Handmade wooden jewellery tips involve the basics of woodworking, carving, sanding, and a lot more from scratch. Here beginners will learn everything they have been searching for so long.

Besides wooden jewellery making you will get to learn selling and photography tips which is essential for entrepreneurs. It’s high time to turn your craft skills into a full-fledged profession.

Wooden jewellery being light-weight and eco-friendly crafts,have a tremendous demand by the consumers, especially in the USA.

29 Handmade Wooden Jewellery Tips

29 Realistic Handmade Wooden Jewellery Tips You Must Know

Handmade wooden jewellery tips are especially designed for newbies and entrepreneurs who want to grab more knowledge for crafting, selling, and other aspects of jewellery that are usually missed out.

So let’s begin with choosing the best in class materials, wood type and some important methods for making lovely pieces at home.

1. Choose The Best Quality Materials

If you want to build a successful handmade jewellery business, never compromise on product quality. Quality is the major factor that builds trust and more clients in the future hence choose the best in class materials.

2. Best wood for making jewellery

Before you begin making wooden jewellery, choose softwood types such as Balsa, Pine and Palmwood as they are of low-density and this easy to cut, carved and sanding wood at home.

3. Use Leftover Wood Pieces, Save Trees

Always use scrap wood pieces that can be easily found at your gardens, garage or construction sites. Don’t throw them, reuse for making creative crafts at home. Save trees.

4. Material Knowledge is Mandatory

Gathering ample knowledge  on materials is an important tip to make handmade wooden jewellery. Also, An entrepreneur who sells handmade pieces must be able to resolve customer queries by having correct knowledge on materials.

5. Separate Work Space 

Separate workspace to make wooden jewellery is essential for any jewellery designer. Keep your tools, beads, shapes, supplies, jewellery findings and thread pieces separately in the box and stay organized.

6. Research on Jewellery Designs

For those willing to make extraordinary jewellery, the first crucial handmade jewellery tip is – Research on the current jewellery trend and make your own original pieces. Originality is worth than a copy.

7. Jewellery making Course is a Must

It is advisable for a beginner to hone their skills and start making professional handmade jewellery at home. Learning new creative ways works best in the long-run. There are dozens of free online courses to learn and grow as a professional designer.

8. Wood Carving Using Dremel

One of the fastest ways to make handmade personalized jewellery tips is wood carving. By using Dremel you can easily carve a beautiful design or a message on a wooden ring or a pendant as an expression of love.

9. Always Start 100 Grit Sandpaper 

Before you jump into polish wooden jewellery, it is crucial to smooth out the rough surface of wood pieces. Always use 100 grit sandpaper for a perfect finish. 

10. Consider Sponge Buffs for Wooden Rings

If you are working on a woodworking project on making rings. Always perform sanding using fine sandpaper and sponge pad. This will give a perfect glossy finished look to wooden rings.

11. Make Rings from Scrap Wood & Epoxy Resin

Let me share an amazing handmade jewellery tip on how to make a wooden resin ring from scrap wood piece. Take a wood piece, transparent tape, and epoxy resin. Wrap the tape to the lower part of the wood piece and pour resin and sparkles. Let it dry for 24 hrs and your beautiful ring is ready to wear.

12. Don’t forget to waterproof your jewellery

This is a common mistake done by jewellery designers. Always make your wooden jewellery pieces water-resistant using good quality varnish. By using varnish, your jewellery will shimmer.

13. Use E6000 Glue to Make Boho Jewellery

Boho mirror style wooden pendant can be easily made by sticking mirror shapes, this can be permanently glued with E6000 super glue. Always use it for adding mirror shapes as embellishments.

Additionally, I would like to share a tutorial from Instructables.com – They have beautifully explained how to make wooden rings with woodworking, also stated correct glue used in woodworking process. Highly recommend for woodworkers.

Woodcutting Tips and Tricks for First-timers

Since I am a beginner who was afraid to start woodcutting at home has finally took the plunge. Let me show you few tips and trciks of making wooden jewellery manually.

14. Learn Wood Cutting Methods

For beginners who never tried their hands in making wooden jewellery. There are four amazing ways of forging wood shapes.

  • Manual Wood Cutting
  • Woodcutting using Dremel
  • Laser Wood Cutting

For making an artistic wooden jewellery, you can choose any of the methods and start making your own pieces at home.

