Terracotta jewelry-making books are an incredible way to turn your hobby into a thriving business. Being hugely popular artwork worldwide, you learn and earn decent income from home.

If you are an ardent learner towards making eco-friendly jewellery, the following lits of books and digital collection are a perfect idea for all skill levels. Make your pick and start learning today. 

Terracotta artwork was originated in India and highly demanding at the international level. If you want to learn one of the popular crafts consider learning from top-selling craft books.

Terracotta Jewellery Making Books

19 Terracotta Jewellery making books You Just Can’t Afford to Miss

Terracotta jewellery making books are very exciting artwork for anyone who wants to spare time productively, improve their skills, and start making professional pieces for selling.

Terracotta is earthen clay or natural clay that is forged by basic tools and dried up to make stunning jewellery pieces. Let me start with amazing terracotta jewellery making books along with polymer clay crafts.

1. How Terracotta Jewellery is Made in India

Terracotta Jewellery making book is ideal for beginners who want to learn the basics. The book is beautifully written by Kavita Balakrishnan which can bought from Amazon. Once you level up your skills, you can switch to other books which I am going to share in the next point.

2. Polymer Clay for Beginners by Aimee Jamond

Polymer clay for beginners’ tools and techniques for creating adorable miniature DIY clay projects. Learn the basics of clay making jewellery, sculpting tools and much more with this book.

3. Polymer Clay Color Inspirations

An amazing learning tool to create dazzling clay jewellery and color palettes written by famous authors Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio. The most exciting of this jewellery making book is you get exercises for practice and that’s enough for a designer.

4. Polymer Clay Art

Unleash 16 eye-catching jewellery projects and make gorgeous terracotta jewellery with your imagination. Also, incredible techniques using unusual tools and tricks and master this craft with this fantastic book written by Ilysa Ginsburg.

5. Polymer Pizzazz 2: 25 Jewellery Making Projects to Make and Wear

This book is extraordinary teaches you not only how polymer clay can be shaped, stamped, sculpted, textured to make jewellery but also to help you incredible ways of mixing with other materials. Discover 25 amazing projects designed by Bead and Button Art Jewellery Magazine.

6. Polymer Clay Jewellery by Debbie Jackson

Debbie will teach you one of the innovative ways of making clay polymer clay jewellery using embellishments, canes, liquid clay to create fabulous pendants, brooches, and necklaces for yourself. You can use terracotta clay, use your imagination, and make beautiful pieces for selling purposes and make a decent income with this book.

7. Creative Clay Jewelry by Leslie Dierks

Highly recommended for beginners who want to learn basics and have fun. This book will enrich you easy ways of making colorful clay beaded jewellery pieces you can even sell online or as a gift for your loved ones. All you know need is to learn and practice making terracotta jewellery and master this art.

8. The Absolute Beginners Guide: Working with Polymer

This book is very detailed with easy explanations of projects. You will learn the basics, tools, helpful tips, and tricks for making polymer clay jewellery. Lori Wilkes is an author of this book who will teach you how to make shape beads, add texture and work with creative canning and pattern,

9. The Complete Book of Polymer Clay by Lisa Pavelka

This encyclopedic book will teach you everything from making pins and clay bracelets to pendants, buttons, and embellishments. The crafters of all skill levels will get amazing handy tips, fresh ideas, and trading secrets you have always waited for. Hats off to author winning artist – Lisa Pavelka.

10. Hinged Clay Bracelets: New Ways to Built Clay Bracelet Parts

This book will furnish you with unique bracelet links with beautiful designs and tools. You will also learn to construct bracelet forms, barrel bead molds, cuffs, wraps and much more. Gloria Uhler is an author of this book is a full-fledged clay addict and shared many artistic creations on her website and Craft Ideas Magazine.

Learn Terracotta Jewellery Making from the Best Selling Books

Since Teracotta Jewellery making books are very few, let us learn the fundamentals from other popular books and imbibe them to make original jewellery pieces that inspire and sell.

No matter what material you use- be it terracotta, wooden, polymer clay, the following list will walk you through learning the most creative techniques of making gorgeous pieces at home.

Terracotta Jewellery Making Ideas

11. Jewellery Design: The Artisan Reference

This amazing book is very well illustrated for beginners. All thanks to the Author, Elizabeth Olver for designing such well-explanatory methods and talks about planning a jewellery design in detail. You can use any material, ideate, design, and make lovely pieces with this instructional guidebook.

12. Basic Jewelry Making: All the Skills and Tools You Need to Started

If you’re seeking to craft funky jewellery pieces like necklaces, earrings, and pendants with beads and wire, consider this book. Get inspired and learn types of beads, key points, proper length of materials in this guide published by Sandy Allison.

Ted Walker is a contributor and Alan Wycheck is a photographer. Moreover, you are free to take the tour on the extensive list especially for beginners for more creative ideas.

13. How to Make Jewelry Out of Anything: A Complete Out of The Box Jewelry Making Guide for Teen and Tweens

For teens looking for jewellery making book that teaches you how to make jewellery from upcycling, crafting with nature and basic materials easily available at home. This book is written by Menucha Citron Cedar has beautifully illustrated budget-friendly ideas for aspiring jewellery designers.

14. Fun and Easy DIY Earrings: For Beginning Jewelry Artists 

Fun and easy jewellery making book were written by Denise McLachLan that will teach you how to use tools and make your jewellery look professional. You can make it for yourself, for gifting, and even for selling purposes.

15. Handmade Jewelry: Jewelry Making for beginners

From learning jewelry making materials and tools to personalized designs. This book published by Haley Lombardo, Sara Bellerose has shared well explanatory steps to all skill levels. Make your own budget-friendly handcrafted jewelry with this book.

16. Jewellery from Recycled Materials- Jewellery Handmade

This jewellery making book for beginners written by Jamie MacDonald is mainly based on reused/recycled eco-friendly materials. Make stunning necklaces, brooches, pendants, earrings from things like pin, keys, fabric, and so many interesting ideas to make gorgeous jewellery pieces at home.

17. Clay So Cute! By Sherri Haab

Cute jewellery making book for kids and teens. Make funky bracelets, charms, bangles, earrings at home with this excellent book. The author, Sherri Haab has beautifully illustrated instructions and twenty-one projects for crafty girls.

You can explore more wonderful collection of jewellery making books for more more ideas.

18. Clay Play! Jewelry by Terry Taylor

Recommended book for anyone wanting to start jewellery making with clay. You can ideate and make terracotta jewellery out of these learnings. Reason being, you will get to learn significant tips and tricks by an award-winning illustrator and authorTerry Taylor. Furthermore, this guide is also suited for kids who love to play with clay with 40 whimsical jewellery projects.

19. Brooches 20 Creative Projects – A Craft Studio Book

This book is awesome, written by Corinne Alagille as it will teach you how to make bespoke brooches from everyday materials with lots of information and step by step instructions that are indeed fascinating and fun for beginners. Learn and make your own terracotta jewellery designs out of this book.

I hope you liked the above list of terracotta and polymer clay art jewellery making books. Enrich your artwork by award-winning authors and start making your own gorgeous jewellery that inspires.

Make your pick and do share your feedback about your jewellery making experience. I would love to see them. Thank you.