Homemade Wooden Jewellery Ornaments for Diwali truly reflect traditional attire and accessories that never go out of style. Women in India, as well as overseas, are die-hard fans of ethnic jewellery.

Traditional jewellery is costlier than other types so why not make a perfect blend of indo-western homemade jewelry for your loved ones. 

Reason being they are light-weighted, cost-effective, rare and eco-friendly. Here are some of the interesting jewelry-making ideas for Diwali.

Homemade Wooden Jewellery Ornaments for Diwali

Homemade Wooden Jewellery Ornaments for Diwali

Discover the Best Ever Homemade Wooden Jewellery Ornaments for Diwali 

Diwali is celebrated every year and is one of the most popular festivals in India. People go crazy shopping, especially for traditional jewelry which is expensive.

This brought me an idea to introduce indo-western pieces at home that looks futuristic, fashionable, unique, and incredibly helpful in saving your money. Let’s find out the six hottest eye-popping statement jewelry ideas you can craft at home.

1.       Wood Choker Necklace
2.       Wooden Heart Beaded Necklace
3.       Wooden Pendant
4.       Wooden Danglers
5.       Wooden Bracelets
6.       Wooden Hoop Earrings

6 Trending Homemade Wooden Jewellery Ornaments you will love to Craft


1. Choker Beaded Necklace

Choker beaded necklaces can be made with different stringing materials such as silver/gold chain, nylon thread, and Choker Cord that are easily available in the local market and even online.

You can craft an aesthetic traditional choker necklace with basic supplies such as wooden beads, pearls, glass beads, and a choker cord. By the way, Choker Cord is a stringing material recommended for beginner artists to make as many designs as they want by mix and match beads.

2. Wooden Heart Necklace

Wooden heart necklace is women’s favorite ornament and demanding in the fashion and accessories industry. Things required to make wooden heart necklaces are nylon cord or chains, wooden shapes, wooden beads, a drill machine, and other beading stuff such as acrylic beads, glass beads, etc.

The first step is to measure a thread as per your neckline. Now proceed with stringing, take wood shapes (Square, Rectangle, oval, etc.) and drill a small hole to allow your thread pass through it. The next step is stringing beads until you reach the end. Once you are done with stringing, now comes the most crucial step i.e Knotting at the end. Tye knots at least twice. The final step is to hide the extra threads with the help of a bead. Take a needle or skewer and gently put it inside the bead that way knotting won’t be visible.

By the way, I have written a detailed tutorial to make a wooden heart necklace at home that will help you understand better.

3. Wooden Pendant

The wooden pendant can be crafted in with a mix of traditional as well as modern style. Let me share you a mini guide for making a simple wooden pendant at home. You will need wood shapes, beads, nylon cord, paintbrush, acrylic paints, and varnish.

The procedure is quite simple, the first step is measuring thread, stringing, painting wood shapes and beads, knotting and finally waterproofing your wooden jewellery. If you want to learn the entire procedure can go through and learn from my blog.

4. Danglers

Danglers are amongst the hottest ornaments in 2020 that’s my favorite. It adds an exquisite touch to your personality. Wooden Danglers are super easy to make and it hardly takes a day to complete.

In order to make homemade wooden danglers first, decide the wood shape such as oval, crescent, square, rectangle or triangular for wearing danglers. There are two ways to get desired wood shapes for making homemade wooden jewellery ornaments. One way is woodworking and another easy way is to purchase readymade wooden shapes or get it designed from a carpenter. To understand better I have explained in my recent publication on homemade wooden jewellery ornaments. You can go through and learn to make enticing handmade wooden earrings.

5. Wooden Bracelets

Just like we are incomplete without a watch, bracelets are a must-have for your wardrobe. Isn’t it, Ladies?

Whenever you begin with jewellery making my advice is to all my fellow entrepreneurs, to make a simple yet stylish homemade wooden bracelet. By the way friends, my first creation with She Allure was a wooden bracelet and I loved it to the core.

6. Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings are the most innovative ornaments that are gaining more popularity in the fashion industry. Therefore, my suggestion to all my fellow artists, create shimmering homemade wooden jewellery collections before the season arrives.

