Jewellery making books for kids that will teach you the most innovative ways right from making a simple bracelet to designer jewellery pieces at home.

Today, I will provide you twenty-three top jewellery making books that let your children’s creativity run wild. The books are written by renowned authors. They are truly worth it. 

Learning with books is such a great hobby to spend quality time with your kids during the summer holidays or weekends. Let’s teach them to invest their time productively.

23 Jewellery Making Books for Kids

23 Top-Rated Jewellery Making Books For Kids

Jewellery making books for kids can be paperback or ebook version. Keeping that in mind, I have divided the entire list into two parts to make it easy for you. Read carefully, make your pick, and start making your original pieces at home.

1. Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Bead Crafts: Family Fun for Everyone

This is an excellent book written by Amy Kopperude for teaching kids how to make beads and pendants. Your child will progress slowly from simple to complex crafts.

2. My First Jewelry Making Book by CICO Kids

The book with over 35 easy and fun jewellery making projects for kids aged 7+ years. This guide will teach you how to make beautiful bracelets, necklaces, brooches, and many crafts to try at home.

3. Clay So Cute! By Sherri Haab

Cute jewellery making book for kids and teens. Make funky bracelets, charms, bangles, earrings at home with this excellent book. The author, Sherri Haab has beautifully illustrated instructions and twenty-one projects for crafty girls.

4. Friendship Bracelets 101

A book with easy learning methods is recommended is Ideal for kids and teens comprise of knotting bracelets techniques and embroidery floss. Suzzane Mcneil is the author of this book who has written more than 200 craft and hobby books and also been called “The Trendsetter” of the Art and Craft Industry.

5. Jewelry Crafts by Annalees Lim

A book that teaches you creative ways of using old toys to make a pretty beaded bracelet. I love this idea that enables children to reuse basic things to make jewellery piece. That’s not all, there is plenty of room of creativity explained in step by step instructions.

6. Clay Play! Jewelry by Terry Taylor

Clay Play Jewelry book is written by Terry Taylor for kids, an author, and illustrator of an award-winning book. This book is a treasure of clay jewellery making techniques for children such as fundamentals of supplies, how to bend jewelry, forging beautiful shapes, and more. Make cute clay jewellery with this easy guide.

Most Innovative Jewellery Making Books for Kids and Teens

This section consists of the most adorable and innovative jewellery making books for children and adults. With easy tips and tricks and well-explained instructions, anyone can start making at home. Take a peek and select the best one.

7. Finger Knitting Fun

Crochet crafting is the most imaginative jewellery making art for kids. This book is written by Vicky Howell, a famous knitter and DIY evangelist who has an amazing Youtube channel – Knitty Gritty. Learn the innovative crochet art with step by step illustrations in this book and teach your children. It’s fun.

8. Fun & Easy DIY Jewelry: For Children and Beginners

This book has several fun jewellery making projects for children starting at age 8 and an excellent resource for anyone who wants to start as a hobby.  The author Denise McLachlan makes easy and clear instructions for kids. Highly Recommend.

9. Friendship Bracelets 102

Make 50 super cool friendship bracelets with this jewellery making book written by Suzanne McNeil. Learn dozens of braiding techniques, easy knots, and weaving techniques with step by step instructions.

10. Lafosse and Alexander’s Origami Jewelry for Kids and Adults

Do you know how easy and fun it is to make lovely paper jewellery at home? This book fulfills everything and designed for both kids and adults is highly beneficial for making pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and whatnot. Michael G Lafosee and Richard L Alexander is the author of this book.

11. Handmade Jewelry: Jewelry Making for beginners

From learning jewelry making materials and tools to personalized designs. This book published by Haley Lombardo, Sara Bellerose has shared well explanatory steps to all skill levels. Make your own budget-friendly handcrafted jewelry with this book.

12. Loom Band It

A unique jewellery making book for older kids and adults who are new to looming. You will learn 60 loom rubber band projects and make awesome pieces at home. Clear instructions and fun written by Kat Roberts.

