Let us delve deep and understand the reasons to make wooden jewellery at home. So far, we have learned about the comprehensive guide, ideas, and jewellery trends. Now the question arises why do you require to make jewellery made of Wood?

Besides adorning, the concept of crafting eco-friendly wooden jewellery is really fascinating that contributes to the environment. Also, We get an opportunity to learn about basic materials as Wood as raw material that has multi uses.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, crafting wooden jewellery is one of the most cost-effective ideas for starting a business. Considering this fact, let us unleash the reasons for making wooden jewellery in detail and learn together.

Reasons to make Wooden Jewellery at Home

13 Inspiring Reasons to Make Wooden Jewellery at Home

13 Inspiring Reasons to Make Wooden Jewellery at home

When it comes to making homemade wooden jewellery, my mind is flooded with ideas. We can make as many designs for ourselves, gifting and even for commercial use. Furthermore, I sincerely believe that creativity has the power to awaken your true talent. Plan, Create, Design and showcase your exquisite handmade collection to the world.

Reasons to make wooden jewellery at home

1.       Eco-friendly
2.       Cost-Effective
3.       Long-Lasting Polish
4.       Skillful Art
5.       Encourage Recycling Wood
6.       Odorless Jewellery
7.       High Scope for Business
8.       Perfect Indo-western Blend
9.       Perfect for Gifting
10.    Perfect for Festive Season
11.   Innovative
12.   Learning Opportunity
13.   Kids Love Crafting

1. Eco-friendly Jewellery

When I think about reasons to make wooden jewellery at home, I imagine the beautiful nature and trees. As a professional DIY jewellery artist and ardent nature lover, usage of wood being a biodegradable material should be encouraged. Also, we make sure that no trees are harmed. Reuse as much as possible and make artistically beautiful handmade jewellery at home.

2. Cost-Effective

To all home-based entrepreneurs planning to start a jewellery business at a minimum possible cost, I would suggest try wood themed handmade collections. Reason being wood is a readily available raw material and the most profitable idea for online sellers in earning good margins.

Therefore, instead of investing a higher amount in making precious jewellery, it’s wise, to begin with a low investment. As entrepreneurs, we should always aim at taking minimal calculative risks that yield decent income by working at home.

3. Long-Lasting Polish

Wooden jewelelry can be artistically be carved and polished not just limited to making jewellery also other purposes like home-decor items, gifting and what not.

The most significant reason for wooden making jewellery at home is wood can be polished, you can waterproof and seal your art using varnish. Also, do you know we can remove the rough surfaces of wood by Sanding process? If you remember, I have talked about sanding wood process in my previous blog. You can accomplish this process two ways – One method is by using top-notch quality sandpaper to convert unfinished to finished wood.

Another very popular recommended method for DIY jewellery professionals is using a Dremel device which is a very skillful technique consist of woodcutting, carving, sanding wood and cleaning. Hence, you can try and master this craft.

Note, In order to perform sanding using dremel, it has a padded attachment tool that performs polishing wood in the shortest span of time.

4. Skillful Art

Crafting wooden jewellery at home is a golden opportunity to learn a very skillful art that you enjoy and have fun. Let me elaborate on this point, for every DIY jewellery designer, getting those fancy shapes such as oval, square, triangular, circular, crescent shape, etc. is paramount.

In order to proceed with making wooden jewelry, one way is the manual woodworking process and for that, you need a wooden block, a ruler, pencil and basic tools to cut wood. To perform this process, draw a desired shape on the wood with a pencil and carefully cut them using a hacksaw. For beginners, it may be inconvenient method at first but if you practice at home, you will become an expert jewellery artist. After all, we grow by learning.

Another easy way is to get those fancy shapes wood designed by a carpenter or get access to laser cutter technology. Laser cutting technology is highly proficient and a boon to all DIY jewellery artists. It is very costly but you don’t have to own it, look for places where this amazing technology is used and get access to it.

