Eco friendly jewelry making supplies saves a lot of money than store-bought materials. It is due to the fact that those materials are recyclable, durable and exceptionally helpful in saving the planet.

Right from collecting scrap wood pieces, tissues, cardstock to even dried fruits can be easily found to make incredible pieces. They are absolutely bio-degradable, cost-effective, and are recyclable. 

Let’s Incorporate sustainability practices that will make a huge environmental impact but for that, it is important to discover the essential eco-friendly jewellery supplies at home. So let’s begin.

Eco Friendly Jewelry Making Supplies

From Trash to Treasure – 13 Thrifty Eco Friendly Jewelry Making Supplies Will Surprise You

Below are the essential eco-friendly jewellery-making supplies that will certainly surprise you. They are thrifty and can be beautifully crafted by designers.

1. Recycled Wood Pieces – Save Trees

Look around and start collecting scrap wood pieces that could turn out into astonishingly stunning jewellery pieces you could ever imagine.

Make artistic wooden earrings, simple pendants, necklaces, and whatnot. Get it cut, drilled, and shaped by a carpenter, or use Dremel to make gorgeous-looking pieces.

2. Make The Best out of Recycled Paper 

If you want to make a bigger impact on the environment and save trees, make extraordinary jewellery pieces from recycled paper.

This includes old magazines, tissues, newspapers that are usually trashed. Don’t ever do that, use your imagination and start making gorgeous pieces. Share your unique crafts and inspire the world.

3. Don’t throw Cardstock Pieces

Research says, more than 386 million forests are shed at the global level which is a serious concern to all of us. Isn’t it? Hence, it is paramount to start bringing the change from home.

It is saddening to see how cardstock is trashed away so why not start crafting them into stunning handmade jewellery pieces? Well, you can make stud earrings, a beautiful necklace, and charming accessories too.

4. Turn Dried Fruits into a Prolific Jewelry

Have you ever thought of using cashew nuts, raisins, pistachio in an exquisite piece of jewellery? I bet your kids will gonna love this craft if you let them play with dried fruits.

Jewellery made out of dried fruits will blow your mind because it not only save dollars but also an incredible craft to teach at schools for kids. By the way, you can take ideas from one of my video tutorials so here we go.

5. Make Extraordinary Pieces from Natural Clay

Working with natural clay is fun both for kids and adults. You have the full freedom to shape up the clay and make desired jewellery designs.

Make extraordinary pieces like earrings, pendants, long danglers, accessories, and numerous designs you can easily make from home. You can even make spectacular clay beads for making jewellery. Big thanks to WikiHow for making things easier to craft at home.

6. Repurpose Old Gold Jewelry

Do you know what gold jewellery is eco-friendly in nature? They can be melted, reformed, and reused without losing their qualities.

Repurposing old jewellery is one of the most cost-effective jewellery-making ideas that are not only creative, budget-friendly ideas but also a wonderful opportunity for jewellery artists who want to learn new craft skills.

7. Make Jewelry from Old Denim 

One of the most in-demand jewellery-making materials is making funky bracelets, earrings from old pieces of denim. Not only it looks perfect for an everyday look but also girls’ favourite fashion stuff.

Reuse old denim jeans, cut them out into appropriate pieces and you can make amazing designs and even accessories and bags. The ideas are endless.

8. Recycle Old Buttons and Make Eye-Catching Earrings

Have you ever tried making stunning jewellery pieces out of old buttons? Well, if you haven’t tried yet, fret not as I am gonna help you out with one of my recent button jewellery craft guides.

So this is a complete guide to making vintage-looking button jewellery and one of my favs too. If you like it, do try it at home and don’t forget to share your experience with me. I would love to hear from you.

Eco friendly supplies to Make Button Earrings

9. Get Creative with Paper Clips

Did you know that paper clips are 100% eco-friendly and recyclable? So let me tell you it takes three months on average to degrade and absolutely perfect for making jewellery pieces at home.

Paper clips are one of the most budget-friendly materials. Moreover, Not only it will help you create unique jewellery pieces but also jewellery findings that are crucial components for connecting pieces together.

Eco Friendly Paper Clip as Jewelry making material

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10. Make Jewelry from Ice Cream Wooden Spoons

Wooden spoons that are used for having ice creams can be incorporated for making jewellery. I have recently tried making dazzling earrings and love it to the core.

Ice wooden spoons are thin which makes it easier to make a hole. Make exquisite earrings or pendants that stand out. They are eco-friendly and save a lot of costs too.

11. Multi-functioned Toothpicks is your best bet

If you are fond of paper quilled jewellery, a bunch of toothpicks is your best bet. Reason being, it saves the cost of buying a readymade paper quilling kit also eco-friendly.

Another amazing use of a toothpick is you can easily hide the knot while making a stretchable bracelet at home. See, how toothpick has multiple functions.

12. Wine Cork to Make Super Creative Pieces 

Cork is an eco-friendly material that is biodegradable and can be easily recycled without producing any toxins. If you have cork pieces with you, think out of the box and start making jewellery.

Here are some suggestions you can try making at home – Make teardrop earrings, Cricut earrings, attack cork to the necklace, etc. Start learning and make beautiful pieces that stand out.

13. Broken Ceramic is Durable

Did you know broken ceramics can be used for making pendants? Well, if you don’t like throwing broken pieces, start making jewellery and other decorative pieces out of it.

Let me share a quick guide, Take a drill bit machine for making a small hole or Dremel at the top centre, thick nylon cord or chain, and make a simple pendant. If you are not comfortable with drilling yourself, get it done by the carpenter.

Is Resin Eco friendly? Let’s find out 

Well, the resin is environmentally friendly but not all. You need to look for biodegradable resin made from non-hazardous materials like Ecopoxy which is a plant-based resin and biodegradable. Synthetic resins or resin containing PVC are not considered as eco-friendly.

If you are looking for eco friendly jewelry making supplies – add quality resin to your bucket list that is non-toxic and absolutely safe to use. But you need to be cautious while casting resin as it requires specific temperature, correct mixing proportions and most importantly It is advisable to use a face mask to prevent yourself from respiratory issues.

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Craft and Inspire the World with Sustainable Homemade Jewelry

Friends, I hope you got enough clarity on eco friendly jewelry making supplies, the above list is a sure shot way to save dollars that we usually spent buying readymade supplies so why not think out of the box and share spectacular jewelry making ideas that are sustainable in saving the planet? What say?

Are you ready to dive into the world of sustainable crafting? I am sure – Yes. So let’s dig out stuff at home and share refreshing jewelry making ideas with each other. I am eagerly waiting to hear from you. Do share your thoughts with me. Till then, stay tuned for more exciting DIY ideas in the coming days. Happy Crafting!