Reasons to make paper jewellery at home is an important aspect to learn for every jewellery designer. In simple terms, let us ask ourselves – What is the rationale behind making jewellery out of paper?

Today, we will unveil the same aspect to understand deeper the purpose of making homemade paper jewellery. By learning these intricacies will help you shine as an entrepreneur. 

Paper jewellery is one of the easiest craft practiced for centuries. The most popular technique is Paper quilling where we roll paper strips to make gorgeous pieces with basic quilling tools.

Reasons to Make Paper Jewellery at home

12 Curious Reasons to Make Paper Jewellery at Home

Reasons to make paper jewellery at home is a great aspect of learning insights to master your skills. The reasoning will awaken your creativity to make amazing crafts.

Reasons to Make Paper Jewelelry at Home

Precisely, I am going to share a comprehensive list to help you understand the significance of making paper jewellery at home:

1.       Paper Jewellery is Eco-friendly
2.       Easily Available at home
3.       Paper Jewellery is an Affordable Craft
4.       Paper is a Light-weighted Material
5.       Paper Jewellery is Skillful Craft
6.       Paper Jewellery Craft is Innovative
7.       Learning opportunity for Kids
8.       Paper Crafts is Time-Saving
9.       Paper Jewellery is Trendy
10.     Profitable for Business
11.     Perfect for Gifting
12.     Perfect for Festivals

1. Crafting Paper Jewellery is Environment-Friendly

Did you know, to make just one page a quarter of a tree is cut? I am a huge supporter of a clean and green environment. Hence, to be able to craft paper jewellery from recycled paper makes me happy. It helps save millions of trees.

Therefore, each time somebody indulges in a DIY recycled paper jewellery, he/she contributes their bit to the environment. Recycling paper and re-using it to be able to form more products in 100% eco-friendly.

2. Easily Available at Home

As far as availability is concerned, one of the best reasons for designers to make paper jewellery is that the supplies are readily available at home.

You don’t move out to make a purchase, just recycle them. In case you don’t have them, do not worry because the supplies will be a one-time investment and will hold up strong for a really long period in time.

3. Paper Jewellery is an Affordable Craft

Quilling is an incredible craft that every DIY paper jewellery artist should learn and master. I mean what else can be so useful and so cheap at the same time?

Paper Quilling is an extremely affordable craft that will surely end up being a hobby. Once you master this hobby, you can take it to the next level and actually start selling paper jewellery from home.

4. Paper is a Light- Weighted Material

Being lightweight in nature will lower down the cost of selling paper jewellery online as well as offline while other materials like gemstones are slightly costlier.

Because of it’s light-weight makes it comfortable for the wearer for the long span of time. I would suggest to all aspiring entrepreneurs, start learning paper jewellery craft.

5. Paper Jewellery is a Skillful Art

Practice makes us perfect. One of the interesting reasons for paper jewellery crafting is that it is an incredibly skillful artwork practiced everywhere.

All you need is to learn special skills such as how-to twist, roll, curl and fold thin colorful striped paper by using tools.

6. Paper Jewellery is Innovative

Innovation is the essence of creativity. There are four innovative ideas for paper jewellery making you must know.

  1. Newspapers
  2. Magazines
  3. Cardstocks
  4. Tissues

You know it is surprising as this may sound but these ideas form the best DIY jewellery sets. In fact, when you look at the end product, you won’t even realise that the main component behind a particular type of jewellery is newspaper or tissues.

7. Provides Learning Opportunity for Kids

Kids have high grasping power. Paper jewellery making is an opportunity for kids to learn creative ways of using paper. Bring along your kids and help them learn paper quilling techniques at home.

8. Crafting Paper Jewellery is Time-Saving

Once you learn the art of paper jewellery techniques with tools, you will master this craft and this ultimately saves your time. Secondly, the supplies are readily available at home, you don’t have a trip out to buy paper.

Materials like newspapers, magazines, cardstocks are the time savers for paper jewellery designers. Hence, they are ready to use supplies.

9. Paper Jewellery is Trendy

Paper jewellery has made a comeback in the fashion and accessories industry. Usually, heavy jewellery is difficult to carry for a longer period of time. Hence, Paper quilled jewellery is a solution to this problem also it’s good news for home-based entrepreneurs.

By the way, paper quilled earrings and danglers are trending you can enticing handmade paper jewellery collections at home. Go in for small studs, square pendant designs or even an assortment of mini solid circles to be stacked together in an anklet.

10. Profitable for Business

Due to the amazing features of paper jewellery makes it a boon to aspiring entrepreneurs for earning good margins by selling them online and even offline.