By the way friends, I have written a detailed blog where you learn more about those incredible techniques.

5. Encourage Recycling Wood

Recycle wood and save trees. Friends, we all are a part of this beautiful nature and it’s a home for us. Let us pledge to reuse wood as much as possible. Don’t throw them, use it for creating artistic handmade crafts at home.

Friends, Have you ever thought of reusing leftover wooden blocks mostly seen at the construction site? It’s sad seeing people throwing away which are actually a treasure not just for jewellery designers but even otherwise. Isn’t it? Let’s use our imagination and start giving shape to leftover woodblocks.

6. Odorless Jewellery

Wooden jewellery doesn’t produce odor after piercing as compared to other materials. Hence, wooden jewellery is recommended for the wearer as well as for designers.

7. High Scope for Online Sellers

Work from home business has gained a lot of popularity, especially for women. As far as handmade wooden jewellery crafts are concerned, the best part is the better scope for earning a decent income from home through popular e-commerce portals such as Etsy, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. You can even start your own e-commerce website.

8. Indo-Western Jewellery

As per the latest jewellery trends, traditional jewellery is taking the center stage. It is costlier as compared to other types hence, one of the best reasons to make wooden jewellery is to craft a perfect blend of Indo-western fusion jewellery with the help of wood that is light-weighted, gleaming and eco-friendly.

You can create fashionable and trending statement jewellery such as wooden pendant, wooden earrings, necklace, bracelet and so many ethereal handcrafted collections from home.

9. Perfect for Gifting

Valentines day is around the corner. Crafting homemade wooden jewellery ornaments for gifting someone special is a perfect idea to express your love than hustling last-minute to buy jewellery. By the way, danglers and hoop loops are the talks of the town in 2020.

Wooden danglers are awesome jewellery items every girl loves to wear. You can make as many designs as possible either by manual wood cutting process or through a carpenter.

Before Valentine’s day arrives, If you guys are planning to craft amazingly beautiful handmade wooden danglers for your loved one. I would say, Go ahead.

10. Perfect for Festive Seasons

Festive season is the moment of integrity and spreading happiness everywhere. On that note, instead of hustling and spending money on readymade items, crafting will make the festival more special with your exclusive handmade creations. They also save cost and time.

By the way, Hoop Earrings are the most innovative ornaments that are gaining popularity in the fashion industry. Therefore, my suggestion to all fellow jewellery artists, create shimmering homemade wooden jewellery collections before the season arrives.

11. Innovative

Innovative ideas can change the world. I think innovation is the major reason to make wooden jewellery because invention begins at home. Moreover, creativity encourages designers to use their imaginations and make astonishingly original handcrafted creations by learning helpful techniques such as wood engraving.

You can engrave a special design, monogram, birthday message, names on the wood. Apart from engraving, you can add a spark to your jewellery with embellishers like polymer clay canes, pearl beads, sprinkle, golden sparkles and so many ideas.

Well, if you want to learn more about embellishers you can go through my recent blog on wooden jewellery making supplies.

12. Learning Opportunity

To all aspiring entrepreneurs, I would like to say that learning is the never-ending cycle that open doors for your growth.

Crafting wooden jewellery at home is an opportunity to learn techniques like wood carving, sanding, designing through various methods such as woodworking, getting desired fancy shapes from popular technology – Laser Cutters and Dremal which are recommended for jewellery designers. Instead of just selling readymade items, why not learn something new and make your own original creations? Isn’t it? After all the path of success lies with making things on own.

13. Kids love Crafting 

Last but not least, one of the enjoyable reason to make wooden jewellery at home is you can bring along your kids and teach them amazing jewellery crafts. They will love it. Kids are fast learners and have better-grasping power.

Recycle Wood and Save Trees | Make Environment-Friendly Jewellery at Home

The idea is to save more trees and use reused wood as raw material. You can use them from your home gardens also wooden blocks they are mostly seen at construction sites. Don’t throw it, use them to make wooden jewellery at home.

