Supplies needed for making resin rings isn’t a very long list as you think rather easily available provided you must choose the top-notch quality resin that yields good results.

Today’s guide will provide you eighteen list of materials for making resin rings along with its relevance that’ll give you a fair idea. 

Before you start, there are two things you should keep in mind – First, Wear preventive clothing and secondly- proper ventilated area while preparing resin.

Supplies Needed for Making Resin Rings

18 Supplies Needed for Making Resin Rings | A Complete List

Supplies needed for making resin rings is the first crucial step that drives further steps. But before we begin, it is paramount for any jewelry artist to understand the type of resin in terms of safety.

Moving on, Here are eighteen essential supplies for making resin rings at home. Take a quick look.

1.      Epoxy resin and hardener
2.      Container
3.      Wooden stick or spoon
4.      Plastic sheet
5.      Paper clip
6.      Copper wires (Optional)
7.      Transparent Tape
8.      Ring holder (Optional)
9.     Thread (Optional)
10.   Sparkles/Stones
11.   Dried Flowers (Optional)
12.   Super Glue
13.   Rough Cloth
14.   Scissor
15.   Gloves
16.   Face Mask
17.   Pliers
18.   Tweezer

These are a glimpse of a list of supplies you must have on your table. Also,  if you want to learn the complete procedure of making a resin ring, I’m happy to share my recently published blog.

1. Epoxy Resin + Hardener

For making resin rings in terms of safety, generally, epoxy resin is preferred. Also, UV resin is very popular for making jewelry pieces.

Epoxy Resin and Hardener


2. A Container

To prepare a resin, you’ll require a small container like a bottle cap or small cup whichever is available to you for mixing up resin and hardener. That is why you need a container.

Small Container for Making Resin Rings


3. Wooden Stick or Spoon

For mixing two important ingredients (epoxy resin + hardener), you’ll need a wooden stick or wooden spoon. Make sure you have this ready.

4. Plastic Sheet

You must have a plastic piece/sheet available with you. Reason being, when the resin hardens we could easily remove the finished piece from the plastic sheet as a base. That’s why we need a plastic sheet as a base.

Plastic Sheet


5. Paper Clips

Paper clip is an amazing material used to twirl in desired shapes with a plier for making a resin ring base. This art is a replacement for a readymade ring base. No purchase required. Make your own ring base.

Paper Clips


6. Copper Wires

Copper wires are optional supplies. They are used for wire looping artwork. Not only you can use to make a ring but also earrings, pendants, and whatnot. The ideas are endless.

7. Transparent Tape

Do you know we can make resin rings without molds? That’s where a transparent tape comes into the picture. You can either use a plastic sheet or a transparent tape for making resin ring shapes.

8. Ring Base

If you don’t have a readymade ring base you can skip this material. Also, I have got two amazing ideas where you can use old jewellery pieces that are longer in use and ring shape from a keychain.

9. Thread Ball

This is optional, I have used thread as the wrap-up threadwork to a ring base. Take a peek at my recent blog where I used this art. Hope you like them.



10. Sparkles/Stones as embellishments 

The ring is incomplete without embellishments like sparkles, colorful beads, stones. Therefore, by adding these decoratives will make your jewellery look astonishingly beautiful. Hence, A must-have supply to your list.



11. Dried flowers

Crafting resin rings with dried flowers is a very popular art to try at home. It looks lovely. Place a thin resin layer then add aried flowers and add another coating to secure your flower. Good idea! Isn’t it?

12. Super Glue

You’ll need super glue/feviquick/fabric glue to connect ring shape with a ring base. Make sure you have super glue available with you.

13. Rough Cloth

Rough cloth will be needed to wipe off the excess resin as I have shown in the above graphic at the top.

14.  Scissor

A scissor is a required thing to snip off excess resin when it hardens. Also, You may need it if you’re doing thread wrapping artwork to remove the excess thread.

15. Gloves

Gloves are a very important material especially when you’re working with resin as it may affect your skin.

