Homemade wooden jewellery ornaments are one of the most trending topics by craft lovers. Those who haven’t tried making jewellery are actively turning their hobby into a thriving business.

Let me help you with the exclusive list of timeless jewellery ornaments you can start making at home and some cool budget-friendly ideas. Read carefully. 

To all aspiring entrepreneurs, this is going to be the best tutorial that will awaken your inner craftsperson. Lets all gear up, plan, create and design kickass handcrafted masterpiece. Enjoy and have fun!

Homemade Wooden Jewellery Ornaments

7 Homemade Wooden Jewellery Ornaments You Must DIY

Homemade wooden jewellery ornaments made people crazy with the growing demands which I feel is really good. Reason being, crafting homemade jewellery involves learning, innovation, and the greatest healing power.

Besides metallic jewellery, designers are actively making eco-friendly crafts. Be it wood, paper, terracotta, clay, or resin jewellery crafts. Let me share timeless wooden jewellery you must try making at home.

1.      Wooden Earrings
2.      Wooden Pendants
3.      Wooden Heart Necklace
4.      Wooden Rings
5.      Wooden Heart Anklets
6.      Wooden Bracelets
7.      Head Ornaments

1. Wooden Earrings are Forever Lasting 

Wooden earrings bloom all year and they have a tremendous growing demand in the fashion industry. Wooden earrings can be made in variant shapes such as tear drop, diamond-shaped, rectangular, round, heart and square shape.

If you have a little knowledge of woodworking, you can start making from scratch and make beautiful personalised gifts for your best buddy. Nothing work best than doing things by yourself. Why waste money on buying readymade pieces? Isn’t it?

2. Wooden Pendants, Perfect Gift Idea

Pendants are the girl’s, first love! Making an artistic pendant out of leftover wood is not only fun but also perfect gifting idea for the love of your life.

Are you guys planning to gift a handmade gift for her? Well, I would recommend to look for places where laser cutters are used and get fancy wood shapes or get it done from a carpenter. Learn and make gorgeous wooden pendants at home.

3. Wooden Heart Necklace for Personalized Gifts

You can make beautiful heart-shaped necklace with a little bit of wood engraving to make personalized gifts. Engraving is a very popular artwork practiced worldwide. Make nice monograms or a special message on wood.

Wood engraving can easily be accomplished using a dremel or manually by chisel. Out of these, dremel works faster and perfect technology for jewellery designers.

4. Wooden Rings, For Surprise Anniversary Gifts

Are you planning to make a lovely wooden ring for your wife this anniversary? Well, let me save your time if you want to avoid woodoworking.

Wooden rings can be easily made with a ring base that are connected with fancy wood shapes. Alternatively, you can always learn woodworking, carving, and make remarkable handmade rings that look very professional and a perfect gift for her.

5. Wooden Heart Anklets are Trending

Wooden heart anklets DIY craft has shown massive demand over the years especially from teens. And, this can be a great project idea for you, even for gifting purpose.

You can get those small heart shapes from laser cutting machines as it produces professional pieces else you need to do woodworking from scratch. Use dremal in that case, it works fast and handy device.

6. Wooden Bracelets

Wooden bracelets aren’t just for women, men wear them too. One of the best thing I love about the DIY bracelet is – It”s simple and can be made in less than 5 minutes. Start making and sell your own ethereal collections today.

All you need is learning the basics of stringing and knot at least thrice so that it won’t unravel. Finally, make it waterproof using varnish and let it dry overnight.

7.  Head Ornaments Are Evolving for Bridal Jewellery

Head ornaments such as hairpins and hair bands are evolving in the fashion industry. You can make wooden ornaments head accessories and add eye-popping embellishments to give an ethnic touch.

As a designer, you can research on the latest designs and make your own homemade pieces. Based on my recent research, Japanese hair ornament called Kanzanchi made by fabric flowers that will make a comeback.

Head ornaments

2 Surefire Ways To DIY Homemade Wooden Jewellery Ornaments

Now as you got the idea on latest jewellery trends, Let me share a brief overview on how to DIY homemade wooden jewellery ornaments –

2 Surefire Ways To Make Homemade Wooden Jewellery Ornaments

One way is woodworking and another way is to get readymade wood shapes to make ornaments at home. Woodworking is very skillful method with a lot of learning from scratch.

If you want to become a professional jewellery designer, go for the first one and take the plunge. Practice makes us perfect and that’s how we rise above as entrepreneurs.

5 Surprising Daily Materials You Thought It’s a Waste

When you have basic materials available at home, why would you purchase materials outside? They are not a waste, or have single functionality, they can also be used for making gorgeous jewellery at home.

