Handmade jewellery tips for kids are numerous that offer detailed insights and thus helping them to upskill in no time. Kids are fast learners than adults and they love crafting.

Today, I will share thirty-seven jewellery tips that are informative, rare, and easy to grasp for kids. With the following tips, one can master their skills quickly.

Also, you will discover amazing tips and tricks of recycling paper that your little ones will understand the significance of eco-friendly materials and thus saving the environment.


37 Brilliant Handmade Jewellery Tips for Kids 

Handmade jewellery tips for kids is an important aspect of learning that helps them avoid minor mistakes they have been doing while making jewellery crafts. Hence, we need to be patient and have fun with them.

1. Always have a Separate WorkSpace

A separate workspace is an easy way to keep things organised. Keep your tools, beads, shapes, supplies, jewellery findings, and thread pieces in the box.

2. Enlighten your Kids on Materials Used

When you working with kids, sharing correct knowledge about materials is mandatory. Teach the significance and functionality of every material used.

3. Choosing the Best Quality Materials

To keep the momentum of making cute jewellery crafts, we as parents or teachers have to choose the best in class materials else they may lose their creativity. Choose colorful bright beads, threads, acrylic paints of top-notch quality.

4. Always Start with Simple Bracelet

Bracelet is one of the simplest and fastest jewellery craft for children as well as beginners. Ask their favorite color and choose the beads and supplies accordingly.

5. Simple Knotting Rule

So here is the simple rule – It’s wrap cord four times and knot thrice. So easy, isn’t it? While making a beautiful bracelet apply this rule.

6. Glue the Knot

Post knotting process, drop a pinch of glue to fix it permanently. This is one of the best ever DIY jewellery tips for all that is mostly forgotten.

7. Don’t Forget to Hide Knot

Jewellery with visible knot looks shabby. Therefore, It is paramount to hide the knotting part, so here it goes- Insert knot inside the bead with a toothpick.

8. Correct Way To Paint Wooden Beads

You will not like your hands to get mess up if you hold beads. There is a correct way of painting beads, all you need is a skewer or long woo stick and proceed with painting beads.

9. Correct Measurement 

Whether you are making a beautiful necklace, ring, pendant, bangle, or earrings, measurement is the crucial handmade jewellery tip the defines the look and comfort. If the measurement is inaccurate the whole point of making and selling jewellery become void.

10. Learn from Jewellery Making Books

The best way to learn some tips and tricks through jewellery making guide books. This will help you get more ideas with detailed instructions. Choose the one you feel is good for them.

Handmade Resin Jewellery Safety Tips for Kids

Resin jewellery for kids requires certain precautionary steps as well as choosing the right resin for them. Let me walk you through easy handmade jewellery tips for children you must keep in mind.

11. Always Wear A Face Mask

Epoxy resin is liquid form produces fumes, hence it is recommended wearing preventive clothing as a face mask and keep yourself as safe.

12. Don’t submerge in Water

Don’t wear them while taking a shower or swimming as the metal around the resin will get tarnished. It is recommended to take off your jewellery before these activities.

13. Avoid Exposing to Harsh Chemicals

Please make sure to keep away resin jewellery from harsh chemicals or products like perfumes. This will cause your resin jewellery tarnished. Avoid it.

14. Avoid Prolonged Exposure to Sunlight

Be extra careful with resin jewellery. Prolonged exposure with sunlight will soften resin or causes it to discolor. Keep your jewellery in normal temperature.

15. Avoid Resin Rings While Dishwashing

Always remove your resin rings while dishwashing. Like I have mentioned above resin jewellery should not be submerged in water.

Easy Handmade Resin Jewellery Tips for Kids

Resin jewellery is a fun craft for kids but one needs to be careful while curing resin to make handmade jewellery. Let me share some significant resin art tips you should keep in mind while teaching your children.

16. Art Resin is Recommended for Kids

It is advisable to go for art-resin if your kids are learning to make resin jewellery. It is safe for use and mostly used by art teachers in schools.

17. Plastic sheet is Important 

Plastic sheet is an important supply that should be placed while making resin jewellery without molds. Once cured, resin can be removed easily and it is because of the plastic sheet. I would recommend you learn this amazing craft and teach your kids.

18. Get Yourself Involved with Kids

I would strongly suggest getting yourself involved in making resin jewellery with kids. Allow them to pour embellishments to resin and they will enjoy it.

Don’t Throw Paper, Make Beautiful Kids Jewellery

This is my favorite section – Recycling paper. People who invest time in thinking out of the box and create extraordinary designs out of ordinary things are the most successful artists.

18. Don’t throw Newspaper, Make Jewellery 

Newspapers are great assets to jewellery designers who want to save time and money and create impeccable handmade crafts. Don’t throw newspaper make gorgeous jewellery such as paper earrings, necklace, pendants, earring studs and whatnot.

