How to make wooden jewellery shine by following easy steps at home? Well, I am going to share detailed instructions as it is an extremely important step you can’t afford to miss.

Polishing is a crucial part of making wooden jewellery that shouldn’t be skipped. We need to use a varnish that protects your jewellery from getting deteriorated.

By applying a requisite amount of varnish or sealers will not only make your wooden jewellery attractive but also making it water-resistant which is our end goal.

How to Make Wooden Jewellery Shine?

How to Make Wooden Jewellery Shine – Follow These Simple Steps 

How to make wooden jewellery shine by using amazing elements like varnish, sprays, or sealers that add a glossy effect to your jewellery pieces and thus making your clients fall in love with your crafts.

Before you start, it is important to follow safety precautions. Make sure you wear a face mask and gloves. Secondly, note that varnish requires 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit a minimum temperature to dry.

I’ll provide eight easy steps that will cover from scratch right from sanding wood to applying a correct way of using a varnish. Take a look

8 Easy Steps to Make Wooden Jewellery Shine with a Varnish

STEP1: Gather Supplies
STEP2: Sand Wood Shapes
STEP3: Clean Wood Shapes
STEP4: Choose the Best Varnish
STEP5: Apply Varnish to Wood Shape
STEP6: Let your Jewellery Dry
STEP7: Apply Turpentine oil to Clean Brush
STEP8: Your Jewellery is Ready to Wear

Let me share detailed step by step instructions to make your wooden jewellery shine-

STEP1: Gather Essential Supplies

The first crucial step is to gather essential supplies which are as under.

Things required to Make Wooden Jewellery Shine

  • Sandpaper or Dremel
  • Regular Varnish
  • Paintbrush (Medium and Small size)
  • Tooth-pick/Long Stick or Skewer
  • Acrylic Colors
  • Turpentine oil
  • Damp Cloth
  • Small Container/Cup/Glass

Things Required to Make Wooden Jewellery Shine

STEP2: Sand wood shapes

The next step is to sand wood shapes. Sanding wood is a crucial part that removes the rough surface of the unfinished wood pieces. Rub them onto the sandpaper until it smoothens. This is a manual procedure.

An alternate method is to use a multipurpose Dremel machine that has the functionality of sanding wood with a padded tool. You can choose any feasible technique.

Sanding Wood Shapes


STEP3: Clean Wood Shapes

By cleaning wood shape, I mean removing the dust particles on wood using a rough cloth post sanding wood process. Make sure you clean wood shapes thoroughly.

Alternatively, if you have a dremel machine, you can use a padded cleaner tool to perform the same procedure.

STEP4: Choose the best varnish

Take a thin paintbrush and a regular varnish. I use the most commonly used varnish which is quite popular in India, but there are more options for you.

My top recommendations are beeswax, varnish, polyurethane varnish, Spray lacquer, and oil paints that’ll make your wooden jewellery shine. You can choose any one of them. 

STEP5: Apply Varnish to Wooden Shape

I would strongly suggest wearing a mask and hand gloves before you begin. Take a thin paintbrush and gently apply varnish in small amounts to the wood shapes. 

If you’ve used paint colors to your jewellery, this process works incredibly by sealing your art and thus allowing your wooden jewellery to shimmer. Cool, Isn’t it?

Apply Varnish To Make Wooden Jewellery Shine

STEP6: Let your jewelry dry overnight

Varnish will take at least 24 hours to dry but hang on, if you’re using Polyurethane Varnish, let me tell you, it is slightly time-consuming as you need to coat 3 layers on wood and it will take at least 3 days to dry. 

The correct procedure of using Polyurethane Varnish is to apply straight in one go instead of brushing it back and forth. Reason being, it creates air bubbles so be careful when you use this varnish. 

STEP7: Apply Turpentine oil to PaintBrush

It is very important to clean your brush using turpentine oil. It is due to the fact that varnish hardens your paintbrush. So don’t forget this step. 

The correct way is to take out some amount of turpentine oil in a small container then dip your paintbrush and wipe it using a damp cloth. You’ll observe how your paintbrush softens.

How to make wooden jewellery shine

STEP8: All Done

After leaving your jewellery overnight, observe the fascinating glossy look of your wooden jewellery the next day. It’s irresistible water-proofed jewellery piece.

So finally, it’s time to wear your jewellery and flaunt your style statement to the world. By the way, if you are selling it, your customer will surely become your fan.

Wooden Beaded Tribal Jewellery

By the way, if you want to learn to make wooden jewellery at home. I am happy to share one of my recent blogs and I hope you like them.

What is the Correct Way to Make Wooden Beaded Jewellery Shine?

So far, we have learned to make wood shapes shine from scratch. Now I’ll talk about wooden beaded jewelry like your necklace, bracelet, etc.

There are eight simple steps to make your wooden beaded jewellery shine. Take a look and learn with me.

8 Crucial Steps to Make Wooden Beaded Jewellery Shine

Step1: Gather Materials

The first crucial step is to gather supplies such as wooden beads, toothpick or a skewer, paintbrush, acrylic colors (optional), varnish, turpentine oil and a damp cloth. 

We are using some different supplies as we are learning the correct method to paint and varnish your wooden jewellery. Make sure you have these supplies on your table.

Step2: Paint Wooden Beads (Optional)

If you want to make your wooden jewellery colorful and more attractive. Paint with acrylic colors. Let me guide how to paint wooden beads.

Take a skewer or a toothpick, insert a wood bead and start to paint one by one in a row. By using tooth-pick or a long stick/skewer your hands won’t mess up with colors.

Step3: Let the paint dry

Now, as we have colored wooden beads. Take a bowl and put the stick containing beads onto the upper part of the bowl and let it dry.

This process is to show you how to paint wooden beads using a long stick. Similarly, we will use varnish to make your jewelry shine in the next step.

Step4: Insert wooden bead into the toothpick

Take a small cup/container and pour varnish as per your requirement. Insert colored wooden beads to the skewer/tooth-pick. 

Alternatively, You can also use nail paint gloss as a substitute for varnish and it’s easily available at home. By the way. I found a very interesting piece of information by DailyMail news source stating that nail gloss is not only useful in protecting jewellery but also prevents from skin rashes.

Step5: Apply Varnish to all Wooden Beads

Varnish should be used at a specific temperature as I’ve mentioned above and not at a cold temperature. Because it’ll produce bubbles and takes a longer period to dry.

Take and a thin paintbrush and dip into the varnish. Gently apply in small amounts to wooden beads one by one. Note that, you must coat twice for a perfect finish. 

Step6: Let wooden beads dry overnight

The next step to let wooden beads dry for at least 24 hours keeping in mind the temperature and ventilated environment.

Step7: Apply turpentine oil to Paintbrush

Varnish hardens your paintbrush. Hence, it is very important to use turpentine oil a bit that’ll soften the paintbrush.

Step8: Your jewellery is now ready to wear

Your gorgeous wooden jewellery is now ready to wear. Match up your jewellery with your outfit and slay it.

Friends, I have compiled the detailed step-by-step instructions in two sections to make wooden jewellery shine. I hope you find this blog useful. Don’t forget to take precautionary steps before you begin with polishing jewelry.

Do share your thoughts, ideas, or suggestions in the comment section below. I would love to read them. Stay tuned for more interesting tutorials. Thank you.