Undoubtedly, paper jewellery is one of the most profitable businesses. If you have a knack of paper crafts, start making jewellery and make money. It’s very easy.

11. Perfect for Gifting

Valentine’s day is around the corner. Crafting homemade paper jewellery ornaments for gifting someone special is a perfect idea to express your love than hustling last-minute to buy jewellery.

You can also make paper danglers, necklace, bracelets for gifting on birthdays, anniversaries, parties are the great occasions to show your creativity.

12. Perfect for Festivals

Festive season is the moment of integrity and spreading happiness celebrated everywhere with your family and friends. I would say, be the reason for someone’s smile by gifting handmade paper jewellery. Learn, Craft and Spead good vibes everywhere.

Moreover, Festivals are the ideal occasions to showcase your true talent and thereby grow your business.

Paper Quilling Amazing Proven Fact, Improves Concentration and Focus

Besides the above-mentioned reasons to make paper jewellery at home, do you know paper quilling craft has the power to improve cognitive abilities?

Well, it makes me feel so proud to share this amazing news. I feel extremely inspired to know that learning paper quilling techniques are not limited to adorning or selling rather improves the mental health of patients. Let me elaborate on this point further.

Reasons to Make Paper Jewllery at Home

Friends, I have recently discovered super exhilarating information on the GulfNews, It’s overwhelming to see how an amazing artwork is healing mental patients. I would like the mention about an Indian artist “Shree Jadeja” with over 15 years of experience in Paper Quilling has conducted a workshop in Dubai, she helped Alzheimer’s patients to cope up with the conditions through paper quilling craft.

By using special quilling tools, there are some pressure points at your fingertips that triggers your brain cells thus improving your concentration and focus. Moreover, the results were seen how restless patients became a lot calmer while doing paper quilling tasks by hand. This is such great news not just for the DIY jewellery designers seeking reasons to make paper jewellery at home but for everyone unaware of the power of paper quilling art. Isn’t that amazing? What do you think? 

Learning Paper Crafts Brings Family Together

Wondering how to keep your kids engaged with crafts? Well, one of the best reasons to make jewelry using paper is that it ignites your creativity.

As we are living in a technology-driven era, kids are mostly glued with gadgets and thus leaving behind all constructive activities like reading books, crafting, etc that are extremely essential for their intellectual development.

Technology has it’s own pros and cons but we can’t blame it fully. Undeniably it has to do with lack of discipline but I believe can easily be overcome by engaging ourselves with kids. Let us try to bring the change in ourselves and spend quality time with kids.

Creativity has the power to accelerate your brain functioning. Therefore, learning paper jewellery with kids is like a cherry on a cake. It’s not only for fun, rather major reason for their overall development.

Must-Read FAQs to Understand the Reasons for Crafting Paper Jewellery

So far, we have unleashed the reasons to make paper jewellery at home. I have designed detailed FAQs that will help you get the clarity. Take a quick look.

Q1. What are the essential tools required for making paper jewellery at home?
Ans.  There are five essential tools required for making paper jewellery at home:

1.       Crimping tools

2.       Flat nose pliers

3.       Chain nose pliers

4.       Round nose pliers

5.       Wire cutters

6.      Tweezer Tools

By the way, you can read more about each and every tools explained in my previous blog.

Q2. How do we assure that paper won’t get tear-out?
Ans. Good question. Well, I would recommend use medium thick paper strips for making jewellery.
Q3. How paper quilling heal mentally disabled patients?
Ans. There was a workshop conducted by an Indian Artist in Dubai for teaching Paper quilling techniques to her students and surprisingly it was observed a positive change in the behavior. The children who were restless in the initial stages became a lot calmer and focused. You can see the power of creativity how it mentally and improves cognitive abilities in children. Amazing! Isn’t it?
Q4. Is paper jewellery crafting trending?
Ans. Yes, they made a comeback in the fashion industry. You can make paper stud earrings, danglers, pendants, rings, necklace, bracelets. Also, they can be used for home décor items and what not.

Moreover, I think people should be aware of the intricacies of this art. Not just limited to creativity, showcasing or business but improving mental health patients.

Q5.  Can we make paper jewellery with quilling strips?
Ans. Yes, you can make from paper quilling strips which can be easily purchased from the Amazon store or from the hobby craft store.
Q6. What are crimping tools for paper jewellery making?
Ans.  The word crimping means to fold something into ridges and grooves. In homemade jewellery, crimping implies to fold wires comprising paper beads or specific paper products into a proper design. Using a stainless steel crimping tool will go a long way in helping you fold well. I use it as well.

I hope that after reading my blog, you must have gotten a fair idea as to what are the reasons make at home paper jewellery at home. If you get stuck anywhere or have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments section below.

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