13. Beading Learn It, Love it

An entry-level book designed for newbies crafters written by Jean Power. Learn at your own pace as it will give easy instructions anyone could grasp and try their hand in beadwork skills. Easy guide and a must-have to your library.

14. Simple Glass Beading, Book and Craft Kit

I would highly recommend it. The reason being, you will get this wonderful book with over 35 jewellery making projects, a simple and illustrated step guide along with a sturdy kit. Learn glass beadwork and a lot more projects with this guide written by Dorothy Wood.

15. Cute Accessories to Knit for Kids

Incredible jewellery book for kids and beginners who have a keen interest in learning knitting projects such as headbands, colorful bracelets, reversible scarves, and a lot more creative ideas. This book offers knitting for kids and easy to follow instructions with beautiful photographs written by Kate Oates.

16. Mother’s Day: DIY Gifts for Mom’s, Craft Ideas for Kids

This book is a treasure of crafting ideas for kids written by Derrick Obara. Make beautiful crafts and jewellery as special gift for your Mom with this amazing book.

17. Origami Jewelry Motifs: Fold and wear and your own Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces and More!

Kids enjoy making papercrafts. This book will teach you the method of folding paper to make beautiful necklaces, earrings and many jewellery pieces. An ideal guide for kids, adults to intermediate level written by Julian Laboy-Rudriguez.

18. Kids! Picture Yourself Making Jewelry

Fun jewellery making book for kids where they can beautiful earrings, necklaces, pendants, cool bracelets, picture them, and share it with friends. You can teach them and have fun by following step by step instructions in the book written by Denise Etchison.

19. Hemp Bracelets and More

The book has easy instructions of more than 50 designs written by Suzanne Mcneil. There are so many ways you can make cool bracelets with natural hemp that look soft and durable. This fabulous book is designed for kids willing to learn colorful boho style bracelet designs from scratch.

Quick and Easy Jewellery Making Ebooks for Kids and Teens

Ebooks are the easiest medium anyone can download and quickly access jewellery making tutorials. Moreover, parents can spend their quality time guiding their children by reading and following step by step instructions. Let’s dig in and unleash the list of ebooks.

Jewellery Making Ebooks for Kids

20. Jewelry Making and Beading for Dummies

The author covers so much valuable information right from beading jewellery, stringing, common mistakes to avoid to upcycle found objects. You will get so many illustrations and a DVD that’s a bonus. This amazing ebook is written by Heather H.Dismore who has been making jewellery for 20 years.

21. The Beading Answer Book to Every Problem you’ll ever face

Whether you are making your first necklace or mastering with crochet jewellery making this ebook beautifully designed by Karen Morris has answers to all your questions from bead knotting to special techniques like bead knitting. If your child is leveling up and wants to master their skills. Go for this one.

You can also explore more on jewellery making books for beginners and advance level if you want to up your skills.

22. Martha Stewarts Favourite Crafts for Kids

The ebook you’ll get addicted to reading and fun to craft written by best selling author Martha Stewart. Ideal for children from ages five to twelve and at al skill levels. There are 175 projects for kids that serve a practical purpose from making pom poms to yarns you’ll find dozens of irresistible crafts. Don’t miss this one.

23. 3D Beaded Stuff by Kao Jane

This ebook is designed everyone with an interest in making beading designs, trinkets, pendants from scratch. The patterns are described in chart form, well-illustrated pictures and simple language make it an ideal guide for newbies to experts. There are two sections – Pendants and beaded stuff with ten projects each. Easy to grasp learning guide.

I hope you find the above jewellery making books for kids helpful, do share your thoughts in the comment section. Each book is uniquely written by best selling authors who will teach you amazing tips and tricks, creative ideas, patterns in an easy way you thought is difficult.

Pick the best one that interests you, use your imagination, and start making beautiful pieces for yourself and even as a gift for your friend. Have fun!