16. Face Mask

Epoxy Resin is safe to use but we must ensure to protect ourselves by wearing a face mask because the resin in liquid form produces fumes that are harmful to skin so please don’t skip out.

17. Pliers

Pliers are required to shape up paper clips for making ring shape. You will need a flat nose plier and a side cutter plier. A flat nose plier for shaping up and side cutter to snip off the excess wire.

18. Tweezer

Tweezer is a needed supply to put embellishments into the resin one by one. Don’t use your hand use a tweezer. Let me show you how I did this task.


Essential Supplies Needed for Making Wooden Resin Rings 

Do you know you can use a beautiful combination of wood and resin to make a classy ring? This style ring very popular in recent years and it gives a lovely glowing look ring that makes it unique.

8 Supplies you’ll need to Make Wooden Resin Rings

  • Wood Shapes
  • Transparent Tape
  • Resin and Hardener
  • Container
  • Wooden stick or a spoon
  • Sandpaper
  • Varnish
  • Gloves

Just to give you an idea, you can make use of scrap wood pieces, do a bit of woodworking to give a ring shape as a base. Wrap the upper part with a transparent tape to pour resin to it then remove the tape once it hardens after 24 hrs.

Let me explain to you the above-mentioned supplies for making wooden resin rings one by one.

1. Wood Shapes to make a ring base

You will need a scrap wood piece to make a ring shape. You can cut wood pieces manually or use a dremel machine to accomplish this task and proceed with sanding wood.

2. Transparent Tape 

To make a wooden resin ring. You’ll need a transparent tape (bigger size) to stick around the ring base that way you’ll be able to pour resin to the upper part of the ring.

3. Resin and a hardener

This is one of the most important supplies where you’ll be mixing resin and hardener for making a ring.

4. Container

A container is required to mix resin+hardener for making a ring.

5. Sandpaper

Sandpaper will be needed once your resin gets hardened. Rub it on sandpaper until your resin ring gives a perfect finished look.

6. Varnish

Your ring looks incomplete without a polish. Since, we’ve used a wood shape, after sanding process it is important to polish your wooden base to give a perfect glossy look.

7. Gloves

Gloves are mandatory as resin in liquid form may harm your skin. Therefore, always wear gloves to protect yourself.

By the way, Let me share very interesting ideas on Handcrafted jewellery made from real sand and resin by Modern Met that I found recently and it’s truly inspiring. We can use our imagination and use sand as a supply for making resin rings as well as other charming jewellery pieces at home. 

FAQS On Supplies for Making Resin Rings

5 Important FAQs on Resin Ring Making Supplies

I have designed these FAQs for beginners who may have some doubts in mind regarding supplies to make resin rings.

Q1. How long does epoxy resin sure for making resin rings?
Ans. A minimum of 24 hours is required.
Q2. How to sand wooden resin ring?
Ans. There are two options – First, use sandpaper and rub your ring till you get a fine shining piece. Secondly, If you have a dremel machine this works faster compared to the manual procedure.
Q3. Can we make a resin ring without paper clip art?
Ans. Yes, of course. You can use moulds and make a lovely resin ring by adding some sparkles and let it dry overnight.  Just make a simple round shape ring. It looks gorgeous.
Q4.  Which varnish is best for polishing wood shape?
Ans. Well, I generally use regular varnish. If you want to learn more about how to make wooden jewellery shine, I have recently published a blog. You can read and learn.
Q5. Is shaping a paper clip with pliers difficult?
Ans. No, it isn’t difficult. First, open up a paper clip and slowly begin with shaping up with flat nose pliers. You can learn this art with my previous blog. It’s easy.

Furthermore, if you are also planning to make wooden jewellery, I have recently shared twenty-three extensive list of supplies for the same. You can read my blog.

I hope this blog has helped you in getting clarity on the supplies needed for making resin rings. After all, this is the first crucial step for making any kind of jewellery.

In case, you have any suggestions, ideas, or queries, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. Thank you.