Recycle Wood and Save Trees

Don’t throw Wood, Recycle and Save Trees

Precisely, we could say that using reused wood is one of the profitable reasons for making wooden jewellery at home for entrepreneurs.

Moving on, let us understand how do we get those wood shapes for jewellery?. As you know the basic methodology for making wooden jewellery, we will execute the second step t recycle wood- Forging i.e getting those desired fancy shapes with three useful methods:

  • Manual Woodcutting Method
  • Get Access to Laser Cutter Technology
  • Dremel Machine

Make your Valentines Day Special with a Stunning Wooden Themed Jewellery at Home

When we think about the reasons to make wooden jewellery at home, besides adorning with jewelry I think gifting handmade jewellery is a perfect idea for Valentine’s day. You can make enticing handcrafted jewellery made from wood such as pendants, earrings, necklace, bracelet, and anklets.

Hand carving wood is the perfect gift idea as a token of love to make your loved one feel special this valentine and even on birthdays, anniversary etc. Express your love with a personalized engraved message on wood and make lovely masterpiece at home.

By the way, my first creation was a wooden beaded bracelet and pendant which can be seen in the previous blog.

7 Most Helpful FAQs to understand the reasons for making wooden jewellery at home

Q1. Why do we make jewellery from wood?
Ans. There are three major reasons to make wooden jewellery at home.

1.       Light-weighted

2.       Cost-Effective

3.       Eco-friendly

Q2. Apart from crafting wooden jewellery, what is the other eco-friendly jewellery?
Ans. Paper Quilling is an eco-friendly method that should be highly encouraged. Quilling is one the oldest technique practiced for centuries. Therefore, you can make simple yet stylish paper jewellery at home.
Q3.  What are the methods of reusing wood for making jewellery at home?
Ans. I can suggest you three effective jewellery making techniques from leftover wood –

1.       Manual woodcutting method

This technique is difficult and tiresome and you should be super alert while using the manual wood cutting procedure. Take wooden blocks, hacksaw, pencil or thin marker and draw a shape on the wood. Now use a hacksaw and carefully cut the wood to a square or rectangular shape whichever is easier for you.

To learn about how to cut wooden jewellery at home, you can read my blog.

2.       Laser cutting technology

Look for places where laser cutters are used and get access to them to get desired fancy shapes.

3.       Dremel Machine

 It is advisable for jewellery designers to use multifunctional dremel technology that performs woodcutting, carving, sanding and polishing. 

I am happy to share my detailed guide where you can learn about dremel technology for making wooden heart necklace.  

Q4.  Can we make wooden jewellery without any hassle of woodworking?
Ans. Yes, you can make wooden jewellery by purchasing readymade wood shapes. Suppose you want to make fancy wooden rings at home. You can buy readymade wood shapes from craft stores or online from Amazon.

I have shared a detailed guide on how to make wooden rings at home without using power tools in the previous blog. You can learn and make fancy wooden rings at home in the shortest span of time.

Q5.  How can we make wooden jewellery waterproof?
Ans. It’s very simple. You can waterproof your wooden jewellery with the help of varnish. Take a thin paintbrush and gently apply to the wood shapes in smaller amounts. Let your jewellery dry for at least 24 hrs.
Q6. Are wooden themed jewellery trending?
Ans. Yes, they are trending across the world. Wooden jewellery such as pendants, choker chains, hoop earrings, Indo-western style and thread anklets will be seen everywhere in 2020.
Q7. Suggest some gifting ideas for Valentine’s day?
Ans.  Nothing is better than making an enticing handmade wooden jewellery by engraving a monogram on the wood shape. This can be efficiently done with the help of a Dremel technology. They are super time saving and ideal techniques for DIY jewellery professionals.

Friends, I hope you like my blog and understand the reasons to make wooden jewellery at home. Feel free to share your thoughts, ideas or suggestions in the comments section. Thank you.

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