My journey as a jewellery blogger has been a really enriching experience. Being a novice jewelry maker, I have immensely risen by extensive learning from scratch. 

I always believed in the conviction of growing by learning. Being a passionate researcher, I’ve fearlessly devoted myself to experimenting with new ways, hustling and struggling to come up with innovative crafts. 

Right from researching types of wood, supplies to understanding the complete jewellery making process, I have incredibly evolved as a jewellery designer.

My Journey as a Jewellery Blogger

My Journey as a Jewellery Blogger | A Roller Coaster Ride to Build a Thriving Blogging Platform

My entire blogging journey was indeed a roller coaster ride. I knew nothing about jewelry designing except selling but my courage and patience truly helped to rise and shine as a blogger.

I being a die-hard fan of jewelry fearlessly took this plunge and strived towards doing in-depth market research along with my best buddy – My diary that helped me to understand the nuances of making eco-friendly jewelry at home.

From a Conventional Job to Making the First Step Towards Entrepreneurship 

One word that always keeps me super thrilled is diversity in learning. From working with multinational corporates, startups, freelancers to becoming an entrepreneur, my entire diverse professional background was thrilling but wasn’t a calk walk.

Right from freelance digital marketer and part-time reseller to stepping into the wholesale business in artificial jewelry actually brought me into the idea of DIY jewelry blogging.


What Led Me Into Blogging? The Real Inspiration Behind This DIY Jewellery Blogging Platform

Well, there was a setback in my career and I needed a direction. Eventually, I reached out to someone highly experienced and successful person who had a huge impact on me- She is my Mentor Akriti Mattu, Founder of Blogging elementary, and Budget wayfarers.

She has decades of experience in professional blogging and digital marketing. She traveled almost half the world. I call her the “Goddess of digital marketing”. Reason being, she actually taught me mind-blowing techniques and strategies which are all tested and tried. The outcomes are incredible.

Akriti’s constant support helped me to take the final plunge of jewellery designing and played a significant role in transforming my life. I can see the new version of me exploring, learning and growing every single day. Forever grateful to my Mentor.

My First Step Towards Entrepreneurship, Market Research for Gathering Knowledge 

One of the most adventurous experiences was rigorous market research. I had a visit to few craft stores to gather essential materials and findings required to make handmade jewellery.

I did some research on the best type of wood to craft jewellery that is easy to cut, carved from scratch especially for beginners. I brought a few leftover pieces and gather information on wood.

Learning and Crafting is Fun | My First Handmade Creations

My first jewellery creation was a wooden beaded bracelet which I further learned to make it water-resistant with a varnish. This is a mandatory step that I’ve always included in my tutorials.

My subtle advice to all talented wooden jewellery enthusiasts, start making simple bracelets then move up to higher-level designs. Last but not least, don’t rush. Enjoy every bit of learning.

3 Smart Tips to Make Artistic Wooden Jewellery at Home

Throughout my experience as a jewellery blogger, I would like to share the three most important tips to all ardent jewelry designers.

1. Be Slow and Focused When You Cut Wood

Stay super alert while performing manual woodcutting at home. Start with a slow pace, stay focused and you will be able to accomplish this task. Do not rush and don’t harm your hand anyway.

2. Sanding Wood Thoroughly

Rub wood shapes on sandpaper (at least 100 to 150 grit sandpaper) until you see the rough surfaces are completely removed.

3. Make it Water-resistant

Don’t forget to apply varnish to wooden jewellery as it may get tarnish soon due to moisture. Finally, dip your paintbrush into turpentine oil to prevent the paintbrush from hardening.

Taking the Plunge to Overcome Challenges 

Well, if you ask me the challenges of my journey as a jewellery blogger, I would say – Woodcutting using a hacksaw, Research on wood, and resin jewellery. Let me tell you you have to be very careful so as to not harm yourself anyway. It took two days to cut a single wood piece. I was scared.