Let me share an easy guide to make it understandable for you:

Mini Tutorial to Make Homemade Wooden Hoop Beaded Earrings

For making beautiful Hoop Loop Earrings all you need is a big round-shaped hoop, metal wire, plier and wood beads. The process is very simple. Take a long thin metal wire that is preferably used for jewellery making and string them with the beads. Now the next step is wrapping wired beads around the hoop till you reach the end. The final step is to snip off the extras coming out with the help of a plier. Your stunning Hoop Earrings are ready to flaunt. The best thing I love about the hoop earrings is you can wear it on any occasion even as casuals. Slay it, girl!

18 Basic Supplies to Make Homemade Wooden Jewellery Ornaments for Diwali

In order to make homemade wooden jewellery ornaments, there are two surefire ways that should be thoroughly learned for all aspiring entrepreneurs. The first method is woodworking that is difficult for beginners but recommended.

Reason being, creating original handcrafted designs that will be successful in the long-run for entrepreneurs. Another easy method is getting readymade wood shapes and avoid the hassle of the wood cutting process. If your design is more specific and unique, get it done from a carpenter.

Friends, if you chose to begin with wood cutting process to make homemade ornaments you can read the entire procedure in detail else start with readymade wood shapes.

Moving on, I have produced a list you can note down and be ready with all these supplies before you proceed further.

1.      Wood Shapes (Triangle, Oval, Square, Rectangle)
2.      Choker Cord or Cotton Choker Cord
3.      Nylon Cord
4.      Gold/Silver Chain
5.      Hoops for Making Earrings
6.      Pliers
7.      Dremal
8.      Drill Machine
9.      Ear Hooks
10.  Eye Pins
11.  Acrylic Paints
12.  Beads and Charms
13.  Hook Connectors
14.  Jump Rings
15.  Glue
16.  Scissors
17.  Elastic Thread
18.  Varnish


These are the comprehensive list you can make a note of it and if you want to have a detailed guide on wooden jewellery supplies you can read my blog and learn.

Some Cool Ideas that Accentuates your Wooden Jewellery Ornaments 

It is no secret that traditional jewellery ornaments have been evergreen phenomena. As you the price are reaching heights for ethnic jewellery let try to develop the masterpiece that cuts down the cost. Taking about the latest trends, I believe every DIY jewellery artist must be research on the same and try to devise something that is not only economical but also looks astonishingly fashionable handmade wooden jewellery ornaments for Diwali as the festive season as well as for casuals.

Diwali is a festival of lights that reflects ethnicity and women in India are a huge fan of ethnic jewellery.

As we all know, Traditional attire is incomplete without a glimmering accessory. Therefore, Being an Indian, I take pride in sharing some traditional ways of making handcrafted wooden jewellery ornaments as enhancers that spice up your jewellery. These are crystal beads, fabric art, mirror art, acrylic beads, tassels, and pom pom beads. 

3 Smart Tricks to Make Ravishing Homemade Wooden Jewellery Ornaments for Diwali

  1. Button Art
  2. Broken Glass
  3. Handpainted Wooden Slice

Now comes the question, how do we reuse those simple daily use things which are ornaments for beautifying wooden jewellery.

Trick 1: Button Art

Are buttons meant for only outfits? Have you ever thought of using buttons as beautifiers on homemade wooden jewellery? Well, we have so many wonderful ideas to execute, you can use buttons on wooden jewellery such as headbands, headpins, and armlets.

Trick 2: Broken Glass

Make your own designs with broken glass and stick it on wood shapes to make homemade wooden jewellery. They are an excellent way of showcasing antique style fashion jewellery.

Trick 3: Handpainted Wooden Slice

Never throw away leftover wood slices from your garden, use it as an ornament. You can paint wooden slices with beautiful colors and make a pendant for yourself or for your friend. Let me share a small tutorial to make a wooden pendant out of it. Before you start with painting wood shape, first drill a hole and polish with the help of sandpaper or a dremal machine. Insert a jump ring to allow your thread to stay on fix position. Paint woods with acrylic colors and put a thread through a jump to make a wooden pendant.

