Reasons to make a wooden pendant at home is the first thing crossing the mind of a jewellery designer – Why do we make wooden pendant? Therefore, understanding the significance becomes paramount.

Crafting becomes more easy and fun when you understand the rationale behind making a pendant. Let us learn nine effective reasons of using wood for crafts. 

The demand for wooden jewellery is growing tremendously currently and will continue in the near future hence it’s good news for entrepreneurs. Get in-depth insights to make wooden jewelry for selling as well as for gifting purposes today.

Reasons to make a wooden pendant at home

9 Effective Reasons to Make a Wooden Pendant at Home

Reasons to make a wooden pendant at home is an important aspect for every individual who is planning to turn their hobbies into a thriving business. So, let me guide you on this stance.

Reasons to make a wooden pendant at home help in building insights behind those amazing craft. Hence, by learning the significance will ignite your creativity and your ideas will flow.

1.       Profitable for Business
2.       Wooden Pendant is Light Weighted
3.       Wooden Pendant Can be Carved
4.       Wooden Pendant is Long-Lasting 
5.       Can be Reinvented
6.       Easy to Craft
7.       Wooden Pendants are Trendy
8.       Perfect for Gifting
9.       Perfect for Festival Gifts

1. Profitable Business Idea

One of the topmost reasons to make homemade pendants is they are highly demanding and profitable business idea for entrepreneurs. Make stunning eco-friendly pendants and start earning from today. By the way, paper jewellery is also a great business idea.

2. Light- Weight 

Wooden pendant is a lightweight material, easy to carry for a longer period of time. As a seller, one can earn decent margines by selling them online.

3.  Can Be Engraved Easily

Carving is fun. Make personalized wooden pendants by performing wood carving at home. One of the most skillful ways to give a personal touch as an expression of love. You can either use manual wood engraving or by using dremel to make a pendant.

4. Long-Lasting Polish 

Wooden pendants are long-lasting accessory. Reason being, they are polished and can be repolished with a varnish. Varnish makes your pendant look glossy and water-resistant, that is why we call it as a long-lasting pendant.

5. Can Be Reinvented

The concept of reinventing is massively popular across the globe. You can use wood shapes and add embellishments from your old jewellery to make a brand new fabulous piece. This is one of the inexpensive DIY crafts you have tried.

6. Easy to Craft at Home

Wooden pendant can be easily crafted and withing a shortest span of time. By learning basic step, one can master this craft and make bunch of pieces for selling purposes. Craft, sell and earn.

7. Trendy

Wooden pendants will bloom in 2020 in the world. If you are hobbyist or beginner, turn your skills into thriving business and make a decent living from home. Explore the latest trends and make your stunning pieces in no time.

8. Perfect for Gifting

Pendants are evergreen crafts for gifting purposes. You can carve a monogram or a personalized message, they are highest demanding trends consumers are eagerly waiting for. That is the most significant reason why we make handmade wooden pendants.

9. Perfect for Festival Gifts

Festivals are the moment of celebrating happiness and integrity everywhere. Gifting a special handmade wooden pendant and even for yourself is an amazing reason that saves your time and money.

Is Wood Carving Easy for Making a Pendant?

Well yes, it’s a super easy and skillful technique for making an artistic pendant for yourself and even for gifting your best buddy. Let me give you a brief overview of carving to understand deeper the reason behind using wood.

2 Easy Ways to Carve Wood Shape at Home

Chisel is an amazing manual tool that is the most economical method for carving wood. You can create as many designs as you like for yourself, gifting and even for selling purposes.

Dremel is a professional handy device for DIY jewellery designers that is multifunctional, easy to cut, carved, sand and  buff wood shape. It saves your time and you could make professional pieces easily.

You Can Make Your Pendant Water-resistant

This is the most crucial step many designers tend to forget so always apply varnish in small amounts to your pendant and set it aside overnight. It gives a shimmering effect the next morning.

Reasons to Make a Wooden Pendant at Home

Be Artistic in your Approach and Make Indo-Western Fusion Pendants

Don’t blindly follow the trends, make your fusion pendant in traditional style. By the way, Palmwood is merely used for making ethnic jewellery but if you are a beginner consider balsa wood at first. The reason as you all know, it is easy to cut and carved.

To make an ethnic pendant, you can use tassels and pearl beads that look amazing with any Indian outfit.

9 Most Helpful FAQs for Pendant Designers

Q1.  Why do we make pendants with the help of wood and not other materials?
Ans.  Wood lasts long and can be retouched with a varnish. Also, wooden pendants are environment friendly, lighted and easy to sell for entrepreneurs. You could earn great margins with wooden pendants.
Q2.  Which wood cutting method is ideal for beginners?
Ans. Both methods are best in their own ways. If you have a little knowledge of woodworking, you can always for manual procedure else Dremel is a perfect handy device for beginners.
Q3. Do we need to purchase laser cutters for making wooden pendant?
Ans. No, you don’t have to own it. They are very costly. I can suggest look for places and get access to that technology. By the way, Laser cutters are a boon to all DIY jewellery designers who are looking for the best outcomes in getting those fancy wood shapes. Go for it.
Q4. What is the most crucial step in making wooden pendants at home?
Ans. Knotting is the most important step that should be done efficiently to avoid dropping off. Make sure you tie knots at least twice.
Q5. How can we convert western style statement pendants to traditional Indian ethnic pendants at home?
Ans. In order to turn western pendants to Indian ethnic style. You can use some basic materials like pearl beads, 3D acrylic colors, mirror shapes, etc. I have written a detailed guide along with a graphic on this stance you can go through and learn.
Q6. What is the first step to wooden jewellery making process every DIY jewellery designer must know?
Ans. The first and foremost step is researching current and start planning to invent your own style statement jewellery that is original and looks super stylish.To understand the whole procedure in detail, you can read my recently published blog.
Q7. What are the basic supplies required for a simple wooden pendant at home in the shortest span of time?
Ans. You will need 5 basic supplies such as:

1.       Nylon Cord

2.       Wood Shapes

3.       Jump ring

4.       Drill Machine (If you haven’t purchased readymade wood shape)

5.       Wood beads

To learn a detailed guide on making wooden pendants at home you can read the entire procedure.

Q8. Can we waterproof wooden pendants?
Ans.  Yes, you can waterproof using a varnish.
Q9. How can we perform sanding wood manually that involves a low budget?
Ans. You can use top-notch quality sandpaper which can be purchased from the local market or online from the Amazon Store.

Friends, I hope my blog has helped you understand the reasons to make wooden pendants at home. The idea is to unleash the intricacies of using wood. Start making your original designs today and grow as entrepreneurs. Feel free to share your thoughts, ideas or suggestions in the comments section. I would love to see them. Thank you. Happy Crafting!

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