangles, earrings at home with this excellent book. The author, Sherri Haab has beautifully illustrated instructions and twenty-one projects for crafty girls.

21. 100 Beautiful Bracelets: Create Elegant Jewelry Using Beads, Strings, Charms, Leather and More

Learn and make beautiful bracelet patterns at home with this book and creative ways such as knotting, woven and threaded. They are better gifts too for your friend.

This book is designed by Dover Publications Inc. for both beginners and expert designers. You can start with simple projects and learn tools and accessories, practice, and move up to advance projects.

22. Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Bead Crafts: Family Fun for Everyone

This is an excellent book for teaching kids how to make beads and pendants. Your child will progress slowly from simple to complex crafts when you teach them step by step with this book written by Amy Kopperude.

Statement Jewellery Making Books for Beginners You’ll Love to Wear

Pick the best jewellery making books for beginners that clearly gives you insightful steps to make a bold fashion statement from glass beads, kumihimo braided and beaded jewellery and more.

Statement Jewelry Making Books

23. Making Wow Jewelry

A book that will teach you how to make spell-bounding statement jewelry written by award-winning jewelry designer – Gay Isbar. Make fashionable handmade jewellery for parties and events with this book. Moreover, you’ll get to see amazing photography along with expert tips and tricks.

24. Glass Bead Jewelry Projects

Glass bead jewellery looks extremely fascinating with any outfit. If you are a novice and want to learn glass beaded jewelry projects from scratch. This book is really helpful for the readers to build their skills with confidence written by Nelli Rees.

25. Kumihimo Basics and Beyond: 24 Braided and Beaded Jewelry Projects on the Kumihimo Disk

If you are a huge fan of braided jewelry and want to rare jewellery making art, this book by Rebecca Ann Combs gives you the basics and techniques to make a lovely finished piece. Rebecca has demonstrated easy-to-grasp instructions and some very interesting tricks and that’s really commendable.

26. Making Beautiful Hemp and Bead Jewelry

Hemp is a very popular and trendy material used for making exquisite jewellery pieces. Beginners will get to learn beautiful knotting patterns that are very crucial for any jewelry designer.

Furthermore, this book is for all ages. written by Mickey Baskett.

27. Friendship Bracelets 101

Suzzane Mcneil is the author of this book who has written more than 200 craft and hobby books and also been called “The Trendsetter” of the Art and Craft Industry.

A book with easy learning methods is recommended is Ideal for kids and teens comprise of knotting bracelets techniques and embroidery floss.

28. Mastering Contemporary Jewelry Design: Inspiration, Process and Finding your Voice

A simple and easy-to-understand guide to make the contemporary design to all skill levels by Loretta Lam, an instructor, and expert designer. Also, there will be dozens of stunning designers, materials, and new techniques for beginners and experts.

29. Jewelry Making Ideas: 6 Innovative Jewelry Making Ideas

This book is a practical guide for beginners who thinks beadwork is difficult. Make Glamorous and unique jewelley pieces with easy to understand instructions written by a featured author, Sadie Zive.

30. Beginning Jewelry Making Books: Bracelet, Earrings, Necklace Making Guide

Learn simple ways to make beadwork designs for yourself and even for gifting purposes. Christian Lattimer has designed this book for newbies and hobbyists. Practice and make your own original pieces at home with this amazing book.

31. Handmade Jewelry: Jewelry Making for beginners

From learning jewelry making materials and tools to personalized designs. This book published by Haley Lombardo, Sara Bellerose has shared well explanatory steps to all skill levels. Make your own budget-friendly handcrafted jewelry with this book.

32. Creating Wire and Bead Jewelry

Linda Jones, author of this book has over eight years of experience in jewelry designing and runs wire workshops. With over 35 jewelry making projects that are easy to understand for a beginner. This is one of the best selling books because of the beautiful illustrations and easy and clear instructions.

33. Making Designer Mixed Media and Memory Jewelry

Tammy Powley, the author of this book shared lots of great ideas that are easy to learn for the first-timers. A fantastic collection of mixed media jewelry-making projects any aspiring jewellery designer could make at home.

34. Making Polymer Clay Jewelry by Heaser Sue

Learn how to make jewellery and beads using polymer clay. This guide fulfills everything you want to learn such as necklace, brooches, making beads and design gorgeous jewelry pieces at home. Well, I’ll also try for sure.

35. Fashion Jewelry A Beginners Guide to Jewellery Making – Lark Jewelry and Beading

Courtney Legenhausen is the author of this book who have shared basic jewellery making methods for beginners. Also, if you have never tried making jewelry at home, you can consider this wonderful guide and make chandeliers earrings, pearl bracelets and stone pendants for yourself.

36. How to Make Wooden Jewelry

Make your artistic jewellery designs using wood. This book has illustrated detailed instructions as well as using cost-effective methods and tools for making wooden jewelry at home. Published by E R Huckleberry.

Furthermore, I’m happy to share my recent tutorial on how to make wooden jewellery at home in easy steps.

37.  Fun and Easy DIY Earrings: For Beginning Jewelry Artists 

Fun and easy jewellery making book was written by Denise McLachLan that will teach you how to use tools and make your jewellery look professional. You can make it for yourself, for gifting and even for selling purpose.

38. Brazilian Bracelets: Making Friendship Bracelets & More!

Children and adults will have fun making exclusive bracelet patterns with this book written by Florence Bellot. Learn how to make funky friendship bracelets with inexpensive materials which are easily available at home.

