Handmade Wooden Jewellery Gift Ideas for Men may sound a bit difficult task to pursue. However, I believe nothing is better than making gifts on your own for the man you love. After all, a gift is an expression of love.

I am going to provide you the complete list of beautiful handmade jewellery gifts ideas that are rare, economical, eco-friendly, and way more fashionable than any other piece of jewellery.

As a DIY Jewellery designer, I truly believe in discovering new ideas and making crafts easier and fun for everyone. Let me share my latest handmade creations that a lot of people think are extraordinary. I hope you like them as well.

Handmade Wooden Jewellery Gift Ideas for Men

13 Rare Handmade Wooden Jewellery Gift Ideas for Men 

Handmade wooden jewellery gift ideas for men are endless. I mean, when you start thinking about ideas, the first thing that comes to your mind is the design that looks super attractive and impeccably unique for gifting purposes.

Today, we shall learn to make some amazing handcrafted men’s wooden jewellery ideas that are rare and you can surely make at home.

1. Handmade Wooden Beaded Bracelet for Him
2. Handmade Stacked Wood Bead Bracelet for Your Boys
3. Handmade Wooden Bead Necklace for Him
4. Handmade Wooden Pendant Gift Idea for Boys
5. Handmade Wooden Ring for Him
6. Handmade Wooden Tie Clips/Pins for Him
7. Handmade Layered Wood Bead Bracelet for Boys
8. Handmade Wooden Beaded Choker Necklace for Boys
9. Handmade Wooden Engraved Wooden Pendant for Boyfriend
10.Handmade Wooden Brooch for Men
11. Handmade Wooden Armlets for Boys
12. Handmade Wristbands for Young Boys
13. Handmade Stud Earrings for Men

1. Wooden Beaded Bracelet for Him

The first handmade wooden jewellery gift idea for men is a Handmade Wooden Beaded Bracelet. By the way you can check out my free tutorial on it. It is one of the easiest and fun craft to try at home.

I made this exquisite bracelet that hardly took 10 minutes to craft and would recommend making this one for beginner artists.  How exciting is that, ladies? Do try it yourself and have fun.

Handmade Wooden Bracelet for Men

2. Stacked Wooden Beaded Bracelet for Boys

Stacked wooden beaded bracelet is a perfect combination which means stacking up different designs together that gives a fabulous look to casuals and formals.

If you are wondering about the specific colors for making men’s jewellery, I would say use black, dark brown, blue and grey colors as they look super cool with any outfit.

Stacked Wooden Bracelet Gift Idea for Men

3. Wooden Beaded Necklace – A Trendy Gift Idea for Him

This looks amazing and suitable for all occasions. The best part about this masterpiece is that it is super easy-to-make, fun and economical. Such a wonderful way of expressing your true love. Try making yourself, wrap up nicely in jewellery box and surprise him.

Why not make someone’s day more special by making a stylish and trendy piece for him? Let me show you my exclusive handmade wooden beaded necklace. Take a quick look below.

Handmade Wooden Necklace for Men

4. Simple Wooden Pendant – Coolest Gift Idea for Boys

Homemade wooden pendants for men are timeless. They can be worn with t-shirts and party suits. If you want to learn how to make wooden pendants for your love, I would recommend reading my recent blog.

Additionally, I want to share one amazing tip with you – You can make handmade wooden pendant either by using a nylon cord or a charismatic chain style pendants. My advice to you is to go for making exotic chain pendant for him that looks unique and appealing.

Handmade Wooden Jewellery Gift Idea for Men

5.  Special Handmade Wooden Ring for your Husband

Wooden rings are a great conversation starter. Crafting a stunning wooden ring for him can be accomplished with scrap wood followed by skilful procedures like wood cutting, carving and sanding well that gives a perfect finished look to your ring.

So don’t wait. Just get started and surprise your man with a beautiful and boho styled ring.

Handmade Wooden Jewellery Gift Idea for Men

6. Wooden Tie Pins – A Gift Idea for him that is Classy 

Wooden tie pins are a very popular accessory.  They signify a type of luxurious and classy jewellery.  I made a tie-clip using wooden spoons and performed a manual wood cutting method using a knife. The fact that I could achieve the desired result using a wooden spoon makes me ecstatic.

If you ask me what is the unique handmade jewellery gift idea to surprise my hubby? My subtle answer to your question will be- Go straight for the innovative “Tie-Clip” and add more jewellery stuff packed together beautifully as a gift for him.

Handmade Wooden Jewellery Gift Idea for Men

7. Layered Wooden Beaded Bracelet for Birthday Boy

If you are looking for something uncommon for your boyfriend then go straight for this beautiful piece called – Layered Wooden Beaded Bracelet”.

Bracelet made of a chain is indeed a fascinating gift idea that will make your day memorable. It looks incredibly stylish with any outfit. Perfect for all occasions.

Handmade Wooden Jewellery Gift Idea for Men

8. Boho Style Wooden Beaded Choker Necklace for Men

Why should girls have all the fun? How about gifting an impeccably beautiful handmade choker style neck piece for your man? So don’t wait – create it yourself and gift it over. You can view my easy tutorial here.

If you ask me what’s unique in this neckpiece? I would say – I used a very important material i.e Paper Clip. I used a flat nose plier. Then shaped it up to give a round-circular shape. Finally, put it together with wooden beads and connected it using a jump ring as shown in image below.

Handmade Wooden Choker Necklacefor Men

9. Personalised Engraved Wooden Pendant Gift for Him

Personalised wooden pendant is the most heartwarming way to express your love. Add a personalised and warm message such as name or initials by using a wood carving method.