15. Be Slow While Manual Wood Cutting

Woodcutting by hand is difficult for beginners, You can avoid but still if you want to learn, always keep a note to be slow, pause for few seconds and make sure to keep a distance between hacksaw and your hand. Please Stay super alert and don’t harm yourself anyway.

Let me show you my first attempt to cut leftover Pinewood piece. It was tiresome, I was sweating but I feel proud of doing it alone during the lockdown. I was gentle and patient and It worked. 

Woodcutting Tips and Tricks

Experimental Tips To Polish Wooden Jewellery

As you know, it is important to polish your jewellery. Let me provide some handy tips while working with wood. Take a quick note and do share it with your customers. After all, besides adorning we should take good care of our jewellery pieces.

16. Polyurethane Varnish Requires three Coat Layers

Whether it’s your furniture, home decor items, or wooden jewellery. Always coat three layers and allow it to dry for at least 3 days if you are using this type of varnish. 

17. Regular Varnish takes 24 hours to Dry

As explained earlier, regular varnish takes 24 hours to dry and requires repolishing once in a month. This is how you should take care of your jewellery. It won’t tarnish.

18. Apply Varnish in one Go

This is a very crucial point if you are using Polyurethane Varnish, always apply in one go instead of back and forth whether you’re using wooden jewellery or furniture items.

DIY Tips To Make Wooden Ring For Men

Discover some crucial tips to measure, cut, sand, and buff a wooden ring at home. It involves practicing woodworking, slightly cumbersome but you’ll surely feel proud once it’s done.

19. Always Measure the Accurate Ring Size

Always use a ring sizing tool for measuring the accurate size to make a smashing wooden ring for the man of your life. You would never want to gift a ring that isn’t wearable.

20. Drill 5/8″ hole with Forstner Bit

Suppose you have a piece of wood and you want to make a ring shape. You will need Forstner drill bit. Make 5/8″ hole to the wooden block.

21. Wooden Ring Needs Two-way sanding process

One of the cheapest idea to sand unfinished wooden ring piece is to use 600 grit sandpaper. Rub it off until it smoothens. Repeat the same using a Spunge pad to give alluring shine.

22. Don’t forget to Buff it up with a Dremel

Once you have the finished wooden ring piece, you need to buff it up nicely to make a glimmering wooden ring for him. You will see a brand new professional wooden ring for your project.

23. Engrave wooden ring using Dremel

Gift the most adorable engraved wooden ring for the love of your life. This is accomplished by using a dremel machine. However, you can also use carving knife, that’s a very popular technique and it’s fun.

24. Turn wooden spoons into Personalised Jewellery

Make rare wooden jewellery gifts for him like tie clip, wrist bands, and stud earrings. Wooden spoons are easy to cut and carved. Gift cool accessories and make him feel special.

25. Palmwood Jewellery works best with Dremel

If you want to make professional pieces out of palmwood, always use a dremel ot get fancy shapes from laser cutting machines. Avoid manual woodcutting with palmwood.

Must-try Wooden Jewellery Photography Tips at Home

Make a big impact to your customers with basic photography tips of wooden jewellery. Let me share some of the easiest and cost-effective tricks to sell your jewellery.

26. Click Professional Product Pictures

You don’t have to spend huge dollars for professional camera. I would recommend use your android phone, tripod, flowers for decoration, chart paper for the background and other decorative items that are easily available at home.

27. Use Homemade Lightbox for Photography

Make a lightbox from Cardstock, you can use big paper boxes cut their edges in squares and glue white chart paper around it. light up your table lamp you can start clicking jewellery pictures.

28. Make use of Props

In case you aren’t using a lightbox let me share some cool handmade jewellery photography tips. Use white stones, jewellery stands, artificial flowers, flower vase to make a beautiful background. Highly recommend.

29. Selling with Popular Ecommerce Platforms

For any professional designer, it is important to know the core places to gain significant benefits from selling handmade jewellery.

  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Flipkart

I hope these tips on wooden jewellery making has helped you. Note them and start making yourself at home. You will learn a lot from practice. Start today and rise as entrepreneurs.

Do share your feedback/suggestions in the comment section below. It means a lot and I would love to see them. Thank you and stay tuned for more interesting jewellery tips. Happy Crafting.