Wooden jewellery ideas for men is the trending topic every woman is actively searching for gifting purposes. Women are keen to learn about new ideas to craft dazzling handmade pieces.

As per the latest trends, cufflinks, stacked bracelets, wooden bracelets, brooches are in vogue. I will share five amazing men’s jewellery ideas for making impressive pieces using recycled wood. 

By using recycled wood, is the most economical method to make enticing pieces at home with your imagination and gift to the man of your life. You can also purchase wooden beads for a great start. Let’s dig in further.

5 Amazing Wooden Jewellery Ideas for Men To Try at Home

Wooden jewellery ideas for men can be beautifully crafted at home with woodworking techniques such as woodcutting manually or using dremel, wood carving, sanding and so on.

As fas men’s jewellery is concerned, It is fantastic to see how the fashion industry is redefining the word “Adorning” that isn’t limited to women only. Men’s too adorn with jewellery.  So, let me share five amazing ideas you can start making today.

Top 5 Wooden Jewellery Ideas for Men


1.       Men’s Wooden Beaded Bracelet
2.       Wooden Necklace for Him
3.       Stylish Wooden Rings for Men
4.       Men’s Wooden Pendant
5.       Men’s Cuffs Earrings and Cufflinks

As per the latest news by Forbes, Upcycle vintage clothing and accessories are the talks of the town at London Fashion week and the majority of designers are adopting this trend

Therefore, I being a true nature lover strongly advise you to use recycled wood as much as possible and contribute your bit to the environment. Save trees.

1. Men’s Wood Beaded Bracelet

Use wood beads and start making fabulous bracelet as a special gift for him. You can purchase wooden beads online (unfinished or finished wooden beads) in requisite quantity and start making incredible bracelets at home.

The most amazing part of bracelet making is – it can be crafted in 5 minutes with easy steps. Why not start it now and make it for yourself? Isn’t it?

2. Men’s Wooden Beaded Necklace

Necklace isn’t limited to girls fashion only, they are very popular and perfect with men’s outfit as well. You can make a stylish necklace with a thread or chain.

If you are a seller and want to craft men’s necklace, go straight wooden beaded necklace. The reason being, wood is a light-weight, ecofriendly and economical material that yields outcomes out of selling.

3. Wooden Rings for Men

Wooden ring is a great conversation starter and a lovely idea for an anniversary gift for your husband. Woodworking is slightly cumbersome for making wooden rings therefore you can also purchase readymade wood shapes online and stick it with a ring base.

If you have a little knowledge of woodworking, you can make amazing designs using leftover wood pieces by following complete procedure that involves woodcutting, carving, sanding and polishing wooden ring.

4. Wooden Pendant for Men

Wooden Pendant looks simply elegant for both men and women. Making a wooden pendant at home is easy for designers. All you need is a wood shape, nylon thread or gold chain, scissor, drill machine, and jump ring.

5. Cuff Earrings for Men

Cuff earrings aren’t flashy rather simple that works well with casuals and parties except for office wear. The significance of using wooden cuff earrings is that it does not produce odor and can be worn for a longer period of time.

Top Faqs for Beginner Jewellery Artists 

Q1. Out of these top five jewellery, suggest more wooden jewellery ideas for men?
Ans. Some more trending wooden jewellery ideas for men are Brooches, tie pins, cufflinks and stacked rings are the hottest trends. Men’s Brooches are undeniably appealing hence recommended.
Q2.  How can we get a complete jewellery supply kit?
Ans.  Jewellery making kit can be easily purchased from the local craft store or from the Amazon Store.
Q3. What is the easiest handmade jewellery to start for beginners?
Ans.  Wooden beaded bracelet is a great idea to get started for beginners. I have explained above with real images above. Go ahead and inspire the world.
Q4.  Explain the functioning of the pliers mentioned above?
Ans. Pliers like long nose pliers, chain-nose pliers, flat-nose pliers, wire cutters, side-cutter are the essential jewellery tools having different functionalities respectively. I have explained their functions in my recently published blog you can go ahead and learn.
Q5. Which kind of wood is preferable for making jewellery?
Ans. Balsa and pinewood are the most preferred wood amongst all. Balsa wood is light-weighted and easy to shape up for making jewellery. By the way, if you want to learn more kinds of wood, I have recently explained in brief with my previously published blog.
Q6. How to convert unfinished to finished wood?
Ans. There are two amazing techniques behind this art which is called “Sanding”. Sanding is the process of removing uneven scratches and rough surfaces so, in order to sand wood, all you need is top-notch quality sandpaper and use a dremel machine to accomplish this task. Another alternative step is by rubbing wood beads on sandpaper but that will be tiresome and time-consuming. If you don’t have a dremel, get it done from a carpenter.
Q7. How can we get a Dremal machine? Is it costly?
Ans. It depends on the type and number of features. It is not that costly but make sure you purchase top-notch quality Dremel. By the way, Dremel Machine can easily be purchased from the local market and alternatively from the Amazon Store. They produce great results and the most preferred technique for making wooden jewellery at home.

Wooden Jewellery DIY Guide For Men

Now, as you are aware of the latest men’s jewelry trends. Let us learn together basic elementary steps to make wooden jewellery for men.