You can even use any nicknames that you have for your man. It’s a simple but cute idea to pursue.

Handmade Wooden Jewellery Gift Idea for Men

10. Wooden Brooch – A Gift for the Fashionable Man

As per the recent news by Live Mint, Brooches are back in trend and are emerging as trending style accessory in the town. Therefore, If you are planning a gift that is trendy, go for a wooden brooch that is eye-catching and a great conversation starter.

If you want to gift an eye-popping designer wooden brooch, I would suggest get fancy wooden shapes and use the wood cutting method and make an awesome handmade wooden brooch for him.

Handmade Wooden Jewellery Gift Idea for Men

11. Handmade Wooden Beaded Armlet

Do you know Armlets were initially worn by men? Well, let me tell you. It is worn on the upper part of the arm. Also, You may have seen how armlets are usually worn by warriors and soldiers on movies.

How about gifting something that is a rare and memorable accessory made of wood beads? Make your loved one feel like your warrior. I am sure he will fall in love with it.

Handmade Wooden Jewellery Gift Idea for Men

12. Handmade Wristbands – A Special Gift for Your Best Friend

If you are seeking a gift idea that gives a cool sporty look, I would suggest simple wooden wristbands for your best-friend that looks fashionable and trendy.

Go in for Simple wooden beaded wristbands gift for him that looks super cool with casual outfits like a t-shirt with jeans. It is well-suited for daily wear. Let me show you my handmade wooden wristband shown below. I hope you like it.

Handmade Wooden Beaded Wristband for Men

13. Wooden Earring Studs – An Amazing Gift Idea for Boys

Earrings studs are quite popular in the fashion industry. Friends, as you can see the image below. I made these small stud earrings at home using wood pieces and used a knife for shaping them. No complex power tools used.

I being a true nature lover am very fond of discovering ideas that involve reusing wood and thus saving our beautiful environment. The reason I recommend handmade wooden jewellery gift ideas for your man is that it doesn’t produce odour after piercing. That’s why I love wood.

Handmade Wooden Jewellery Gift Idea for Men

Wooden jewellery gift ideas for men are endless. However, it depends on the imagination and innovation of the designer so as to bring the most creative ones out.

So friends, How did you like the ideas? Do share your thoughts/suggestions with me. I would love to see them.

DIY Life Hacks to Save you the Hassle for Making Wooden Jewellery for Men

The best part that I love about handmade wooden jewellery is you don’t need to go out again and again and make a purchase.

Hence, in order to become a successful jewellery designer, it is paramount to think out of the box some amazing ideas that cost low and easily available at home.

Wooden Spoons: As you can see my latest handmade wooden jewellery crafts, I used thin wood pieces that were lying waste but they are actually a treasure for a craftsperson like me and you who loves to craft incredible jewellery designs using easily available supplies.

I am so happy for taking that plunge, worked really hard with heart and soul in shaping up wood pieces, sharpening edges to give a finished look. Try it yourself.

Knife: I used a knife for wood cutting accurately keeping in mind that we have to super alert while performing manual wood cutting process so as to not harm yourself anyway. So please be very careful while doing this particular task.

Most importantly, When you cut wood, give a few seconds break then resume. Don’t work in haste. Be patient and enjoy your work that is important for any craftsperson while doing his job.

Paper Clips: I am so amazed by this particular item. Paper clips are now my favorite must-have jewellery making craft and I would recommend them to all talented jewellery artists.

As you can see I made a simple choker pendant as a perfect gift idea for him. I used a flat nose plier and gave a new circular shape. It was a bit hard in the beginning but gradually things got better and I started enjoying making a nice round shape. I hope you like them.

By the way friends, If you want to learn about homemade wooden jewellery ornaments for gifting, I have shared a complete step by step guide and would recommend you please read them and try yourself at home.

Important FAQ’s on Handmade Wooden Jewellery Gift Ideas for Men

Some frequently asked questions by newbies when it comes to handmade wooden jewellery gift ideas for men.

Q1. How to give an ethnic touch to the Men’s Wooden Necklace?

Ans. Add embellishes like pearls, glass beads, acrylic beads, tassels that’ll give an amazing ethnic touch to necklace. Use your imagination and make it attractive.

Q2. Is Armlet for Men trending gift idea?

Yes, they have been setting the trends since ancient times. Moreover, they are initially worn by men. You can gift them to your brother and make him feel as your warrior just like we have seen on the movies portrayed as warrior signs.

Q3. What is the significance of Tie clips/pins?

Ans. Tie pin is an essential accessory that fixes the position of your neckwear. It is worn with your tie and looks very classy with men’s suits. Highly recommend.

Q4. How to make a simple men’s wooden bracelet?

Ans. It is very simple and takes less than 10 minutes to craft at home. All you need is basic supplies such as elastic cord, glue, wood beads, and scissor. I have shared a complete tutorial for the same in my recently published blog. You can read and learn.

Q5. As a beginner jewellery artist, what is the best way to start with homemade jewellery gifts?

Ans. You can start by making a bracelet, that’s the easiest one for beginners and hardly take 10 minutes to craft. You can learn by reading my recent tutorial on how to make a wooden bracelet for men where I have shared some insights along with photographs to give you a clear idea for making gifts.

I hope you’ll find this blog useful. I have articulated an extensive list of handmade wooden jewellery gift ideas for men that will help you craft the best in class gifts for the most special person of your life.

Please do share your thoughts/suggestions in the comment section, I would love to see them. Thank you.