Besides crafting dazzling handmade rings, Have you ever wondered the reasons to make a wooden ring at home? Well, this art of Questioning will not only help you build insights but also makes you more successful than any other jewellery artist.

So far, we’ve learned the amazing art of crafting wooden rings with two wonderful techniques, Now we will unleash the reasons that will surely awaken your inner craftsperson and enthusiasm. 

Let us delve deep and understand the significance of making rings with the help of wood as raw material. I have designed nine effective reasons for you that will going to be helpful for all professionals so read carefully.

Reasons to Make a Wooden Ring at Home

9 Effective Reasons to Make a Wooden Ring at Home

9 Effective Reasons to Make a Wooden Ring at Home

Friends, Now I am going to share nine effective reasons in detail to make a wooden ring at home, every DIY wooden jewellery designer must be acquainted with. But before that, let me brief you a bit about the significance of using wood for making any jewellery.

Wood is natural raw material gifted by nature consisting of amazing features such as biodegradability, light-weight, long-lasting and the best part is you get the opportunity to learn new skillful ways such as carving, sanding wood to make ravishing rings and what not.

Here are the list of nine reasons for using wood to make rings at home.

1.       Wooden Ring is Cost-Effective
2.       Wooden Ring is Eco-Friendly
3.       Wooden Rings are Long-Lasting
4.       Easy to Make
5.       Crafting Wooden Ring is a Skillful Art
6.       High Scope for Business
7.       Perfect for Gifting
8.       Perfect for Festivals
9.       Wood is Easily Available


Reasons to Make a Wooden Ring at Home

Elaborated Reasons to Make a Wooden Ring at Home

Moving on, I am going to elaborate above key points that will help build more insights behind crafting a lovely wooden ring at home.

1. Cost-Effective 

Wood is one of the cost-effective and multifeatured materials not limited to jewellery crafting but also constitutes many important uses like home decor, furniture, etc.

To all aspiring entrepreneurs, if you are looking jumpstart a jewellery business at a minimal investment, you surely give it a try for wood themed handmade collections. Another crucial reason is wood is the most profitable idea for online sellers in earning good margins.

Therefore, it’s my suggestion to all my fellow entrepreneurs, instead of investing a higher amount in crafting precious jewellery, start with low investment and earn decent margins as compared to precious stones.

2. Eco-Friendly

One of the important reasons for making a wooden ring that we must-know is they are environment-friendly. Preserving beautiful trees comes into picture. As a professional DIY jewellery artist and an ardent nature lover, I encourage using wood that is biodegradable in nature and make sure that no trees are harmed.

3. Long-Lasting

The most significant reason for making a wooden ring is that it can be polished using a varnish that prevents from further degrading. Recently, I have written a very useful beginner guide for making a wooden ring in detail that will help gain more insights on waterproofing wood.

Moreover, if you have unfinished wood shapes, sanding wood process comes to the forefront that converts them into fine wood shape. You can accomplish this process two ways – One method is by using top-notch quality sandpaper to convert unfinished to finished wood. Another very popular technique is Dremel technology that is multi-functional in nature such as generating the best quality wood shapes, sanding, cleaning, etc.

4. Easy to Craft at Home

Rings are the evergreen accessory that is taking the center stage across the world. If you ask me the reason to make wooden ring at home, I would say it is easy to make and looks fantastic when you wear them.

To all aspiring entrepreneurs who are seeking for easy beginner guide for making wooden rings. I have discussed simple procedure in my recently published blog you can choose any one method that is most feasible. Happy Crafting!

5. Skillful Art

Making a wooden ring at home is amazingly a skillful art that involves learning techniques such as woodcutting, carving and sanding. That is why we are using wood due to its incredible usage and features. Let me elaborate more details on this stance.

2 Surefire Ways of Crafting a Wooden Ring You’ll Enjoy at Home

There are two skillful methods for beginner artist who aspires to take a further step and learn brilliant ways that are easy and hassle-free for making exquisite wooden rings at home:

  •  Readymade Wood Shapes

Make fancy wooden ring collection that doesn’t involve hassles of woodworking. You can purchase readymade fancy wood shape designs from the hobby craft stores. To elaborate further let me share a small tutorial to help understand better.

You will require a ring base, glue, paintbrush acrylic paints, and varnish. Paint readymade wood shapes and let it dry. Connect ring base with wood shapes all together with the help of a glue. Now waterproof your ring by applying varnish in small amounts using a thin paintbrush. By the way, if you want to learn this tutorial in detail, you can read my comprehensive guide along with graphics that will give you more insights for the same.

  • Make Rings Using Leftover Wood

Another very helpful method that involves professional learning using a Dremel device. Here, we will not purchase readymade shapes rather learn from scratch that consist of woodcutting, wood carving, and sanding. We will shape up recycled wood and glue them with a ring base. Therefore, the process is similar except additional steps that will be required to learn the amazing art of using leftover wood.

Plan a layout design on a piece of paper, use dremel and start forging wood to give them the desired shape. If you don’t have this device, fret not as we have another incredible technology known as laser cutters. You don’t have to own it, they are very costly. Look for places and get access to get desired wood shapes.