39. Jewelry Making for Fun and Profit: Make Money Doing What you Love!

An ideal jewellery making book for beginners as well veterans written by Maria Given Nerius, Lynda S Musante consists of how-tos in a fun and home business basics. Learn and start your business from home with this guide.

40. Wire Style: 5 Unique Jewelry Designs

A unique book written by Denise Peck is an editor of Step by Step Magazine beautifully explained wire-working jewelry in detail and techniques like creating spirals, making jump rings, strengthening wires, texturing, hammering, and whatnot. This book is designed for all skill levels.

41. Jewelry Making 1-2-3: 45+ Simple Projects

Karin Van Voorhees, the author of this book has elucidated three keys to jewellery making for beginners. With this incredible guide, you’ll be able to craft 45 jewellery projects with innovative designs and implement those techniques to complex projects. Learn and grow as a professional designer with this guide.

42. Beaded Collars: 10 Decorative Neckpieces Built with Ladder Stich

From beginners to advanced level artists, this book by Julia Pretl teaches us a very unique craft – Broad Collars and beautiful neckpieces inspired by ancient Egyptian jewelry. You’ll also learn how to make the custom-sized template, create fringe and so many creative ideas to learn at home.

43. Hip Handmade Memory Jewelry

If you ask me what so special about this book? I would say- This unique book by Cathy Jakicic entails how to make wonderful jewellery on memory and life events. Marvelous idea! From the basics of making a unique jewelry piece to dozens of how-tos on different themes that are not taught in other books. Highly recommend.

44. Fresh Floral Jewelry

This book is for innovative floral jewellery designers no matter if you are a beginner or an expert. Floral jewelry is suitable for all occasions, learn and enjoy the fresh jewellery making ideas. Wendy Andrade is the author who has introduced some new concepts of crafting handmade jewellery. Go for it.

45. Jewelry for All Seasons 24 Bead and Wire Designs Inspired by Nature

This phenomenal book will give you beautiful jewellery designs inspired by nature. Linzi Alford, an author is an amazing jewellery designer, she has her own jewelery shop and written many articles for magazines. A must-have book to make exciting designs for yourself and even for your business.

46. All Things Paper By Ann Martin

If you want to learn paper jewellery making in a clever and fun manner, this book is for newbies will teach you everything from the basics. Being eco-friendly and inexpensive and the zero-waste concept is highly encouraged for jewelry designers. Plus you’ll learn twenty projects with easy to understand instructions.

47. Stringing and Linking Jewelry Workshop Handcrafted Designs and Techniques

An Incredible jewellery making book for beginners by Sian Hamilton is a designer for over 20 years and editor of a renowned magazine. She covered the basics of tools, materials, and detailed instructions on the art of stringing and linking jewellery.

48. Jewellery from Recycled Materials- Jewellery Handmade

This jewellery making book for beginners written by Jamie MacDonald is mainly based on reused/recycled eco-friendly materials. Make stunning necklaces, brooches, pendants, earrings from things like pin, keys, fabric, and so many interesting ideas to make gorgeous jewellery pieces at home.

49. How to Make Resin Jewellery With Over 50 Inspirational Step-by-Step Projects

Resin one of the fastest-growing trends used in jewellery making. This book is written by Sara Naumann, well known Crafter who has explained simple resin jewellery making for beginners. Make your own handmade pendants, necklace, earrings with this easy guide.

Top Jewellery making Books for Beginners | Rare and Trendy

Wondering how to make rare jewellery pieces at home? This jewellery making guide for beginners presents uncommon accessories you’ll love to craft right now.

Jewellery making books for beginners

50. Brooches 20 Creative Projects – A Craft Studio Book

This book is awesome, written by Corinne Alagille as it will teach you how to make bespoke brooches from everyday materials with lots of information and step by step instructions that are indeed fascinating and fun for beginners.

51. Metal Clay Animal Jewellery

Learn how to make gorgeous jewellery from copper, silver and bronze clays with this innovative guide. The book is written by Natalia Colman, great for beginners to master the art of clay making jewellery and inspiring for experts who want to move up to the next of jewellery making art.

52. How Terracotta Jewellery is Made in India

Terracotta Jewellery making book is for beginners who want to learn the basics. The book is well written by Kavita Balakrishnan about how natural clay is used for making terracotta jewellery in India. You can buy this book from amazon.

53. Crochet Jewellery: 35 Fantastic Pieces of Jewellery to Make and Wear

This book has a wide range of crochet jewellery making crafts. You can arm cuffs, earrings, pom-pom brooches, chain necklaces, hair barrettes, chokers and so many delightful designer crafts at home written by Sophie Britten.

A Must-Have Jewellery Making Book for Beginners with Minimum Knowledge

Indian Jewellery Making by Oscar T. Branson is the book designed for beginners having little knowledge of soldering. From goldsmithing to silversmithing, this book will help you build your skills and grow as a professional designer.

This book mainly focused on Native American Jewellery making Style for beginners. They can learn about the basics, tools, equipment and so many projects.

I hope you find the above jewellery making books for beginners useful. Every book is unique and teaches you intricacies of making jewellery, unique themes creative ideas from newbies, kids, teens to experienced crafters.

Do share your thoughts, suggestions, or any queries you may have in the comment box. I’ll be delighted to see them. Stay tuned for more interesting blogs. Thank you.