Have you ever wondered why handmade jewelry is better than machine-made jewelry? Well, today I am going to share my stance in detail and I’m sure you will enjoy reading this piece.

Handmade jewelry is a little expensive depending on the materials used but they are incredibly unique, authentic, personalised, and absolutely perfect for gifting than mass-produced jewellery pieces. 

If you want to start your home-based jewelry business and have a passion for learning just like me. Go in for handmade. Read my verse carefully and share your valuable thoughts in the comment section.

why Handmade jewelry is better than machine-made jewelry

Why Handmade Jewelry is Better than Machine Made Jewelry? Let’s Find out the Significant Reasons

Jewelry crafted out of compassion, emotions, and love is handmade jewelry which is absolutely extraordinary as compared to machine-made jewelry. Reason being, they are beautifully handcrafted with varieties of beads, gemstones, charms that look superbly stunning, impressive, and eye-catching pieces you could ever imagine.

On the other side, machine-made jewelry is bulk-produced pieces that are common. This makes handmade pieces the most desirable worldwide. Having said that, I am going to walk you through a very interesting detailed comparative analysis that will give you a fair idea of this stance.

1. Personalised pieces goes a long way

Well, one of the significant aspects that makes handmade jewelry better than machine-made jewelry is that it can be beautifully crafted by hand with a personal touch and is perfect for gifting loved ones.

Handmade jewelry is crafted by talented artisans who make stunning pieces by using their imagination. This makes handmade jewelry even more special whereas machine-made jewelry does not have a personal touch.

2. Leaves a Long-lasting impression

Jewelry made out of precious hand-picked beads and stones leaves a lasting impression on prospective customers. Moreover, they are unique in terms of designing and bring lucrative benefits to your business.

Jewelry made out of diverse pieces is extraordinary from that of mass-produced jewelry pieces. This is exactly why handmade jewelry is popular everywhere.

3. Superior Quality Makes it More Popular

Handmade jewelry is selectively crafted out of diverse stones and beads as compared to machine-made jewelry. The superior quality of handmade jewelry leaves a huge impact and thus adds credibility to your business.

Every piece of stone and beads is beautifully crafted by artisans keeping in mind the trends and the taste of their prospective customers whereas machine-made jewelry is crafted from the same kind of materials and sometimes of low quality.

4. Handmade Jewelry can be Customised

Handmade jewelry can be easily customized as per the client’s requirements. This makes it even more special and profitable business for entrepreneurs.

Customers have the privilege to place customised jewelry orders of their choice and the artist will make exactly the same design pattern of their choice. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion customised jewelry will intrigue your loved ones.

5. Huge variety of Designer Pieces

Handmade jewelry has a huge variety of designer pieces which are absolutely uncommon and a better choice for customers than mass-produced jewelry.

There is a lot of room for growth in business and popularity for handmade jewelry artists. Hence, I would say- time to turn your passion into a profession and make your business flourish.

6. You’re Making a huge impact on the environment

Jewelry that is environment-friendly contributes largely to the planet. Wood, paper, and even food encourage talent to make unique pieces at home and save the environment.

Artists who are creative and want to stand out should certainly go in for eco-friendly jewelry. This makes handmade jewelry the perfect choice for entrepreneurs for starting a business.

7. Earn Good Margins

Earn passive income by making incredible handmade jewelry pieces at home. Sell them over popular and trusted eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy and grow your business at an international level.

Make extraordinary designer pieces, click pictures, list them over these platforms and earn passive income right from your home. Ecommerce platforms have a huge client base which gives ample exposure to your products.

8. You are Supporting Real Talent

Artisans from all over the world make exceptionally beautiful handmade pieces and customers directly purchase from them. Hence we are supporting small business owners with real talent.

With the rapid rise of the e-commerce business across the globe, buying and selling jewelry pieces has become super easy. If you have a knack for making artistic pieces at home, start selling them online and soar high.

9. They are Super Creative and Reasonable

Being a huge fan of sustainable jewelry, I love crafting jewelry out of recycled pieces. They are remarkably reasonable and creative than mass-produced jewelry.