19. Use Cardstocks for Jewellery Making 

Cardstock is the heavier paper option that s used to hold your earrings, pendants, and rings from getting misplaced. Usually, we throw the cardstock after one use and keep the jewellery in a box. From now on, save it in a pile and use it for creating paper jewellery.

20. Use Tissue paper to Make Earrings 

Tissue papers are such low-cost commodities and has an amazing use when it comes to DIY paper jewellery. So yes, paper jewellery and that too pretty one can be made using tissues.

21. Make Danglers from Old Magazines

A simple thing to make from old magazines as far as jewellery is concerned is the text dangle earrings. They look so savvy and bohemian at the same time. In the markets today, these kind of prints cost so much money. But you can save all that money by designing your own paper jewellery.

Easy DIY Wooden Rings for Kids

I will share some simplest tips to make wooden rings that don’t involve a complex process. All you need is to purchase readymade wood shapes and ring base from the craft store and get started sooner.

22. Use Readymade Ring base, Fast and Easy

For kids and teens, one of the easiest ways to make beautiful colorful wooden rings is painting readymade wood shapes and connect with the ring base with super glue.

23. Make a ring base using Paper clips

In case you don’t have a readymade ring base, you can make a round-shaped base using paper clip art. Use flat nose plier and side cutter to cut and bend the wire.

Dazzling Homemade Ethnic Jewellery Tips

Ethnic jewellery crafts are very popular worldwide, especially in India. Let me share some impeccable craft tips on adding embellishments to give a new ethnic look to your jewellery piece. You will love it.

24. Use Threads For Making Tassels

Tassels are easily crafted from colorful threads. You can add them to make gorgeous hoop earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklace.

25. Polymer Clay for Making Pendants

Kids will love to make cute fancy shapes like owl, cat, smiley shapes using polymer clay. Connect shape with jump ring and thread to make a cute colorful pendant.

26. Thread Wrapping and Reinvent Bangles

Consider this amazing tip, use old bangle, and wrap colorful threads around the bangles. Also, you can stick pearl beads or sparkles using a Fabric Glue.

27. Add Embellishments to Your Wood Beads

After you paint all the wooden beads, glue embellishments to enhance the look of your beads. Make a beautiful beaded necklace for special occasions.

28. Rhinestone Beads to Resin Jewellery 

Let me share the cool decorative ideas to resin jewellery. Use beautiful rhinestone beads while curing resin jewellery.

29. Add Pearl Beads To Make Resin Rings

Give a nice shimmering touch to your resin rings with small pearl beads. They look gorgeous and add a spark to your jewellery piece be it necklace, ring, pendant, bracelet, etc.

Choosing the Right Glue for Making Jewellery

The very basic ingredient in jewellery making is choosing the correct glue depending on the material used in crafts. Let me share two most significant types of glue you must consider.

Choosing the Right Glue

30. E6000 Glue for Multiple Jewellery Crafts

E6000 is clear glue used for multiple things such as wood, metal, fabric. It is waterproof and takes at least 24 hours to cure.

31. G-S Hypo Cement Glue for Securing Knots

Well, this type of glue is merely used for pearl beaded jewellery and securing knots. If you are making a bracelet, consider this glue to fix them permanently

Simple DIY Anklet Tips You Must Try

Anklet making is the popular crafts every designer loves it. They are super easy both for beginners and kids. You can take a look at how I made a funky beaded anklet for myself.

32. Begin with low investment materials – Thread

It is advisable for beginners to start with a thread at first. Make a beautiful anklet with a minimum possible cost. It’s easy, fun and gives a fabulous look with your footwear.

33. Use Lobster at the End of Chain Anklet

If you are using a chain to make a party wear anklet connect jump rings and a lobster clasp to both the ends. Lobster plays a crucial role to lock your anklet.

5-Minute Easy Crafting Tips For Children

Let me share the most creative, inexpensive and fastest jewellery making tips to help you save your time and money.

34. Make a Stretchable Wood Beaded Ring

Take readymade wooden beads and elastic cord. Start stringing and finally tie knots at least thrice. It will take hardly 5minute to make a colorful beaded ring. Kids can also make it easily at home.

35. Use Buttons to Make a Bracelet

Take nylon cord and slightly big size bunch of buttons. Start stringing buttons one by one into the cord and knot at the end. So easy to make. Try it yourself.

36. Use Threads For Making Tassels

Tassels are easily crafted from colorful threads. You can add them to make gorgeous hoop earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklace.

37. Thread Wrapping and Reinvent Bangles

Use old bangle, and wrap colorful threads around the bangles. Also, you can stick pearl beads or sparkles using a Fabric Glue.

I hope the above tips for making kids handmade jewellery has helped you. Start making your own fabulous pieces without any fear. If you are a parent, these tips are extremely helpful for teaching them. Do share your feedback, ideas, or suggestions with me, and let’s inspire each other. Thank you.