Let me share five surprising materials which are available at home, take a quick look-

Upcycle and Reinvent

1. Construction Wood Blocks leftovers

Have you ever thought of reusing leftover wooden blocks mostly seen at the construction site? Let us pledge to reinvent from the leftovers wooden blocks to make homemade wooden jewellery ornaments. As a DIY jewellery artist, I sincerely believe in innovation, let us pledge to save money and make eco-friendly ornaments.

2. Reinventing from Old Jewellery

Old is gold. How about using old jewellery and recreate a modern futuristic design?

3. Safety Pins

Do you know a safety pin is an ornament for making homemade wooden jewellery? Just by learning the technique of beading and wrapping them all together make a fantastic masterpiece from those safety pins.

4. Keychains

Girls, we all have keychains at home and not all are used on a daily basis. Can a Keychain be considered as an ornament for us? How about making homemade wooden earrings with a keychain? Interesting!

By the way, I have this wonderful piece of keychain with furs that suddenly clicked my mind to make some amazing homemade wooden jewelry like earrings or bracelets.

5. Stones

A perfect ornament you will ever find for making homemade wooden jewellery is using small stones. Color them and stick with glue. See, how your imagination will take you a long way. We don’t have to trip out and spend dollars on buying jewellery items except for the basic supplies which I have explained previously in my blog. Take a quick look.

Spice Up Your Ornaments With These Embellishments

There are numerous ways to make homemade wooden jewellery ornaments, let me list out some cool ideas for you-

  • Clay Beads

One of the economical and innovative methods is making beads with clay. You can buy a readymade colored clay kit or roll them, make a dough then dig a hole with a needle or skewer for beading. Preheat oven on 300 degrees then put the clays inside until it hardens.

  • Resin

You can make a wooden resin pendant using scrap wood pieces, use epoxy resin liquid and pour it on your wood shape and add sparkles on it. Let it dry for 24 hours. You will see how a resin takes a crystal form and looks amazingly beautiful.

  • Glass Beads

Glass beads are perfect ornaments that make your wooden jewellery looks enticing. They can be found easily in the local market or online.

  • Sprinkles

Sprinkles are very popular for decoration purpose and they can be used for making awesome patterns in wooden jewelry. You can use it while making resin and add with wooden shapes just like I explained in the second point. Pour sprinkles on to the resin liquid, take a baking paper, cover it and iron them slowly and let it dry.

  • Acrylic Beads

Acrylic beads are used in stringing wooden necklaces, bracelets, pendants and even be used to enhance the look of a ring with the help of super glue.

  • Tassels

Tassels are trending for making earrings as well as for stringing to the necklace. You can either buy readymade tasslels from the local market or online. You can even learn to make tassels at home easily.

  • Pom Pom Beads

Pom Pom Beads are super cool enhancers for making homemade wooden jewellery ornaments and gained a lot of popularity in jewellery industry.

  • Polymer Clay Slices or Polymer Canes

Polymer clay slices add a 3D effect to your beads and easy to work with. Paint your wooden beads then apply clay liquid. Place cane slices onto the bead and slightly press them with your fingers.

Must Read FAQ’s For Newbies

Q.1 Where can we buy jewellery supplies?
Ans. Every professional craftsperson must-have a basic jewellery supply kit is available. I would recommend you buy from the local market or online from the Amazon Store.
Q2. How to carve wooden shapes for making wooden jewellery ornaments?
Ans. Hand Carving is a very popular and important part of jewellery making process. To understand better I have explained in detail the entire process of wood carving in my recently published blog.
Q3. How can we efficiently use leftover wood blocks for making wooden jewellery ornaments?
Ans. Reusing wood is a highly recommended method as it is cost-effective. You can use Dremel, that is quite handy, multifunctional and thus saves lot of time.
Q4. Where can we get a ring base for making wooden rings?
Ans. You can purchase a silver-plated ring base from a local market or from the Amazon Store.
Q5. Besides wood, what is the eco-friendly way to make jewellery?
Ans.  You can make beautiful homemade wooden jewellery ornaments with the help of a paper.

Friends, I hope these ideas has helped you. Do share your thoughts or suggestions with me. Also, I would love to see your wonderful handmade creations. Let’s grow together as successful artists.

Hi. I’m Poorvi and am an innovator by nature. I believe in learning new things and doing them myself. No wonder, I’ve landed being a DIY Jewellery Blogger with pride. I am a certified Google Sales professional and am also a verified seller on India’s largest all women’s platform – Sheroes. I am here to share my knowledge and learn from all of you. Let’s build  a community of DIY entrepreneurs together