  • Manual Woodcutting

Eventually, things became easier on Day 2 as I have learned to be very patient, slow, and determined towards woodcutting. My message to new woodworkers. Practice slowly, focus, be patient, and most importantly leave a gap between your hand and hacksaw.

  • Researching the Best Wood 

Researching the best type of wood was another challenge that involves rigorous research. I brought a few samples of leftover wood and identified them as a good fit for making jewellery.

  • Experiment on Resin Jewellery

Another challenge was to understand the intricacies of resin for jewellery making. There emerges a big question – Is resin jewelry safe? Finally, I experimented a bit and made resin rings and a pendant without using molds.

Strenuous Research on Wooden Jewellery Shiners 

When you make jewellery out of wood pieces, the procedure has to be 100% complete. Right from woodcutting, sanding unfinished wood to make a fine polished wooden jewellery is hands down a crucial aspect.

I did some useful researches on the mechanism to make wooden jewellery shine. One has to be vigilant while making it water-resistant to avoid tarnishing due to moisture.

Post varnish, the next crucial tip is to avoid your paintbrush from hardening. For that you have to clean it using turpentine oil.

Learning Basic Photography Skills Without any Special Camera

The secret sauce behind learning basic photography is the background, some props like flower vase, home decor items, stones, or jewellery display stand. I don’t have any special camera, I use my android phone for photography.

If you have the above stuff, let me tell you photography is fun. By the way, I’ve recently made a photo lightbox during the lockdown using a cardboard box and glued white chart paper inside it to have a white background.

I place my jewellery on chart paper, decorate colorful stones, and took some beautiful pictures that’s just look super professional. Similarly, you can make a photo lightbox, place your jewelry, and capture amazing clicks out of it.

Recycle and Reinvent Things from Trash

Creativity has no boundaries. It is a wonderful way to turn ordinary things into an extraordinary piece. The concept of recycling wood, using daily home stuff is the most innovative and cost-effective idea to try at home.

The key aspect to grow as an artist is to look around and discover common things that most people ignore and trash them. By the way, I have recently used paper clips, old newspapers, and wooden spoons to make jewellery ornaments.

Crafting is Jubilation, Take a Peek at My Jewellery Creations

It makes me super happy to share exclusive creations with you all. Crafting handmade jewellery is telling your story to the world. Take a quick look and share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

  • Resin Rings from Paper Clips
  • Jewellery from Leftover Wood
  • Tie Pin from Wooden Spoon 
  • Wristbands from Wooden Spoon
  • Stud Earrings from Newspaper

My Journey as a Jewellery Blogger

That’s not all, recently I made stunning jewelry from scrap wood and I strongly urge all talented artists out there, please don’t trash them rather reuse and make artistic pieces at home.

Tip: You can find leftovers from your home garden, construction sites, etc. They are simply a treasure for us as artists. Gather and make the best use out of waste.

3 Major Life Changes as a DIY Jewellery Blogger

Jewellery making and blogging is a perfect blend of innovation and enthusiasm that excites me every day. Let me share three major life changes of my journey as a jewellery blogger.

1. Better Lifestyle 

I get up early, plan my day, and execute things wisely. Better lifestyle can be achieved by learning time management skills which are indeed an important aspect for everyone not just for a blogger.

2. Self-decision making

Being a solopreneur who has been working from home for years has made a better version of me. I became more confident and stronger while dealing with all aspects of life not just professionally. Working from home as a jewelry blogger pushed me to become self-reliant.

3. Constant Learning

New learnings drives me every day. Blogging pushed me a bit more into constant learning but I have miles to go. Being an accomplished  DIY Jewellery Blogger made me connect with my true self. When I look back, I feel extremely grateful for every struggle that made a better version of me. 

This is just a small beginning. Learning is a never-ending cycle. We discover things, we experiment, we fail and rise again. What do you think? Do share your story and aspirations with me. I would love to connect. Thank you and stay tuned for more interesting crafts.