Imagination has the power to change the world. Allow your creative juices to flow and incorporate recycled pieces into stunning handmade jewelry. They are way cheaper and made with love than mass-produced jewelry.

Turn your Hobby into a Thriving Business from Home 

Start handmade jewelry business

There are thousands of passionate local artists across the globe who put their heart and soul into crafting extraordinary handmade jewelry pieces. It incredibly sells well in the craft markets and even online which makes handmade crafts stand out.

There is a huge scope for handmade jewelry designers to build a thriving business globally. In fact, as per a credible source – Costa Mesa’s New Craft market highlights local artists that talk about how small business owners got tremendous exposure by sharing their handmade crafts.

One of the best instances I would love to share is Sage and Coco Fine goods, a handmade jewelry shop owned by Tracy Campbell. She sells unique pieces made with natural stones at Costa Mesa Craft Market. Check this out!

This makes handmade jewelry a better business idea than machine-made jewelry. Morever, they give customers a unique shopping experience in craft markets.

Is Handmade Jewelry Expensive? 

Well, they are one of the fastest-growing trends in the fashion industry today and in the coming years. Jewelry made out of precious stones and beads is expensive but still, they are tremendously popular and clients’ first choice.

Moreover, customers have the privilege of placing customized orders as per their choice of design, and artists put their heart and soul and deliver exactly the same design. This makes handmade jewelry a thriving business idea for aspiring entrepreneurs in the long run.

Despite the pandemic crisis, many talented jewelry artists around the world have started their online jewelry businesses. That’s truly commendable. See, how your imagination, confidence, and passion for learning can take you to heights.

Sustainable Crafts – A Boom in Jewelry Industry

Sustainable Handmade jewelry is better than machine-made jewelry

Sustainable jewelry takes shape in the jewelry industry and has become top of the agenda these days. In fact, famous jewelry designers are enormously encouraging new talents to start making beautiful crafts from recycled stuff in Vogue magazine.

Not only it saves time and cost but also lets you think out of the box to make extraordinary pieces that aren’t available in craft stores today. Emphasize more upon learning new ideas and sell unique pieces across the globe.

I am a huge fan of making eco-friendly jewelry and let me tell you I started from woodcutting at home during the lockdown. It was quite risky to cut wood from a hacksaw but my passion didn’t stop me from taking the plunge.

I strongly urge all the wonderful and talented people out there, don’t be afraid to start something unusual, have patience, let go of all fears, innovate and share your unique crafts with the world.

Look around and find scrap pieces that are usually trashed and surprise people with your imagination. I mean, you don’t have to spend huge dollars on it. Just start from scratch with zero investment and enjoy the entire learning process.

Why is Handmade Jewelry is Popular over Mass-produced jewelry?

This is one of the most important aspects everyone should know. Handmade jewelry has undoubtedly gained tremendous popularity worldwide. They are truly made with love and open the doors of employment opportunities for local artists.

On the other hand, I am not rejecting mass-produced jewelry. Yes, you can become a wholesaler or reseller if you don’t want to make handmade pieces at home. This will help you earn good margins by selling them online and offline at exhibitions and craft stores. But still, I would say handmade jewelry is customers’ first preference these days.

It’s time to awaken the inner craftsperson in you, think out of the box, and start making beautiful pieces. Click pictures and post them over social media platforms and even list them on eCommerce platforms. Your business will thrive in no time.

People around the world are looking for refreshing designs and nowadays I see how local artists are getting a lot of exposure on social media. I appreciate the way how they are fearlessly trying new ideas of jewelry making and they are getting amazing responses. Hats off to them.

I mean their creations are just top of the world and make me wonder why I haven’t tried this idea before? They inspire me a lot and we all should start supporting small business owners. Each piece is crafted with love and emotions which I believe cannot be seen in mass-produced jewelry. Isn’t it?

This brings me to the end of this article, I hope you guys got a fair idea of how your passion can be turned out into a booming business. I being a DIY jewelry artist truly believes in the idea of – doing things on your own. Let’s awaken the inner craftsperson in ourselves today and inspire the world.