What type of jewellery can a beginner make at home – Well, I would say upcycled jewellery crafts. You don’t need to struggle with buying a huge list of supplies. They are easily available at home. 

As per Vogue magazine, Sustainable jewelry is the future of the fashion industry. Keeping that in mind, I certainly believe we should altogether encourage creating jewelry that minimizes waste material. 

Go in for DIY upcycled and repurposing old jewelry. Not only they are cost-effective but also save a lot of time. Think out of the box, look around and gather everyday objects, and start making gorgeous pieces yourself.

What jewellery type a beginner can make

What Type of Jewellery can a Beginner Make at Home? Quick and Easy DIY Projects

Look out for daily objects or leftover pieces that can be beautifully crafted into jewellery. It can be anything that contributes to the environment, easy to craft, and looks fabulous with any outfit.

Make Exquisite Jewelry Pieces from Everyday Objects

I started learning jewelry making from paper and wood and I absolutely love sharing thrifty DIY crafts because they are super easy and quick. Let me list out some thrifty jewellery ideas every beginner should make right now.

1. Trendy Button earrings 

One of the hottest and easiest types of jewellery every beginner can make at home in minutes. I’ve recently made a couple of patterns and I strongly insist you all go ahead and try making this one.

Jewelry Making ideas for beginners

2. Simple Sliding Knot Bracelet

Learn the art of making knots with beads and you’ll be able to make amazing pieces yourself. It looks simple yet stylish and goes well with casuals.

3. Jewellery from Yellow Split Peas & Carrots

This DIY craft is one of my favorites and they are super easy for both adults and kids. I’ve made a vibrant necklace from cardstock, carrots, coriander stem and I feel ecstatic to share the tutorial with you. Must watch.

4. Handpainted Pendant from Scrap Wood

If you’re a huge fan of upcycling, go straight for a handpainted wooden pendant. Pick scrap wood pieces and get the desired shapes from a carpenter. You can even shape up with a Dremel if you are keen to learn from scratch.

What kind of jewellery can a beginner make

5. Wire-wrapped jewelry

One of the most popular jewelry crafts is wire-wrapped jewelry. Learn the art of bending, twisting, and twirling metal wires and they look outstanding.

Wire wrapped earrings

6. Stud Earrings from Wooden Spoon 

Try something creative and interesting at home. Use wooden spoons, cut off with a knife, sand them on sandpaper and make stylish stud earrings yourself. I have tried making one and it looks lovely.

7. Dried Fruits Jewelry

That sounds like fun! Pick some fruits and let them dry completely and use resin to make adorable jewelry pieces at home. I have shared the entire procedure in my recent DIY tutorial you can check this out and share your thoughts with me.

8. Cardstock Earrings 

A quick and easy way to make stunning earrings is Cardstock. I mean, paper earrings are eco-friendly and cost-effective crafts you can surely try at home.

What kind of jewellery can a beginner make from paper

9. Mirror Style Wooden Ring

Try making a unique wooden ring with a mirror piece glued on it and let me tell you they are easy to craft. All you need is desired wood shapes to kickstart.

diy mirror wooden ring image

10. Strechable beaded Bracelet

It takes hardly 10 minutes to make a simple stretch cord beaded bracelet. You know what I began jewelry making with a bracelet and I strongly insist you all start with adorable bracelets.

11. Denim Jewelry

I see a lot of buzz about denim earrings everywhere and they look pretty cool and sassy. You can make beautiful jewelry pieces out of denim cloth and they are super easy to craft at home.

12. Safety Pin Pom-pom Bracelet

I have recently tried using safety pins and made a gorgeous look bracelet. I have used vibrant colors of pom-poms and white pearls and they look so charming.

13. Upcycled anklets

You can make superbly gorgeous anklets by using small wood shapes, simple pearl beaded anklets, or button-style anklets at home and even sell them online.

14. Fringe Dangles

With the help of seed beads, you can make astonishingly beautiful fringe style earrings, and let me tell you it looks beautiful with any outfit and adds a spark to your entire look.

DIY Fringe Earrings is a Jewelry Type a Beginner can make

15. Paper clip Triangular earrings 

Well, this is one of the most trending crafts I have ever seen and I love it to the core. Pick a couple of paper clips and shape them up in a triangular shape. Attach the earring hook and you’re good to go.

Unique DIY Jewellery Ideas for Gardening Lovers!

Do you love home gardening? I just thought to share some unique types of jewelry every beginner should make at home. Use real flowers, succulents, roses, leaves, stems to make magnificent pieces in minutes. You can even involve your children to join you. They’ll love it.

I got some inspiration from some super-talented designers who have made unique handmade jewelry and they are unimaginably the simplest craft to try at home. Let’s take a look.

16. Succulent Ring 

Use succulent plants and make a lovely handmade ring for yourself. You will need a ring holder, glue, and a succulent to accomplish this craft.

17. Succulent Necklace 

Well, you can use fake succulents or even real ones of your choice. They are perfect for weddings and costumes. I found one interesting DIY tutorial that will surely help you to learn this craft.

18. Charming Ring from Real Flower

Use a real blooming flower and glue it on a ring base. They are perfect for special occasions or themed parties. You can even use epoxy on real flowers and make a stunning ring.

What Type of Jewellery Every Beginner Should Make Using a Paper?

Paper jewelry making is the easiest of all crafts. One of the best contributions you could ever give to save the planet is minimizing paper waste materials and turn them into something useful and artistic.

With the high rise of adapting minimalistic jewelry across the globe, we must encourage altogether to reuse paper and make interestingly creative jewelry like no other. The ideas are endless. Let me list out some of the unique jewelry ideas for beginners:

Let’s get Crafty and Experiment with Paper 

Unleash the three best paper jewelry ideas any beginner can start right away. Save paper and recycle them to make stunning pieces in minutes.

19. Jewelry from Newspaper 

When I start to think of paper, I am flooded with ideas. You can make paper beads, danglers, studs, and even necklaces for yourself.

20. Paper Feather earrings

I’m sure you love feather shapes so how about making stunning feather earrings out of paper. Shape them up, paint, attach earring hooks and you’re all set to wear.

21. Layered Paper pendant 

Take colourful craft papers, cut them off into squared shapes. Add layers one by one with the help of glue. Attach a bail at the top to make a cute pendant.

To all aspiring jewelry artists, I would certainly advise them to start with a bracelet and upskill by making more jewelry patterns out of recycled stuff.

I hope you got a fair idea of the very important question – What type of jewellery every beginner should make at home? Make easy DIY jewelry pieces in your budget and do encourage your fellow jewelry artists too. Let’s make the best out of waste and inspire the world. Happy Crafting!