Boho Mirror Style Homemade Wooden Jewellery Ornaments for Diwali

Boho Style Mirror Work Homemade Wooden Jewellery Ornaments for Diwali

Crafting a homemade boho style mirror wooden jewellery ornament is timeless. You can make as many designs as you like with the help of a mirror.

Let me share a mini-tutorial on how to make boho style homemade wooden jewellery ornament that is perfect for Diwali and even otherwise.

6 Essential Homemade Wooden Jewellery Ornaments Supplies for Diwali

As a professional DIY jewellery artist we should make sure that all supplies are ready before we proceed further. Let me share the basic supplies needed for you:

  1.     Mirror Shapes
      2.     E6000 Glue
      3.     Wooden Shapes
      4.     Pearl, Beads, and Charms
      5.     Paint (Gel Stain and Glaze Paint)
      6.     Nylon Thread

Let us learn the art of using the mirror on jewellery that glitters. Suppose you are making a wooden pendant for yourself, how about using a mirror work? Well, the process is quite simple. First, Glue mirror pieces on wooden shapes to make ethereal designs. Leave them for a few seconds.

If you have leftover wooden shapes then follow the detailed procedure of woodcutting and sanding which I have elaborated earlier my blogs. 

Now the next step is decorating a wooden pendant with embellishers like pearls, beads or charms with the help of E6000 Glue. You can also apply over the mirror edges and stick them with small pearls or beads to make your wooden jewellery more incredibly stunning as ever. 

Must Read FAQ’s for Newbie DIY Jewellery Artists

Q1. Where can we get choker cord for making choker necklace at home?
Ans. Choker cord can be purchased from the local market or from a credible source online from an Amazon Store.
Q2. Is it easy to cut wooden shapes at home?
Ans. No, it isn’t but there is an alternative way to accomplish this task from a dremal machine that is quite popular and preferred by DIY Jewellery Artists today.

Dremal machine is a multifunctional tool that can be purchased from your nearby local market or from the Amazon Store.

Q3.  How can we add a 3D effect to wooden jewellery ornaments?
Ans. You can add 3D Emboss color to your wooden jewellery. Another popular method is Polymer clays which are wrapped around the beads and pressed a bit to give a 3D effect to your wooden beaded necklace. Both are amazing.  
Q4. How can we get a combo set of jewellery supplies instead of buying them separately?
Ans. You can get the combo set of jewellery making supplies from the local market or from the Amazon Store. They are recommended as you don’t have to purchase individually. Combo set jewellery kit saves money.
Q5. How can we make homemade wooden jewellery ornaments in the shortest span of time?
Ans. In case you implement an easy guide of buying readymade wood shapes then you are more likely to complete your jewellery making within the shortest span time. By the way, I have entailed a quick guide for beginners in making wooden jewellery. You can read and learn.
Q6.  Where can we get E6000 Glue?
Ans. E6000 glue is recommended for making Boho style mirror ornaments which you can purchase from the Amazon Store.
Q7. Where can we get the big size hoop for making wooden jewellery ornaments?
Ans. They are easily available online in two colors- gold and silver. You can also buy it from the craft store.
Q8. Can I get a combo set of pliers?
Ans. Yes, You can get the combo set of 3 pieces of pliers ideal for beading work i.e Nose pliers, round and side cutter. This combo set is available at the Amazon store.

I hope the above FAQ’s ate helpful for all aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for new ideas and want to capture the trends before the festival season arrives.

Friends, I am a beginner jewellery artist who sincerely in exploring and learning new ways. I tried my best to cover up the latest jewellery trends, ideas and a detailed guide for beginners that will help them to learn and grow.

An entrepreneurial mindset is a constant learner tries to capture current market trends and experiment with ideas. As we all are genius entrepreneurs, let us think, plan, and create wonderful creations and spread worldwide.

I hope you guys like my blog. Do share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions in the comment section below. Thank you all. Happy Crafting!

Hi. I’m Poorvi and am an innovator by nature. I believe in learning new things and doing them myself. No wonder, I’ve landed being a DIY Jewellery Blogger with pride. I am a certified Google Sales professional and am also a verified seller on India’s largest all women’s platform – Sheroes. I am here to share my knowledge and learn from all of you. Let’s build  a community of DIY entrepreneurs together