Can resin rings break easily? Well, that’s a very important question and it certainly does not break. Having said that, there are certain things to keep in mind to take proper care of your rings.

Today, we shall learn detailed insights on this stance that prevent your resin jewelry from deteriorating and the significant reasons that makes it unbreakable.

Resin rings not only give a translucent appealing look but also last longer if proper care is done. To illustrate further,  Let us delve deep and learn its intricacies together.

Can Resin Rings Break Easily?

Can Resin Rings Break Easily? Let us Unravel the Insightful Facts 

This is the most commonly asked query from both jewellery designers as well as customers. Therefore, as entrepreneurs, it is paramount to gather knowledge about its composition before we start selling them in the market.

Resin rings being eco-friendly jewellery has the amazing thermosetting property of epoxy resin that it dries faster. It cures in 24 hours and gives a perfect finished stronger piece.

5 Key Factors That Prevent Resin Rings from Breaking | Must Read

Let me walk you through five crucial factors you should keep in mind to prevent your beautiful rings against cracks.

By having this clarity, you will not only have a timeless piece for yourself but also have the best selling experience by educating your prospective customers. Knowledge is power, Grab it. 

1.       Choose Quality Material
2.       Take Proper Care
3.       Cure Time
4.       Room Temperature
5.       Versatility of Resin

Now, I will explain the above key points in detail. Take a peek.

1. Choosing the quality material

Choosing the top-notch quality material is an essential factor for crafters. For beginners, epoxy resin is the first choice that gives the best outcomes and lasts long. If you want to learn about supplies, you can read my recently published blog.

2. Taking Proper Care

If you ask me whether resin rings are unbreakable or not. I would say, by taking proper care it won’t break and last for years. Make sure your rings are not exposed to extreme heat as it will meltdown.

3. Curing Time

How can we determine if the resin is of good quality? Well, the answer is quite simple, the longer the curing time, the better results. Hence, the epoxy resin cures in 24 hrs but gives better outcomes compared to other resin types.

4. Specific Room Temperature 

While casting resin for making adorable rings, always take care of the temperature i.e 18 to 25-degree Fahrenheit to get the best results. By the way, they work best in a warm ventilated environment than cold temperatures.

5. Versatility of Resin

Resin is incredibly versatile and good adhesives once cured. Their chemical properties make it cure themselves without requiring additional materials. To understand better, I have recently made a resin pendant and resin rings from epoxy resin.

One Interesting Fact that makes Resin Rings Unbreakable

If you’re someone who is detail-oriented and would like to know more about the strength of resin rings, Let me share a very interesting fact about resin material.

The resin which is composed of high-density polyethene could be damaged or cracked easily while low-density polyethylene is a true resin material that takes a longer time to cure. 

The higher the curing time, the better results you’ll get. Well, I have epoxy resin and I’m super happy with recently crafted resin rings that look impeccable and very stylish. It doesn’t break.

Can UV resin rings break easily?

Well, UV resin is quite popular for jewellery making crafts but there are some downsides and that’s why I use epoxy resin as a beginner.

UV resin cures fast and doesn’t last long which are considered breakable. They are also expensive and require UV light equipment to cure. 

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the higher curing time of resin yields better outcomes so I would recommend epoxy resin for beginners. They are absolutely safe and of course unbreakable.

What causes resin rings to break?

Let me clarify this question, resin rings can break when any sharp object is near to them. Also, if we talk about whether resin rings are water-resistant, I say – Yes, they are water-resistant but don’t use them while showering or swimming.

Reason being, if your resin rings are a mix of metal then it will damage them. In simple terms, the metal shape will tarnish hence take proper care of your rings especially if they are a mix of the metal pieces.

3 Crucial Steps to Make Stronger Resin Rings

Steps You Should Not Forget to Make Unbreakable Resin Rings

As we’re clear about how strong the resin rings are, let us learn the three most significant steps you should not forget while casting resin. By prioritising those steps will make your rings shiny and long-lasting.

STEP1.  Choose top-notch Resin

To make your resin rings last long and maintenance-free, choosing the best quality resin becomes a priority. Never compromise on quality.

I would recommend epoxy resin for beginners for making rings at home.

STEP2. Room Temperature 

Working in a warm ventilated area is a significant factor while casting resin rings. It cures faster in warm temperatures. That way, we will get to see the best results and a fine durable jewellery piece.

STEP3. Mixing Ratio 

Always take care of mixing ratio while casting resin. Make sure they are 50:50 else resin will become sticky and softer if not mixed equally.

7 Tips to Secure your Resin Rings

 7 Things You Should Avoid To Secure Resin Rings from Cracks

Often we forget certain activities that could damage your rings. By taking utmost care will make any jewellery forever lasting.

I am going to list out daily activities that go unnoticed and could break you resin rings easily.  Please read them carefully and try to inculcate these precautionary measures to your daily routines.

1.       Don’t expose to alcohol-based products
2.       Don’t expose to perfumes
3.       Don’t expose to nail remover
4.       Don’t expose to hairspray
5.       Don’t use while washing hands
6.       Don’t use while dishwashing
7.       Don’t wear while swimming/showering

These were the seven must-know points you should keep in mind that will not deteriorate your beautiful resin rings. Last but not least, Make sure you don’t immerse them in water as it will slip off and crack easily.

If you wish to learn more about resin jewellery safety, I’m happy to share my recently published blog for you. 

I hope this blog has helped you in getting the clarity. Undoubtedly, resin rings are unbreakable and timeless pieces. On the whole, we can conclude the fact that proper care must be given a priority that way we will have a beautiful forever lasting rings not just for ourselves but also for gifting purposes.