Coming back to the tutorial, once you have wood shape, make an outline on wood shape with a pencil, use carving tool of Dremel and start making your own design. Now, proceed with sanding wood in order to remove uneven scratches and blemishes. This will give a finished look to the wood shape. Paint wood shape and let it dry. Connect wood shape with a ring base and finally waterproof using varnish.

You can learn the entire procedure in detail along with a graphic that will give better clarity on the same in my recently published blog.

6. High Scope for Entrepreneurs

Wood is a light-weighted and quite inexpensive material. Entrepreneurs who are seeking for low investment business idea then . Therefore, being, light-weighted will cut down the cost price and thus helping you earning a decent income from home compared to other jewelry types.

As you all know, work from home profession has become dominant worldwide and women are playing a major role for the same. My suggestion to all talented work from home women, if you are planning to start your online venture, I would say think out of the box and begin with crafting your own original creations.

Besides wood, another cost-effective method is paper jewellery crafting at home. Learn paper quilling art and inspire the world.

7. Perfect for Gifting

Gifting a lovely handmade wooden ring on birthdays, anniversaries are a perfect idea than hustling last-minute to purchase costly stuff. Make your loved ones feel proud by planning something different and make an exclusive handmade wooden ring at home.

8. Perfect for Festivals

Festivals are the days of celebrating happiness and integrity worldwide. Besides, chilling out with your friends and family, women get crazy in buying trending outfits especially adorning with jewellery. Moreover, Women are die-hard fans of wearing rings.

On that note, instead of hustling for expensive readymade items, crafting wooden rings at home will make the festival more special. Therefore, keeping in mind the current trends, you can create a perfect blend that consists of elegance and most importantly it should be your original design. After all, the path of success lies in making things on your own. Right?

9. Easily Availability

As far as availability is concerned, the reason for making glitzy handmade rings using wood is they are easily available at your home gardens, outdoors and construction areas where you can easily reuse leftover wood blocks and make an artistic handmade wooden ring at home. Interesting!

You don’t always need to trip out and spend dollars on purchasing supplies, the best part is they available right next to you. Therefore, look around and don’t ever trash wooden blocks as they are a treasure to your crafts. Use your imagination to shape those wood pieces to make astonishingly beautiful rings at home.

Crafting Ultra-Modern Wooden Ring that Goes with Any Outfit

If you are a DIY wooden jewellery fan and eager to know additional reasons to make a wooden ring at home, I would say when you plan to make a simple yet classy wood ring, they are perfectly matched with your western outfits. Also, if you are fond of fancy wooden rings, use embellishers to enhance the look of your ring. They are best suited for party wear outfits.

In addition to this, if you want to give an ethnic touch to a simple wood ring, you can ideate and make a beautiful design on the wood shape and decorate using sparkles, 3D acrylic outliners, pearl beads that look fantastic with any Indian attire.

Must- Read FAQs that Clarifies Reasons to Make a Wooden Ring at Home

Friends, if you still have questions in mind, don’t worry as I have designed this FAQ section that’ll hopefully give more clarity. Please take a look.


Must-Read FAQS That Clarifies Reasosn to Make a Wooden Ring at Home

Must-Read FAQS For DIY Beginner Jewellery Designers

Q1. How can I get a ring base?
Ans.  You can either make your ring base with the help of wood cutting method or get it designed from a carpenter.

In case you don’t have a wood ring base I can suggest you buy a silver-plated ring base as a substitute that can easily be purchased from Amazon.

Q2.  Can we make a wooden ring waterproof?
Ans. Yes absolutely, it’s very simple you can make your wooden ring waterproof with the help of applying varnish in small amounts using a thin paintbrush. Leave it for 24 hrs.
Q3.  State three major reasons for entrepreneurs to make wooden rings at home?
Ans.  To all aspiring entrepreneurs, there are profitable reasons as follows:

1.       Wood is Light-weighted

2.       Inexpensive

3.       Wood can be polished

Due to the above reasons, you could earn decent passive income by making handmade jewellery such as pendants, rings, bracelets, necklace with wood as raw material as compared to other materials.

Besides wood, you can learn paper quilling art for making stylish jewellery at home.

Q4. Suggest some ideas to make wooden rings at home?
Ans. There are two brilliant ideas for making homemade wooden rings:

1.       Make Stretchable Funky Rings in 5 Minutes

2.       Make Glimmering wooden rings by Sewing Method

I have explained the above two methods in detail along with graphic in my previous blog on how to make wooden rings at home. You can read and learn

Q5. Suggest the best dremel machine for making wooden ring?
Ans. You can buy Dremel 4000 multifunctional device.  Also, I can suggest you Dremel 3000 technology. You can choose any of them. Get it from the local market or Amazon store.
Q6. Post waterproofing how to prevent paintbrush from hardening?
Ans.  In order to prevent your paintbrush from hardening, use turpentine oil and wipe it using a damp cloth.

I hope this blog helped you understand the reasons to make a wooden ring at home. Feel free to share your views, ideas and suggestions in the comment section below. Thank you.

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