Reasons to make a wooden anklet at home are many as they very popular jewellery crafts across the globe. In India, anklets are worn for other auspicious reasons that I will share in detail.

To all DIY Anklet Lovers, I will uncover top reasons that will surely give you some clarity on this stance. After all, it is paramount to understand the importance of making this craft. 

In this guide, I will provide fifteen crucial key points along with the type of anklet trending currently in fashion industry. Let us begin and learn together.

Reasons to Make a Wooden Anklet at Home

Must-Know Reasons for DIY Anklet Designers

15 Effective Reasons to Make a Wooden Anklet at Home

Reasons to make a wooden anklet at home as per my research are fifteen you’ll learn. Read carefully and do share with your fellow jewellery artists who want to learn more about this craft.

1.       Wooden Anklets are Trendy
2.       Wooden Anklets are Eco-friendly
3.       Wooden Anklets are Light-weighted
4.       Wooden Anklet is Non-Irritant to Skin
5.       Wooden Anklets are Affordable
6.       Can be Waterproofed
7.       Profitable Business Idea
8.       Perfect for Gifting
9.       Wooden Anklet Craft is Innovative
10.   Crafting from Wood is Skillful Art
11.   Easily Available for Crafting
12.   Best for Projects
13.   Time Saving Craft
14.   Easy to Craft
15.  Perfect for Festive Wear

Reasons to Make a Wooden Anklet at Home

1. Wooden Anklets are Trendy

Wooden anklets never go out of style. If you are planning to craft a lovely wooden anklet at home let me tell you they are gaining popularity worldwide. Also, as per the latest news, seashell themed anklets are trending that can be worn with shoes as casual and high-heels.

Furthermore, anklets are widely popular and worn by married women in India. Therefore, If you are a huge fan of traditional jewelry, go straight for Indo-western wood themed anklet.

2. Wooden Anklets are Eco-friendly

If you ask me one major reason for making an anklet at home is – It is eco-friendly material gifted by nature. You can even make beautiful anklets of different shapes like heart, oval, square and much more.

3. Light-weighted Makes it Comfortable

As far as the comfort level is concerned, one of the significant reasons to make a wooden anklet at home is they are lightweight material making it easier and comfortable to carry for a longer period of time.

4. Non-Irritating to the Skin

Wooden anklets are not at all harmful to the skin. You will never get skin rashes by wearing wood themed anklets. No risk of skin allergies and absolutely safe for you.

For entrepreneurs, whenever your customer asks a query, I think you will find it easy to respond to them. Sharing Knowledge builds trust towards your clients.

5. Affordable Craft for Entrepreneurs

Being light-weight, eco-friendly and prolonged wearing capability makes it hugely profitable jewellery for entrepreneurs. I mean, wooden anklets are much affordable and trendy as compared to other materials which are too expensive.

6. You Can Make It Water-Resistant

Wooden anklets can be water-resistant with the help of using a varnish. They won’t get tarnish or prone to moisture if you use best in class varnish. Also, varnish will make your anklet shimmer. That is the reason we make a wooden anklet at home.

7. Profitable Business Idea

Wooden anklets are cheaper for the customers due to its amazing properties. Therefore, one of the crucial reasons to make a handmade wooden anklet for entrepreneurs is – They are profitable business ideas to make huge money from home.

8. Perfect for Gifting

Gifting a lovely handmade wooden anklet is perfect for gifting purposes. Reason being, they are trendy and very popular every girl would love to adore. If you planning to give this gorgeous anklet for her birthday or wedding anniversary, I must say this idea is unique.

9. Wooden Anklets Are Fashionable 

Wooden anklets never go out of style. They perfectly match with Western outfits and sports shoes. You can even traditional pieces at home. They are very fashionable and trendy.

10. Crafting Wooden Anklets is Skillful Art

By skillful part I mean, if you are making a personalised wooden anklets at home, consider wood carving procedure. Use top-notch quality Dremel or chisel for manual carving. For woodworkers, you can start learning how to cut wooden jewellery and forge beautiful wood shapes before you begin engraving on wood.

11. Easy to Craft with Leftover Wood

The best part I love about wooden anklet making is that, you can use reused wood pieces and get the desired shapes from laser cutting machine. Leftover wood are easily available at home and saves your time and money. 

12. Great for Project Work 

If you are planning for a unique wood themed jewellery project, go in for wooden anklets. Learn woodworking, carving, painting, stringing and decorating and showcase your project work. They are absolutely remarkable project idea.

13. Time Saving Craft for Beginners

One of the topmost reasons to make a wooden anklet at home is they does not take longer time to craft. Super easy and fun. All you need is begin with an accurate measurement, cut, carve using a Dremel (if you have), or follow the complete step guide.

14. Easy and Quick Craft with Readymade Supplies

With readymade supplies, crafting a simple anklet at home is super easy for beginners even a hobbyist who haven’t tried their hands. Make beautiful anklets without any power tools.

15. Perfect for Festive wear

Any festive outfit is incomplete without a jewelry and in India, anklets are worn for auspicious reasons during festivals. I will share more details on this stance.

3 Major Reasons Why Women Wear Anklet in India

Being an Indian, I would love to share more insights about an amazing accessory to my friends. Anklet also referred to as “Payal” which is worn by married women in India.

Reasons to Make a Wooden Anklet at Home

Here are top three reasons why anklets are worn in India. Take a quick look.

1. Anklet Emanates Positive Energy

I discovered from a piece of news that talked about amazing scientific reasons why Indian Married women wear anklets. Due to lovely sounds emerges from Payal (Anklet) it emanates positive energy and considered as an auspicious sign.

2. Anklet Improves Bones Health

It is amazing to know the significance of wearing an anklet that improves your bone health as well as the blood circulation due to the constant friction of your legs.

3. Auspicious Gift for the newly-weds

Gifting a lovely “Payal” for newly-weds in an Indian wedding is considered as the auspicious gift to the bride. Moreover, it is believed that silver anklets signify good luck for her happy married life.

I hope this blog has helped you bring clarity on reasons to make a wooden anklet at home. Reasoning helps you get more insights and thus ignite the creativity in you. Do share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions in the comments section below. I would love to see them.

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