Step1. Plan a Design Layout

Planning a design layout is the first step fr every DIY jewellery artist. Bring your amazing ideas to reality and make ad design on your computer or your sketchbook. That way, you’ll be absolutely clear about the kind of jewellery design you want to make out of wood as raw material.

Step2. Choosing a Right Technique to Cut wood

There are two ideas to make men’s wooden jewellery. You can make wooden beaded or wood shaped jewellery for men. So here, we will discuss techniques to cut wood to get desired wood shapes.

  • Manual Tools

Manual wood cutting method requires four tools to get started but you need to be super alert while performing woodcutting procedures for making men’s wooden jewellery.

Therefore, To all my fellow DIY Jewellery designers, if you aren’t comfortable with manual woodcutting procedure you can go ahead using Dremal machine which works well in generating the finest wood shapes in variant designs because of its portability and multifunctional features.

  • Laser Cutter Technology

Another very popular wood cutting technology which is a boon to all DIY jewellery designers is Laser Cutter Machine. However, it is very costly but you don’t have to own it, you can have access to it. Look for the places in your city and get it done from there. For more information, you can read about the wood cutting process in my previous blog.

  • Dremel Machine

Hence, as far as portable technology is concerned that is easy to handle and comes within your budget I would recommend Dremal that is quite handy and easy to use for jewellery designers that performs multifunctional tasks such as woodcutting, wood carving, buffing, sanding and cleaning.

So, friends, you need to decide which method according to you is feasible for making men’s wooden jewellery.

Step3. Gather Essential Supplies to Make Men’s Wooden Jewelry

Before we get started, the first crucial step to make any jewellery. Therefore, to make dazzling jewellery for boys you also need essential crimping tools. Let me list out basic supplies for you. Please note it down and make sure they are available with you.

  • Nylon Cord
  • Jump Rings
  • Lobster clasp
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • Chains (optional)
  • Acrylic Paint Colours
  • Dremel 
  • Drill Machine
  • Paintbrush
  • Wooden Beads
  • Wood Shapes
  • Varnish (For Waterproofing)
  • Damp Cloth
  • Elastic Thread
  • Jewellery wires
  • Long Nose Pliers
  • Side Cutters
  • Chain Nose Pliers
  • Needle
  • Skewer
  • Wire Cutter

Out of the above-mentioned supplies, please note if you don’t have a Dremel machine. No worries, you can implement a manual procedure to cut, carve and sand wood. Alternatively, you can even get desired wood shapes from a carpenter that is much easier for you in the beginning. 

If you want to gain more knowledge about wooden jewellery making supplies, I have written a detailed blog for the same. You can read and learn.

Step4. Painting Wood Shapes

Painting wood shapes makes your crafting experience more fun as you’ll make colorful shades that boost your mood as well. This step is the most enjoyable for crafters. So go ahead and paint your way.

Step5. Stringing Shapes 

Stringing shapes and beads is very important procedure for crafting jewellery. Let me show you how I made a bracelet and a necklace yesterday. Take a peek.

Stringing Beads for Mens Wooden Jewellery

As you can see I strung those wood beads one by one to the nylon cord. I hope that clarifies this step. Moreover, For making a men’s bracelet you string wood beads together to an elastic cord and ultimately tie at least knots at the end. I have explained this incredible crafting tutorial with my previous blog on how to make a bracelet for men.

Similarly, the stringing process is accomplished by connecting wood shapes and beads to make eye-popping designs like necklace, pendant, and bracelet for men.

Step6. Knotting

Crafting a piece of jewelry isn’t complete without knotting step. Knotting binds your entire beads and shapes that complete the design and thereby gluing and hiding the knot are a further process to give a perfect finished piece. Let me show you with the help of two-step knotting process images.

Knotting to Make Men's Jewellery

Step7. Waterproofing Wooden Jewellery

For every DIY wooden jewellery designer, it is paramount to implement waterproofing your jewellery that seals your art and also gives a shimmering look to your wooden jewellery.

To perform this step, simply apply varnish in small amounts using a paintbrush to your jewellery.

Step8. Let your Wooden Jewellery Dry

Varnish will take at least 24 hours to dry. Leave your wood jewellery aside to dry and see the glossy effect the next morning. You’ll love it.

Step9. Men’s Wooden Jewellery is Ready to Wear

Finally, the wait is over as your jewellery is now ready to flaunt. Wear it for yourself and even a perfect gift idea for loved ones – Your Dad, Husband, Brother, or your friend.

Friends, I hope this blog has helped you get the clarity about wooden jewellery ideas for men. I have elucidated some coolest trends along with tips and a small tutorial to craft men’s wooden jewellery so that you can easily craft at home.

The whole idea behind this blog is to understand the buzziest trends for men as well as how the fashion industry has grown worldwide. Adorning isn’t just for women, even men’s are flaunting their style statement and they look super dashing in their attire.

Hi. I’m Poorvi and am an innovator by nature. I believe in learning new things and doing them myself. No wonder, I’ve landed being a DIY Jewellery Blogger with pride. I am a certified Google Sales professional and am also a verified seller on India’s largest all women’s platform – Sheroes. I am here to share my knowledge and learn from all of you. Let’s build  a community of DIY entrepreneurs together